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[TDS TOP TEN] Unwilling Protagonists

59d ago - In the fantastical realm that is video game-land, many unsuspecting protagonists have started out... | PC

Searching for Sequels: Infamous 3 With Cole - Will It Happen?

64d ago - Sometimes sequels go one way when the studio really meant to zig or zag into an entirely differen... | PS3

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Top 5 Ground Pounds in Video Games

67d ago - Kdin and Geoff take a look at the most destructive ground pounds in video games! | Culture

The 50 Best Games Sony Has Ever Published

101d ago - Sony has a whole heap of famous IPs, from Crash Bandicoot to God of War; they’ve assembled a huge... | PS3

Three Games That Need To Come To Vita

106d ago - The PlayStation Vita’s a fantastic system. A beautiful bright screen, two analog sticks on a hand... | PS Vita

Top 25 Games of the Last Generation | 25-21

124d ago - "Welcome to Gaming Trend’s Top 25 Games of the Last Generation. Over the next 5 days we’ll be cou... | Wii

3 Ways to Make The Next Infamous Game Incredible

128d ago - The next Infamous game is a no-brainer given the success of Second Son. We've got some ideas on w... | PS4

5 Console Games that will (Hopefully) Come to Vita

138d ago - The PlayStation Vita may not be selling like hotcakes, but the handheld has a dedicated-niche aud... | PS3

Watch inFamous 2 Running On PlayStation Now European Beta

143d ago - XTREME PS4 has uploaded a new video showing more footage from the PlayStation Now European Beta,... | PS4

11 Moments in Games Where You’re a Huge Jerk

178d ago - There are moments where you can't be a nice guy. You gotta be a jerk, and we've got eleven moment... | Xbox 360

Top 10 Playstation 3 Exclusives

187d ago - A system is nothing without great games, and Greatness truly awaited us with these fantastic titl... | PS3

It Would Suck so Much to Live in These 6 Game Universes

190d ago - Ever think about a game world you'd want to live in? After reading through this list, maybe recon... | PC

6 Incredible Minor Details in Games That Make Them Even Better

201d ago - Sometimes there are small details in a game that go unnoticed. We've got a few of them for you. | PC

Hardcore Gamer Presents: 20 Years of Experiencing PlayStation

236d ago - As you may have noticed from the hype surrounding PlayStation Experience, Sony’s console brand ju... | PSP

5 Things Everyone Does in Open World Games

263d ago - The open world games season has started. What better way to enjoy it than with these 5 things? Ho... | PC

Diary of an NPC - Entry Nine

281d ago - You play the main character in every game - the plot revolves around your every moment in the gam... | PS3

Amazing Alternate VG Cover Art to Come From New Company

309d ago - New company, Better Box Art, launched a Kickstarter campaign on September 24th to begin productio... | PC

Moral choices continue to plague games

328d ago - Moral choices in video games have been in games for some time. They try to immerse the player by... | Industry

Countdown - Top 10 PlayStation 3 Exclusives

334d ago - Geoff, Michael, and Ryan go over the Top 10 PlayStation 3 Exclusives. | PS3

Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

PS3 exclusives that should be remastered for PS4

371d ago - A look at the potential first party Playstation 3 remastered exclusives that should come to Plays... | PS3

The List: 5 Singleplayer Games That Could Be MMOs

389d ago - David Jagneaux of MMORPG writes: "As has become customary here at MMORPG, this week’s list is the... | PC

Five Facts - inFAMOUS 2

430d ago - Jack and Michael bring you five facts over inFAMOUS 2. | PS3

Laying Down the Lore with Dave Callan: Infamous

464d ago - Comedian and avid gamer Dave Callan lays down the lore on Infamous' Cole McGrath. Spoilers ahead. | PS3

15 Things You Didn't Know About InFamous

477d ago - "With the recent release of InFamous: Second Son, we thought we’d search the whole series for int... | PS3
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