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Another Bundle? We Talk About The Importance Of Bundles With Wadjet Eye Games

723d ago - Gamesta.com does a double feature. On one hand, it reports on the latest bundle, but it also talk... | PC

Indie Royale Xmas Bundle 2.0

807d ago - "Seems like we just had the Indie Royale Winter Bundle, but it’s time for the Xmas Bundle 2.0 al... | PC

Steam Deal Of The Day - Puzzle Bots

1258d ago - Steam’s deal of the day for September 24th is Puzzle Bots. Also the sale will end in 24 hours,... | PC

PAX10 Showcase Puzzle Bots Now Available on Steam for $4.99

1593d ago - PAX10 Attandee, Puzzle Bots, is now available via Steam for half the original price. | PC

New looped animations from White Night, a completely black and white game

Now - White Night is a noir horror game inspired by classic horror movies and games, with a focus on strong visual storytelling. | Promoted post

Interview: Robinson Talks Quirky Adventure Title Puzzle Bots

1634d ago - Indie developer Erin Robinson's Puzzle Bots launched earlier this year, and uses many elements fr... | PC

G4: The PAX 10: Puzzle Bots

1638d ago - The great thing about the PAX 10 is not only being able to meet people who are passionate about m... | PC

Erin Robinson and Her Puzzling Bots [PAX]

1641d ago - During our coverage of the PAX10 indie games we were lucky enough to be abelt to drag Erin Robins... | PC

Indie Weekend Sales: The Right Stuff

1642d ago - Indie sales, discounts and offers for the weekend of September 5. | PC

GamingAngels Review: Puzzle Bots (PC)

1645d ago - A Review of the PC Game Puzzle Bots by Rainbowsleeve at GamingAngels.com (Rating: BUY) | PC

IndieGames.com Weekend Deals: Puzzle Bots, Penumbra, Zeno Clash & more

1645d ago - IndieGames.com: "Wadjet Eye Games' Puzzle Bots is currently on sale for $5 (50% off the original... | PC

P*N: Puzzle Bots Review

1646d ago - P*N: It’s exploration time in Dr. Hugo’s laboratory, and in Wadjet Eye Games’ Puzzle Bots, you wi... | PC

BG - Puzzle Bots Review

1663d ago - Brutal Gamer writes - 'I’m sure you’ll agree, robots are pretty darned awesome. I like puzzles a... | PC

Indie Weekend Sales: Beat the Clock

1719d ago - Independent game sales for the weekend of June 20. | PC

NaggyNerd Review: Puzzle Bots

1726d ago - Some games are just down right adorable. They manage to present experiences that are simply so lo... | PC

VGC Review: Puzzle Bots

1746d ago - VGC writes: "I'm beginning to think the 'Point n' Click Adventure' genre is not for me. Scratch t... | PC

Indie Weekend Sales: Loud and Proud

1748d ago - Indie sales and discounts for the weekend of May 23. | PC

Adventure Gamers: Puzzle Bots Review

1755d ago - The puzzles could have been more challenging, particularly with a hint system always available, a... | PC

Gamezebo: Puzzle Bots Review

1763d ago - In Wadjet Eye's Puzzle Bots you'll get to control a gang of five robots as they search the facto... | PC

Feeling that Adventure Game Itch? Puzzle Bots is Now Available

1763d ago - Puzzle Bots, by Wadjet Eye Games, has finally been released and is able to be bought exclusively... | PC

Puzzle Bots Get Release Date

1809d ago - DIYgamer.com writes: "Puzzle Bots, a game we've been covering since last November has finall... | 12

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

Adventure Gamers: Puzzle Bots Interview

1920d ago - Although not yet a household name outside the independent game community, Erin Robinson is the ar... | 12

IG Preview: Puzzle Bots

2061d ago - IG writes: "Wadjet Eye have a trailer for their upcoming adventure game Puzzle Bots. Creator... | 12
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