Of Boss Fights That Never End

Split-screen writes: "Sylphet from BtL, after taking on another boss that undoubtedly caused maternity officials to collapse laughing at their naming (Pandemonium Warden), says the developer should think real hard about their Final Fantasy XI pre-game warning that states, 'We have no desire to see your real life suffer as a consequence. Don't forget your family, your friends, your school or your work.' Maybe they left out, 'and your health' on purpose.

"How long is too long for a boss fight? Take a look at some of these beings of supreme mortality who forgot to include 'dying gracefully' to their resumes."

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Fat Princess3778d ago

They forgot to add Yiazmat from Final Fantasy XII to the list.

Relcom3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Osmoisis(i forget how to spell it) in FF9. I never figured out how to beat him.

Good list though i enjoyed it.

v1c1ous3778d ago

find all friendly monsters and he can be hit with physical attacks.

also, since he only has 60k~ hp, he can literally be killed in 2 turns if all of your chars can pull off 9999 hits before they die....

Relcom3778d ago

Thanks for tip v1c1ous. I got to find my PS1 memory card now

JD_Shadow3778d ago

They forgot "The End" from MGS3, as well.

How a boss fight which always comes up during these kinds of discussions NOT come up on this list is beyond me.

ChampIDC3778d ago

Maybe they didn't like The End due to the ability to kill him with age. I suppose that makes the boss fight last a week, though, if you're counting the time the console is off.

cjp4eva3778d ago

Hey man, when you refer to "The End" what monster are you talking about? I keep hearing about this but dont know what people are talking about, I dont remember a boss in MSG$ being that hard IDK maybe theres an alternate ending?

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Nike3778d ago

The sad part is Square-Enix/Squaresoft has a horrifying rep for creating long boss battles, so i thought it'd be better to just name a few and ask every one if they felt the same or would recommend other such bosses to hate.

superman3778d ago

Thats Ramirez from Skies of Arcadia. That game was amazing.

games4fun3778d ago

you beat me to it ;)

i loved playing that game and even after you beat the final boss they let you continue to sail the skies there were some side-quests i found after i beat ramirez

v1c1ous3778d ago

the one you fight in a corridor type thing and have to make him knock down pillars....that took me HOURS to beat.

LossTheEarthbreaker3778d ago

The only one that took me hours was the last.

The one you mentioned was a pain in the ass, too, though.

hay3778d ago

Weird, I raped Omega(FFVIII) in few minutes.

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