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Final Fantasy VIII and Literary Criticism

6d ago - Otaku Sphere: "Warning: This post is going to devote a lot of time to analyzing a theory about Fi... | PC

Brilliance in Retrospect the Effect of Gaming Music in My Life

7d ago - Bit Cultures writes: "Because music and games have illuminated my family and friends as they cont... | Culture

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Squall Might be Dead, But Does it Matter?

14d ago - So, is Squall dead? Quite a while back, a theory was proposed in order to “make sense” of the dra... | Culture

Top 5 – Final Fantasy Games

18d ago - Let’s be honest, it feels great to finally have a new Final Fantasy game come out this year (prov... | PS2

Why Final Fantasy VIII Is Great

21d ago - GTN: "I explain and review my thoughts on the classic Final Fantasy VIII (FF8) video game." | PC

Piano Opera: Music From Final Fantasy Touring USA & Latin America For First Time Ever

25d ago - 11 country-spanning tour for Piano Opera: Music From Final Fantasy to visit USA & Latin America f... | Culture

Gaming's creepiest urban legends

33d ago - GR: Over the past decade or so, as the gaming community has become more connected, a peculiar se... | Culture

Video Game Intro Music - My Top Five Picks

33d ago - Video game intro music serves a huge role in games both past and present. It helps get players ho... | Retro

Character Select: The Value of Compassion- Squall Leonhart

33d ago - Character Select returns and goes in depth on Squall, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. Writ... | Culture

10 Crazy Video Game Fan Theories

35d ago - GameRant: After reading these 10 crazy video game fan theories, gamers will never look at game... | PC

Everything Wrong with Final Fantasy VIII’s Junction System

36d ago - BTM writes: "There are a lot of things I dislike about Final Fantasy VIII, though for now I am go... | PC

Is Final Fantasy VIII Really Bad?

39d ago - AGW writes: Some people might crucify me for saying this, but I believe Final Fantasy VIII is def... | PC

Know Your Role #4 - Final Fantasy VIII

41d ago - ROP writes: "Recently, faithful Junkieites, I began a new articles series entitled “Atari Man Def... | PC

Video Game Spaceships: Top Ten List

43d ago - The Nerd Stash: Who doesn’t love video game spaceships? Science fiction has had a huge impact on... | PC

Final Fantasy VIII - Retro Review

45d ago - Final Fantasy VIII is like Squall Leonhart himself: It takes some time and patience in order to r... | PC

The Top 10 Video Games of 1999

46d ago - UM writes: Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic, so I decided to count down the top 15 movies of 19... | PC

PC versions of Final Fantasy III, IV, VII, VIII and XIII heavily discounted

46d ago - Amazon has discounted several PC Final Fantasy games, including Final Fantasy III (dropping to $7... | PC

First Things First: Best Openings in Gaming - Part One

51d ago - SPC writes, "Earlier in the week we took a look at some great credits sequences in games. To wrap... | Wii

Final Fantasy VIII Retro Review

56d ago - BitCultures: Regardless of the medium in which they exist, siblings tend to be competitive by nat... | PC

Final Fantasy Cosplayers Have Fun Weddings

57d ago - Not all of them, mind you! But this couple sure did. Because, really, if you are going to dress u... | Final Fantasy VIII

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Cloud Strife Vs Crono, Who Will Come Out On Top?

61d ago - Welcome to the first in a new series for Game Rampage, Character Battle. Character Battle clas... | Culture

Games Inside Games – Five of the Best

61d ago - Ever get bored in the middle of a 70+ hour game? Creators like Rockstar and Square-Enix understan... | PC

Top 5 Craziest Summons in Final Fantasy VIII

75d ago - 2mooglesgaming: Final Fantasy VIII is unique in the series for a lot of reasons: It’s got a moder... | PC

Did you ever wonder what Final Fantasy 8s Ifrit Would Look Like With Fabulous Hair, Now We Know

76d ago - "Youtube user and Unreal Develepor ANDREW LEY CONCEPTS has made something extremely intriguing, t... | Dev

Top Seven Fave Female Video Game Characters

85d ago - 3rd World Geeks: "I actually compiled a list like this way, way, way back in Episode 44. However,... | PS2
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Final Fantasy VIII

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