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CD Projekt Red: We “missed something” with the other Witcher games

GCO: "CD Projekt Red has shown that it can develop a “modern-RPG,” a game with non-linear storytelling, excellent characters and a rich world with the past The Witcher titles. Now, the developer wants to bring all of those elements to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, its open world game." (Next-Gen, PC, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Good_Guy_Jamal  +   587d ago
A jump button and a foul language mute option.
-MD-  +   586d ago
Foul language mute option lol. I love when people play adult games full of brutality, nudity and gore go on to complain about some cussing.

I remember joining some hardcore christian server in TF2 and when I cussed over the mic everyone flipped out, all while hacking people in half with axes and sniping people in the head with rifles.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   586d ago
Nudity in gaming - not real, pixels can't be naked.
Violence in gaming - again, not real, pixels don't feel pain.
Foul language in gaming - them words is pretty real.
Is it a crime to not want to have to cringe every 2 minutes because of all the f-bombs? Gears of War had a foul language bleeper, I can't understand why it's so ridiculous for other adult games to come with the option.
Pandamobile  +   586d ago
One could argue that the swearing in games isn't real either. It's merely a stream of bits of data.

Don't play M rated games if you can't handle a little bad language, my oversensitive friend.
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pandehz  +   586d ago
''Nudity in gaming - not real, pixels can't be naked.
Violence in gaming - again, not real, pixels don't feel pain.
Foul language in gaming - them words is pretty real''

All of them is real IN OUR HEAD if you want it to be. They are representations of real. A word is also a representation isn't it?

So if you choose to play it, you are choosing to go through it. Let the artists express their art, view it as they made it. Manipulate and a part of the magic is lost.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   586d ago
Gears of War didn't feel less magical with foul languaged beeped out. Again, I don't mind simultated violence because I know when I shoot at someone online, they aren't really dead. When I see a naked woman on God of War, its not an actual naked person. I don't like hearing foul language though and a mute option is always a nice option.
It's good to have options
ab5olut10n  +   586d ago
A ps3/4 version
BanBrother  +   586d ago
In hindsight, I don't know what I'd change about it. It was amazing, as the story was so great, and it FORCED me to play it again, so I could choose the 'other side'. It was that good.

Also, I freaking LOVED the LOTR reference by Iorveth. And also the Mines of Moria tribute, with Balin's tomb. You find the missing letters, and one of them reads like the movie (I could hear the drums etc.). Day 1, absolutely. CD Projekt Red have some of the highest ethical standards in the way they treat their fans. They even said there will be FREE POST LAUNCH DLC. I would gladly pay extra money for a big expansion dlc. Any money that goes to them is money well spent.
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delboy  +   586d ago
Shabby combat mechanics.
landog  +   586d ago
the witcher 1 is one of the best prg's ever made, sits there with baldurs gate 2 shadow of amn and deus ex, its that good

the witcher 2 is epic in scope and design, maybe just a bit below the witcher 1, but still, simply amazing, a 10/10 game all around, up there with greats like kotor, neverwinter nights 1 and 2, icewind dale, planescape torment

the series is, simply put, near perfect, and i can only imagine the epic heights cdpr will take the third installment!
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ninjahunter  +   586d ago
Eh, i think theres room to improve in the Witcher 2, dont get me wrong, its worth upgrading for. But when your not doing the main story, your kinda.... IDK, the sidequests were less than stellar, and the pacing outside of he main story is less than stellar too. If you only stick to the main stort and a small handful of side quests, great game. if your a completionist, it can get pretty boring at times.
Somebody  +   586d ago
Side quests should be a device to tell the player what the world is like beyond what the main story is telling us. Just like the pieces of notes in other games, audio records in Bioshock or ECHO records in Borderlands that tell about the rest of the game world. Side quests should be treated that way and not just a cheap way to extend the player's game time.
ninjahunter  +   586d ago
Exactly, that is a good objective for developing side quests. However, i do think that the fact that it is merely a side quest does not excuse it from influencing the overall quality of a game. Like, if the side quests are Amazing and just hold the game together, that shouldnt be ignored. And in this case, where a lot of the side quests are kinda grindy and searchy, and for the most part slow (in my opinion), i dont think that should be ignored either.
Mcardle  +   586d ago
Probably one of my favourite games of all time, Witcher 2 was the reason I got into Pc Gaming. And though some people don't seem blown away from the early screenshots, even though they are using an old rendering engine, you got to remember its open world, so open world with those graphics will be extremely impressive.
SP3333D-O  +   586d ago
The ability to freely travel around the entire map would be nice, as long as they can still tell the story.

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