InFamous 2: The best PS3 game since Uncharted 2?

Shocking details on new combat and setting

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theunleashed642787d ago

this game is going to be so awesome!.

Abash2787d ago

Yeah inFamous 2 does look awesome, but "Best PS3 game since Uncharted 2"? Uncharted 2 was fantastic, but I found God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 to be just as great.

Simon_Brezhnev2787d ago

Yeah I found GOW3 better than UC2.

RememberThe3572787d ago

I don't know if I would say "better"? But I can't really argue with it. GOW3 is my GOTY.

darkcharizard2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

#1 Metal Gear Solid 4
#2 God of War III
#3 Uncharted 2
#4 LittleBigPlanet
#5 Gran Turismo 5

lociefer2787d ago

the best game since mgs4 / uc2, i dunno why everyone keeps forgetting mgs4, but in the end theyr all ps3 exclusives, so its a win-win

visualb2787d ago

I also enjoyed GOWIII SP more than Uncharted2. not putting U2 down, GOWIII was just that much better! =D

however over all game U2 is better package (single player + MP + co-op =D)

still, i'd say Infamous 2 might be the next graphical leap from GOWIII in terms of action graphics/narrative

unless the author means in terms of review scores, in which case i'll say:

who the hell gives a ****

NecrumSlavery2787d ago

I think GOW3 did a few things better just by the shear scale of the battles ad epic set pieces, but UC2 is so consistently perfect that it still reigns king. Uncharted 2 does some amazing things and everything it does is right. A rarity in many games.

inFAMOUS 2 looks to be the best sandbox game around, the environments are gorgeous, the combat is so fluid, the visuals are going to make the first one, hell all sandboxes look last gen. The amount of detail is insane. Just look at the battle against the horse monster, every time it burrowed or sprang up from the road it left dynamic damage. The street was destroyed. The amount of destructible objects are awesome. Tearing down balconies, towers, blowing a bunch of tables away. I think it is easily going to be a 10+ gig game with the amount of content.

plenty a tool2787d ago

i dont know, coz i aint played it yet.

but i will make my decision after playing it

infamousinfolite2787d ago

it's a given that MGS4 is at the top, no doubt

mrcash2787d ago

UC2,Killzone and heavy rain, gow3 disappointment GT5 looks great but not into car games.

Dee_912787d ago

i dont even want to hype this game
because after gt5; reviewers will actually treat it like its suppose to be the second coming of christ ... and make every little thing bad 10x bigger

raztad2787d ago

I have to agree with Dmarc.

inFAMOUS was underhyped and performed really good. I have not reasons to think inFAMOUS 2 woud be any different, but CVG overhyping the game is just the first step for reviews starting with "it is the old same", "game didnt revolutionized the genre", always used when reviewing PS3 exclusive games.

Gawdl3y2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

In the article description, it says, "Shocking details on new combat and setting".

I see what you did there.

rjdofu2786d ago

I really hope they would improve the framerate, one of the biggest minus to the first one.

jneul2786d ago

i loved uncharted 2 but even i admit that gow 3 was just mindblowing and infamous 2 looks to take the crown away infamous 1 had a briliant story and if infamous 2 is the same story wise it will be the best thing since gow 3nto me

Commander_TK2786d ago


Only PS3 exclusives r good?

Anyway, MGS4 is the best PS3 game out there.

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gunnerforlife2787d ago

thats really an opinion!
because to me the best game since uncharted 2 is god of war 3 while to some it could be GT5

BYE2787d ago

For me it's between Heavy Rain and Demon's Souls, which came out this year in Europe.

But no game this gen has touched MGS4 yet in my opinion.

TradingWarStories2787d ago

Nah I don't think GOW3 did it as much as Uncharted 2 I mean it's funny, action packed it just fits together really nicely. GOW3 was and still is the sh*t but I couldn't help but feel a sense of incompleteness don't know why but I do.

PS anyone know anything about g25 and g27 steering wheels?

Marceles2787d ago

The only "problem" with GOW3 was it felt short to me, even playing it on Titan my first playthrough. But then UC2 felt short also lol, that's a problem with all epic games...we don't want the game to end.

zeddy2787d ago

i could put down uncharted 2 so i has to ration the game to prolong the awesomeness same for infamous but i ran through single player because i knew i still had to do evil cole.

lazysey2787d ago

Just because we've played Infamous 2 right?

CrIpPeN2786d ago

Jump on the hype train, because here we go.

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Balt 2787d ago

At least Uncharted 2 had indoor missions and variety in it. 2 games down and Infamous still doesn't offer up indoor missions or mission variety.

Don't get me wrong, I liked Infamous and had a great time playing it. It was fun to tool around with and had a rewarding structure to it -- I just didn't like the fact we couldn't enter buildings or structures and were relegated to the same sewer missions when they did allow for a change of scenery.

I heard SP opted to not have indoor missions in the follow up at all. Not even sewer missions. I hated Cole and the voice work, though. I just didn't feel connected to him and wished we could've changed his appearance ourselves with an editor. Just a bad design choice.

metsgaming2787d ago

uncharted is a linear game and infamous is an open world game. Totally different but i do agree they should have some indoor missions and the ability to go into some buildings.

-Alpha2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Who says they don't?

It may happen, we never know.

The game is definitely set to be as great as UC2. Funny thing is that when UC2 was all in-door people complained that it wasn't more open.

It'd be nice to see some in-door missions but only if done right.

IMO iNFamous 2 is on its way to make Sucker Punch into superstars much like UC2 did for ND. Sure, they had good AA-AAA games before then, but these games are much more iconic and significant.

I just keep thinking of how much of a good time iNFamous 2 will be. Epic Boss battles (which is the only thing I was disappointed with in UC2), super-powers, an engaging story, hopefully side missions, and hopefully a co-op mode because I know it's possible to make it without feeling tacked on.

And of course, the graphics and world look gorgeous. When I saw the House of the Rising Sun trailer I knew that this was going to be another cinematic masterpiece.

deadreckoning6662787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

If this has Move support...I'm getting Move, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

-Alpha2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Move support sounds interesting, but IMO I want to see original Move titles instead of having devs like SP have to adjust their time for it.

I don't see how motion control could benefit iNFamous 2, but if they can do it then more power to them.

I'm waiting on Sorcery. I see a lot of potential in it, just hope they give it the attention it deserves.

SpartanPrince2787d ago

personally I don't think that Move would work in Infamous 2 at all-it would just seem tacked on. Im also hoping for Sorcery to become my replacement action-rpg for kingdom hearts(since SE seems to want to make 5 more spinoffs before making the third one). So far it seems to be an extremely simplistic kids game, which dissapoints me :/

PinkFunk2787d ago

Ahh man. Alpha I got to disagree with you there. I just got the Move a couple days ago and the way that i've seen it perform for Sorcery, I could see it being a huge plus for inFamous 2. In the sense of performing magic through arm movements, initiating energy through a dance, and then pushing said energy toward the enemy in an accurate thrust.

I don't think that applying Move controls for any game is too taxing on dev time (though I can't say that for certain). Either way, I think it would work very well if implemented properly, and would add so much to the immersion and flexibility of the gameplay.

My experience for the Move has been quite positive for the actual hardware, and for the possibilities. The software thus far doesn't interest me very much... but that's why I look forward to UC3, inFamous2, KZ3, LBP2, hopefully all Move compatible. From a serious gamer perspective, I'm REALLY looking forward to how Move can enhance my experience in terms of control. It's like a CPU mouse... but more challenging. A steep learning curve signals to me a greater opportunity to master a game further.

I really hope Sony doesn't treat Move like a gimmick peripheral, cause it could be really sweet if developers utilize it as an equally valid method of control as the DS3.

pork_chop_express2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

RUSE on ps3 with move has become CoH on consoles to me its excellent.

RE5 goes from a deeply mediocre experience to actually a pretty good one with move support.

Those are two titles with very little implementation effort working wonders. Dont underestimate it.

There are a few titles that need move more than Inf 2 tho,

Portal 2
Dead Space 2

top three for me.
Oh and i loved the sewer levels in infamous, and the lighting reflecting blue or red depending on ur karma.

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Fishy Fingers2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

"2 games down and Infamous still doesn't offer up indoor missions or mission variety. "

Generally sandbox games dont do indoors, take GTA for example. Practically no buildings you can enter, 5 games in (3 really). The reason being thats not the point of the genre, their design, engine, code is built to provide large open playing fields. So that's what they provide.

ForceCSW2787d ago

I also think it would be hard in infamous because most of Cole's powers require a lot of space to use. If there were lot's of close quarters battles the player would be relegated to only using the melee and basic shock powers.

BeOneWithTheGun2787d ago

Fallout/Oblivion did it just fine.

InvaderZim2786d ago

@Alpha: I have to disagree. Respectfully of course. Naughty Dog have been legends in this industry since the very first Crash Bandicoot game in my opinion =).

RememberThe3572787d ago

It's an open world game. Indoor missions are cool, but since Infamous 2 is an open world game I would much prefer the openness of it being exploited. Roof top chases, big battles in the streets, a bunch of exploration; stuff like that.

If you really have all these issues with the game, I would recommend not even following it. I don't like Cole's new voice either but it's not bad enough to make a game unplayable, and indoor missions in an open world game are almost a non-issue.

despair2787d ago

First news I'm hearing of no indoor missions, wait for an official announcement.

Karum2787d ago

How can you say 2 games down and inFAMOUS doesn't offer mission variety? The original inFAMOUS did kinda have indoor missions down in the sewers, or how about the big tunnel mission with the boss battle at the end?

As for mission variety, we know very very little about inFAMOUS 2 so you simply cannot make that comment about mission variety when inFAMOUS 2 isn't even 2 games in yet....the thing isn't releasing for like 4 months and we've not actually seen any single mission from start to finish never mind seen what kind of variety there is.

nycredude2786d ago

WHy would they add something into the game (indoor area) if it didn't fit into the game story or gameplay? THat is the dumbest thing ever. While we are at it why not complain about GTA4 not giving you the ability to shoot electricity out of your fingertips and jump from/climbing on buildings?

Come on dude. Play the fames for what they are, not what you want them to be and you will be a much happier gamer.

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Cajun Chicken2787d ago

Why do people hate Zeke so much? I thought he was a bit of a comic relief, really. You know, until...

VersusEM2787d ago

that was out of nowhere but I know how you feel, I like Zeke as well.

Neckbear2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I think Zeke was the best character in the game.

He showed a human side, and was a true bro, despite [insert spoilers here].

-Alpha2787d ago

Dammit, come on, spoiler >:(

mushroomwig2787d ago

You're complaining about a spoiler for a game that's nearly 2 years old?

LordMarius2787d ago

really? You haven't played the first one and yet you are here discussing the second one and don't expect people to talk about the plot

infamous was $10 on friday, if you didn't get it then, you probably won't ever

Baka-akaB2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

well for starters , he aint funny ... wich is kinda a serious flaw for a comic relief .

And it's no wonder , characters usually created for that purpose usually fail and are just annoying , between their forced comedy routine wich fall flat , and their constant bickering , wich would only be endearing to someone charmed by the mentioned comedy .

At least he had a valid and interesting plot twist , but that's it so far

Rage_S902787d ago

he wasnt funny at all imo where uncharted takes the cake from infamous is its awesome characters sully comes to mind

RememberThe3572787d ago

The writing in Uncharted is unparalleled, plus they let the actors improve a little to make it sound more natural. They are the top tier in performance capture. Naughty Dog does what Ninja Theory claims they can do.

I think with some better writing Zeke could be a really cool character. It's the same with Rico in Killzone: In the other Killzone games Rico was pretty cool but in Killzone 2 he was just a dick and you wanted to shoot him half the time. A lot of they characters just need stronger writing to bring out what we like about them.

NecrumSlavery2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

The say if you hate the character they succeed as an actor since they provoked the emotion.

Rico was angry and it showed. I personally didn't love him, but I still thought he was a good character. He had a lot of hate, he was like the devil on Sev's shoulder.

dredgewalker2786d ago

Sully was an excellent sidekick. He's funny and a great friend to Nathan not to mention that they have great chemistry as best buds. just Rico and I don't really hate him knowing that going through a lot of hard battles makes you a very angry man against your enemies. Anyway I'm looking forward to Infamous 2.

Cajun Chicken2787d ago

There's no spoilers in my comment, many possibilities could happen with what I've said. It's open to interpretation, I don't like spoilers clearly given away, so I don't do it myself.

Also, it has a go at Zeke in the article.

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Cartesian3D2787d ago

to those that havent played infamous 1..

play it ASAP .. ITS FUN AS HELL!! and its really cheap right now.. hurry up , seriously !!
infamous2 is first day purchase for me.

egidem2787d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

visualb2787d ago

my fav new IP along with Dead Space and LBP =)

Cartesian3D2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

some people compare those 2 just in term of visuals .. just easy nongamer guys.. first of all its an open world with so man physic calculations( uncharted2 had it too but just limited to dead bodys and small stuff)

second of all infamous is about having fun and manipulate your environment , blowing stuff , jumping around etc.. its nothing like linear adventure game like uncharted (i played both uncharteds too and they are the best in their category specially uncharted has the best main character ever!)

I cant believe infamous 2 is coming .. may be im overexcited but believe me SUCKER PUNCH knows how to make it fun

NegativeCreepWA2787d ago

I actually played Infamous twice which is rare for me, amazing game.

thawind2786d ago

imma pick it up i never played which is sad...but i never got around 2 it but ill be picking it up before infamous 2

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