PlayStation Store Preview – May 31, 2011: WTF Already Edition

"Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in our weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in our coming soon section."

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Ser2425d ago

Didn't Sony say that they plan on restoring all services by the end of May? Last chance indeed.

BeOneWithTheGun2424d ago

Even if they do, there will be 15 million people downloading their 6gb free games and it will crash....a lot. Sucks! I want to get InFamous so I can plat it! I only have 4 trophies left!!!!

jeseth2424d ago

"WTF Already Edition"


TheLastGuardian2424d ago

What about the PS+ discounts for May? Can we still get 20% off Outland and 60% off Funky Lab Rat and other PS+ May content in June?

showtimefolks2424d ago

we will start to get psn store back like when psn online play came back

give us a map of when each state is due back or something

egidem2424d ago

Something tells me that the PS Store won't be returning tomorrow. It's getting ridiculous. I can't redeem content or download demos.

Akth8r2424d ago

You can redeem your (deadspace) codes on the playstation website.(but if you have to download some file to play online then its not gonna help.)

harv0522424d ago

What I really feel sorry for is all those small devellopers who's got games on there and are suffering the income loss...

LOGICWINS2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

^^Yeah, I get that feeling too. They would have said something by now.

UnbiasedGamer2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

tomorrow last day...if they don't bring it up by then..alot of people will be furious...

redeem codes

can't do crap..that is why i was using my Xbox 360 lately to download all the latest demos. That new Red Faction game kinda fun..alot of destruction!

egidem2424d ago

Yes...I completely agree. It sucks. I can't get online and kill some necromorphs in dead space 2 because I need to redeem the online code. The same thing is happening with people who bought the PS3 version of DiRT 3, as it requires you to redeem an online code. The same thing with L.A. Noire...I bought a version that comes with the DLC "The Naked City" and "The Badge Pursuit" challenge. Can't redeem both codes either!

I really sucks, but we have no choice but to wait. Even worse is that Sony isn't even giving us any ETA on the Store. The fact that they told us they'd bring it back by the end of this month, and we're almost here with no results doesn't seem to be promising.

One things is for sure: with the PSN down debacle, the compromise of user account data, the Store remaining offline and these continued attacks on Sony, their goal of matching and surpassing Xbox Live seems more like a really far dream.

I blame this whole thing on one arrogant person: Geohot

ian722424d ago

The Red Faction demo is one of the things I want to try to see if its worth buying. It looks good by the video's I've seen.
Hopefully, PSN will be back up and running soon.

hiredhelp2424d ago

Just read on from a moderator this.

PSN Maintenance Scheduled Tues 31st May 19.00 GMT until Wednesday 1st June 01.00 GMT

on 27-05-2011 11:00 AM

PSN Network Maintenance has been scheduled to take places from Tuesday 31st May at 19.00 GMT until Wednesday 1st June 01.00 GMT.

During the maintenance window, the following services will be unavailable:

PC Registration
Console Storefront
PS3 Account Management
PS3 Network Account Registration
PSP Network Account Registration
Qriocity Account Management

If you attempt to log in during this period you will receive the site maintenance notification page.

If you are already signed in during this period you should be able to stay connected and you will not lose your gaming session (however the above services will still be unavailable).

If you have any queries please Tweet or PM me.


Click here to follow me on Twitter:

hiredhelp2424d ago

LOL at the disagree. i get for prividing proof

gaden_malak2424d ago

Some people just don't like hired help.

TheGameFoxJTV2424d ago

Facts. On N4G people think they can change them with the disagree button. Which brings up a good point about this system. Doesn't something have to be an opinion or belief to disagree in the first place?

UnbiasedGamer2424d ago

Its 31st May In the UK....

UnbiasedGamer2424d ago

UK GMT 12PM MAY 31st no sign.... perhaps in the afternoon.

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DanteKnightsTemplar2425d ago

PS Store.. I miss you.. come back home :(

Dart892424d ago

Well it won't be coming back i have it tied up and hidden in my closet you can never taste all these wonderful updates as i have:D.

If you want you're psn store back you gonna have to pay me 1 million dollars:D.

Lavitz20122424d ago

Well apparetnly some people can't take you're joke.

RankFTW2424d ago

Hahahaha only 1 million dollars, that's nothing these days :).

tehpees32425d ago

when the PS store is up again everything can finally go back to normal. I hope those hackers get their just deserts for this

subtenko2424d ago

what...they dont deserve any desserts....give em some of the stuff on that bizarre foods show, the really nasty stuff

e-p-ayeaH2425d ago

"WTF Already Edition"

lmao indeed

Jack-H2424d ago

Haha that made me laugh too. C'mon already.

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