Resonance Review (Proven Gamer)

Resonance is the new indie point and click adventure game now available on Steam. Even though the game is the typical point and click experience, it does incorporate an innovative gaming mechanic to use to progress in the game: The short/long term memory system. Unfortunately besides that, nothing in the game makes it stand out from the vast library of point and click games.

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AmigoSniped2166d ago

I have heard alot of positive things about this game! This score surprises me.

sonicsidewinder2166d ago

Devoed if true.

Gemini Rue was really good.

Hicken2166d ago

Lowest score so far. And only a handful are at 5/10, which I think may be a bit trolling, too.

Suspect review is suspect.

Bantasaur2164d ago

Not trying to troll to be honest. I just wasnt impressed. I am one of the very few who didnt love it though lol.