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A Final Fantasy VIII remake would be beautiful, if these screenshots are anything to go by

12d ago - This stunning fan art shows what a HD remake of Final Fantasy VIII might just look like. | Culture

Final Fantasy VIII: Final Fantasy III Connection Theory

19d ago - In our harrowing journey to understand Final Fantasy VIII we’ve already broken down all of the el... | Nintendo DS

Final Fantasy Box Set (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX): Official Game Guide delayed

23d ago - The release date for Final Fantasy Box Set (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX): Official Game Guide got pushed... | PS2

4 Spooky Video Game Fan Theories That Are Better Than the Actual Story

27d ago - Yami from Twinfinite writes: "This one blew my mind because it’s ONLY one of my favorite games of... | PC

Are you bored?

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Top 10 Final Fantasy Vacation Destinations

32d ago - Time to convert your dollars to gil. The Final Fantasy series is filled with many diverse and won... | PS2

Nostalgia Review: Final Fantasy VIII

33d ago - Games in Asia: "When Square Enix released the new Final Fantasy XV trailer, a lot of comments fro... | PSP

5 Final Fantasy Henchmen (That Were Better Characters Than Their Employers)

36d ago - WC: "When someone says ‘Final Fantasy’, what is the first thing that come to your head? Perhaps i... | PS2

Top 10 Best Final Fantasy Couples

43d ago - Here are the top 10 best couples of the Final Fantasy series. | Culture

Seven Retro Game Tunes You’ve Probably Never Heard

46d ago - Retrovolve: As a kid, I played my favorite games incessantly, which meant I listened to certain t... | PS2

Reinstall: Final Fantasy VIII

46d ago - Reinstall invites you to join us in revisiting classics of PC gaming days gone by. Today, Andy b... | PC

Squall’s Gunblade from Final Fantasy 8 Forged in Real Life

49d ago - The latest episode of AWE me’s Man at Arms: Reforged takes on Squall’s gunblade from Final Fantas... | Culture

The Final Fantasy All-Time Power Rankings: How Does Your Favorite FF Stack Up?

49d ago - FHM: Final Fantasy fans had a massive nerdgasm when Square Enix revealed the epic trailer for Fin... | PS2

My top 10 Final Fantasy songs

51d ago - Vrutal: "There have been so many amazing songs throughout the Final Fantasy series that it is dif... | PS2

Video Game Weapons And Techniques Scrutinised

53d ago - When it comes to weapons, video games tend to come up with some fantastical creations. Not bound... | Culture

Rinoa and Squall’s Space Scene in Final Fantasy VIII Broke My Heart

55d ago - Retrovolve: "It’s been many years since I played Final Fantasy VIII. I have some trouble recallin... | PSP

The Top 10 Final Fantasy Bosses

58d ago - GF writes: Final Fantasy has many hallmarks: random encounters, mini-games, enormous swords, sill... | PS2

The 4 Most Shocking Final Fantasy Moments

59d ago - Nerdswole: Final Fantasy has been around a long time. A looooong time. They’ve changed and adapte... | PS2

Video Game Creepypasta: Squall is Dead

61d ago - Samantha Leichtamer ( It's no secret that Final Fantasy games (and JRPGs in general) t... | PS3

ATB’s Top 25 Female Characters: #75-51

61d ago - ATB: "We’ve decided to go through the hundreds of thousands of video game characters ever created... | PS2

Top 5 Final Fantasy Summons

61d ago - After first appearing in the 3rd instalment in the Final Fantasy series, Summons have been a recu... | PS2

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Final Fantasy VIII Initial Impressions: Breaking the Game

61d ago - AGM: "I may have broken the junction system in Final Fantasy VIII. I've beaten the first disc, m... | PSP

Throwback Thursday: The Final Fantasy VIII OST

62d ago - The theme for this week’s Throwback Thursday is nostalgic video game original soundtracks, also k... | PS2

Top 5 Video Game Songs

63d ago - This week, the 411 staff discusses the Top 5 Video Game Songs. There were two restrictions placed... | PC

Video Game Sunday: Final Fantasy VIII

70d ago - BM writes: "Like you can meet the man of your life in a random corridor, you can also meet the ga... | Retro

Ten Unsung Heroes of Final Fantasy

70d ago - Arcade Sushi: We all know the typical rundown of Final Fantasy heroes: Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Yuna... | PS2
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