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GameZone's 31 Games of Halloween 2013: Blackwell series

283d ago - GameZone: "The Blackwell series of games is based entirely around the supernatural, with its main... | PC

Bundle in a Box Offers 11 Games For $4

419d ago - is back with more indie deals. This time, Bundle in a Box returned with no less than... | PC

Another Bundle? We Talk About The Importance Of Bundles With Wadjet Eye Games

498d ago - does a double feature. On one hand, it reports on the latest bundle, but it also talk... | PC

As Winter Draws Indie Royale Have The Answer To The Long Nights With 'The Fall Bundle'

645d ago - "It is that time of the year once more, the time where the days are getting much shorter and noti... | PC

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The Prestigious 2011 AGS Awards | Gnome's Lair

804d ago - The very best indie adventure games of 2011 got their awards; well, those among them that were cr... | PC

Play These: The Best of Adventure Game Studio | Rock Paper Shotgun

839d ago - Rock Paper Shotgun presents us with some of the very best games created with AGS. They are not al... | PC

Born to Fun: Why game dev Dave Gilbert just can't stop | The Verge

858d ago - Indie developer and Wadjet Eye Games person Dave Gilbert discusses his games, his beginnings and... | PC

Blackwell Adventure Bundle (PC) Review *Brutal Gamer*

903d ago - One family. Three generations. Countless restless spirits. And one snarky spirit guide who “ties”... | PC

What Lies Beyond: Wadjet Eye Games Explores the Other Side in the Blackwell Series (JPS)

904d ago - Jeff of Just Press Start writes: "If the adventures of Rosangela (Rosa) Blackwell and her spir... | PC

Blackwell Series Update Packs Steam Achievements

921d ago - A trio of Wadjet Eye Games quartet of Blackwell titles have received updates available now for ow... | PC

Review: The Blackwell Deception - VGBlogger

996d ago - VGBlogger writes: "You won’t find anything innovative or cutting edge in Wadjet Eye’s latest, but... | PC

Review | Blackwell Deception [Default Prime]

1001d ago - The newest in Wadjet Eye's old-school point-and-click adventure Blackwell series is taken on by D... | PC

The Blackwell Deception Review at CalmDownTom

1009d ago - When Dave Gilbert founded Wadjeteye games, one of the first titles they released was The Blackwel... | PC

Blackwell Deception Review | IGM

1012d ago - Intriguing. That’s the word for Blackwell Deception. For the diehard fans of the Rosa Blackwell s... | PC

Retro-styled adventure Blackwell Deception releases Today; Demo is out

1014d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Wadjet Eye Games, an independent developer and publisher of retro-styled adven... | PC

Platform Nation: The Blackwell Deception Review (PC)

1015d ago - Chris Forbis of Platform Nation takes a look at this retro "Sierra Online" styled adventure game.... | PC

The Blackwell Deception Review - Alternative Magazine Online

1015d ago - The Blackwell Deception is a welcome addition to one of the most enjoyable adventure game series... | PC

Handheld Heroes Reviews - Blackwell Deception

1015d ago - Molotov Cupcake of Handheld Heroes writes: "As a point-and-click adventure fan with more than... | PC

Handheld Heroes Interview: Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games

1029d ago - Molotov Cupcake of Handheld Heroes writes: "With the release of Blackwell Deception, we look t... | PC

Blackwell Deception - Preview [NoobFeed]

1040d ago - Daav from takes another look at a whodunit from Wadjet Eye Games, after the awesome... | PC

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The Blackwell Deception Preview by Gnome's Lair

1042d ago - Well, the latest indie adventure in the Blackwell series has been announced in all its ghostly gl... | PC

Mystery Adventure Series Blackwell gets its Fourth Sequel in Blackwell Deception on October 12th

1043d ago - Wadget Eye Games has announced the release date for its fourth sequel in the popular old-school a... | PC
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