More Game Studios Going Under

2012 was a great year for gaming, however for some studios, not so much. Over twenty gaming studios closed down last year leaving their mark on the industry forever. We'll remember the games they made, some good, some bad, and thank them for the innovation and inspiration they contributed in the gaming world.

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gamerlive1980d ago

Good article but hate to see game devs close.

BitbyDeath1980d ago

Same, that said i'd still have a good snigger if they closed EA down.

3-4-51979d ago

That is what happens when you decide to make a watered down version of somebody's game and only focus on a few aspects that made the original great instead of keeping an open and creative mind.

Those that give us something new that makes us think a bit this gen will have a huge head start.

creHEARTive1980d ago

this is really sad and I hate to see this happen to so many awesome developers. This is also going to shy people away from taking chances with games which is going to suck.

RTheRebel1980d ago

With the rise of development costs, expect more to go down under.

Cajun Chicken1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

This is a bit of a poor article and doesn't actually mention any of the so called 'More Game Studios Going Under' or even any remotely in danger, or even any theory why. Just a round up of 2012's which has been covered in the past numerous times.

Kalowest1980d ago

3 of them were Sony first party studios.

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