GameTap: MLB 2K8: Pitching Preview

GameTap's Jon Robinson writes: The first time I tried MLB 2K8's new right analog pitching mechanic, all I could think of was Madden's quarterback vision cone. Sure, it's a feature based in reality, but sometimes a mechanic is added without thinking of the actual gameplay ramifications; in the case of the vision cone, it basically pushed Madden over the edge of complexity for millions of gamers. Is 2K's right analog windup traveling down the same dangerous road?

I sat down for an hour throwing pitch after pitch using you the new system. Forget tapping buttons: Now if you want to throw a slider with Smoltz, tap the right stick to the left, then watch the circular meter fill up. When the meter is full, swing the stick around in a fireball motion to the right side and release when a second circle (inside the first circle) turns green (got that?). The motion is different for every pitch, even flipped for lefties, and the timing of each pitch takes into account effectiveness, gesture, and release, in turn affecting the accuracy of your throw.

Trust me, this is one game where practice really might make perfect--and one day (I hope soon), I'll see my sore thumb translate into my first 2K8 perfect game.

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