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10 Reasons Waluigi Is the Best Mario Character Ever

98d ago - Waluigi gets a lot of hate. Some say that he’s just a stretched-out version of Luigi with a villa... | Culture

5 Great Canadian Games To Play On Canada Day

227d ago - Canadians, with their glowing hearts, have been able to create many fantastic video games for the... | PC

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Toads in mechs were scrapped from Mario Strikers Charged

525d ago - New concept has appeared online showing scrapped concepts of Toads in mechs from Mario Strikers C... | Wii

TKOG Vs. Mario Strikers Charged Football

1083d ago - GameSpyFree and masterlinkace take on Mario Strikers Charged in the football game to end all foot... | Wii

GameZone's very serious list of top 50 Wii games (#50 - #41)

1186d ago - GameZone: "While the Wii was at the receiving end of both praise and criticism, the console still... | Wii

The 50 Best Nintendo Wii Games - Part Five

1210d ago - SuperPhillip Central writes, "Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. If you have been following this... | Wii

Top 10 Unusual Unlockable Characters in the Mario Series

1610d ago - As the Mario spinoffs continued to expand and grow, so did their character selection for thier pl... | GameCube

Nintendo Select Reviews (Nerds on the Rocks)

1642d ago - Mini-reviews on Nintendo's newly announced titles for the Nintendo Selects line: Super Mario Gala... | Wii

Box Art Revealed For New Nintendo Select Titles

1642d ago - As rumored, Nintendo has updated their Nintendo Select lineup and adds 4 new titles to its budget... | Wii

The Wackiest Soccer Games Ever Released

1902d ago - Punches, power-ups, and Petey Piranha: Check out this list of the wackiest soccer titles of yeste... | GameCube

World Cup Madness: North American Soccer Games Data

2055d ago - With the current World Cup coverage all around the world, CoffeewithGames takes a look at the pla... | Wii

25 Things About Me: Mario

2117d ago - Game Podunk explores 25 Things About Mario that gamers may or may not know. This series blends in... | 3,5,10,11

Top Ten Reasons Daisy is Better than Peach

2139d ago - Gamervision's Coop theorizes... "But she's the original!" you're going to say, "sh... | 3,5,11

Nintendo must reinvent Mario for him to survive

2196d ago - Hard Line says "We all know Mario as the happy go-lucky, kiddy-friendly, mushroom munching p... | 3

GameDaily: The Nintendo Difference: Mario Strikers Charged

2203d ago - GameDaily writes: "Last week, I made the decision to play more Nintendo games to reacquaint... | 3

Editorial: Wii've Forgotten.

2206d ago - Nintendo Now writes: Over the past 20+ years, Nintendo has created many new and cutesy gaming cha... | 3

Coffee with Games: Nintendo Stops Shipping and Producing more Wii Games: Wario Land: Shake It!, Battalion Wars 2, and M

2224d ago - Nintendo confirmed via email that they have stopped producing and shipping Mario Strikers Charged... | 3

YourEMGN: Super Mario Galaxy 2 | Preview

2370d ago - Super Mario Galaxy 2 was confirmed at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and will be rel... | 3

Binge Gamer's Villain Hall of Fame - Boo the Ghost

2427d ago - Boo the Ghost, while certainly not the first enemy you think of when you think of all of Super Ma... | 3,5,10,11

Through the years - Mario Spinoffs (Part 3)

2433d ago - Europe-Nintendo writes "Welcome to the final part of Through the years - Mario spinoffs." | 3,5,10

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

The True History of Mario

2436d ago - CVG writes: "The Mario series has been rebooted more times than a duff computer, so can we e... | 3,5,10

Spinners And Losers

2498d ago - The value of a gaming franchise can often be seen in more than just sales figures. Often, you can... | 3,5,11

Video Game Characters Mt. Rushmore: Who is on Yours?

2501d ago - In the video game world there has been no such monument built so PWN or DIE thought it would be f... | 1,2,3,7,11

Top Five Nintendo Video Game Franchises

2531d ago - For over 20 years, Nintendo has created some of the best video game franchises in the industry. S... | 3,5,10

Power Up: 10 videogame character athletes that may have used steroids

2558d ago - Professional sports have dealt with doping from track & field, to cycling, baseball, pro foot... | 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
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