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Submitted by journovampire 1958d ago | news

Could Xbox 360 handle Infamous 2?

Infamous 2 couldn't be done on Xbox 360 - despite the fact that the game is currently only using around half of the PS3's power.

That's according to Sucker Punch game designer Darren Bridges, who told CVG that he believes the cell processor of PS3 gives it the kind of power other consoles can only dream of. (inFamous 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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enkeixpress  +   1958d ago | Well said
Simple answer: No, Because that system doesn't have the CELL processor.
Hank Hill  +   1958d ago
Dragun619  +   1958d ago
Technically, No. 360 Doesn't have the Cell processor that Sucker Punch are Utilizing in the PS3 for Infamous 2.
CivAddict  +   1958d ago | Well said
That is just one part of why the PS3 is so much more graphically powerful than the Xbox 360.

The Broadband Engine(Cell) chip
The crazy fast RAM the PS3 has and the 360 doesn't
The 25/50GB BluRay
The RSX and its much more powerful pixel pushing power

All that adds up to a massive graphical power advantage that is why the PS3 has destroyed the 360 graphically this gen.
Xeoset  +   1958d ago
ITT: People that don't understand the architecture of this generation's system.
plenty a tool   1958d ago | Trolling | show
OpenGL  +   1958d ago | Well said
I love when fanboys that know absolutely nothing about hardware try to act like an expert.
Chris_TC  +   1958d ago
Well, CivAddict received 14 agrees, so clearly he's considered an expert.
After all, everybody knows how MASSIVELY important "crazy fast RAM" is for real-world performance. I mean, DDR3 triples your frames per seconds, right? RIGHT?
CivAddict  +   1958d ago
"After all, everybody knows how MASSIVELY important "crazy fast RAM" is for real-world performance"

Now that is hilarious. You obviously didn't stop to think just how idiotic what you wrote was...
Chris_TC  +   1958d ago
Oh really?
I won't waste more than 30 seconds on you, so here's the first RAM speed comparison Google brought up. Have fun:

Edit: This site is so awesome. I get disagrees for posting an article that benchmarks RAM modules.
So which is it: you don't like the results or you don't even understand the numbers?
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Vicodin  +   1958d ago
This is the first generation where a console, the PS3, has so totally annihilated its competition, the Xbox 360. There never has been another generation where a console has completely humiliated its competition in every single graphical area:

* Resolution
* Materials
* Lighting
* Animation
* Poly counts
* Particle effects
* Storage space/graphical data size

There isn't a single game where the PS3 doesn't destroy the 360 in each of those areas.

Every previous gen the competing consoles always had areas that one console was more powerful or capable than other consoles from that gen.
OpenGL  +   1958d ago | Well said
@ CivAddict
If "Crazy fast RAM" is what makes the PS3 so powerful, what excludes the 360's 10MB of eDRAM that peaks at 256GB/s of memory bandwidth from the conversation? You do realize that the PS3's 256MB of XDR has 25.6GB/s of memory bandwidth and the RSX's 256MB of DDR3 has 22.4GB/s, right? The video memory speed is actually the same on both systems, the difference though is that some of the 360's memory bandwidth actually gets saved because the back buffer is rendered in the 10MB of eDRAM.

I'd probably argue that the PS3 is indeed the more powerful console of the two, but the biggest difference between them actually from Sony's OpenGL ES based graphics API and the openness it provides allowing developers to utilize hardware in new ways not previously imagined, in comparison to the 360's more strict DirectX 9.0C based API.
Vicodin  +   1958d ago
Developers don't really use the OpenGL interface to the PS3 hardware. They did in the early days, but now developers use a more direct PS3 specific interface.
buying1999   1958d ago | Spam
OpenGL  +   1958d ago
@ Vicodin
So developers have stopped using the RSX completely then? You do realize that the RSX is based on Nvidia's G71 which has absolutely no GPGPU support, right? There is simply no way to use it without taking advantage of a graphics API like DirectX or OpenGL.
Vicodin  +   1958d ago
"There is simply no way to use it without taking advantage of a graphics API like DirectX or OpenGL."

This is wrong.
OpenGL  +   1958d ago
@ Vicodin
How is this wrong? G71 does not support CUDA, DirectCompute, or OpenCL.
Vicodin  +   1958d ago
You have direct hardware access with libgcm for the PS3.
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gamingdroid  +   1958d ago
RAM speed and size are to independent factor that affects your software in different ways depending on situation and how you design your software. I for one do not believe something is impossible on another system as both consoles are pretty much comparable.

Sony just happen to have a lot of first party studios that get a lot of freedom and time to work on said technology.

Sony and their affiliated keep claiming this is only possible on the PS3, but I would love to see a more detail explanation than some at best vague answer.

With that said, the story ends with:

"It's pure speculation, [Sucker Punch has] no idea of whether we can do it because we don't work on Xbox or any other console."

Perhaps Sucker Punch should then just STF! Clearly they don't know then why open your mouth!!!
OpenGL  +   1958d ago
@ Vicodin
The PS3 actually uses LibGCM and PSGL (OpenGL ES 1.2 + Nvidia CG) Do you understand that it is just a stripped down version of OpenGL? Since OpenGL is open source Sony is free to take it and modify it how they want, but it is still at its core a version of OpenGL.

The fact remains that the RSX is an extremely dated GPU that uses discrete shaders without any sort of GPGPU functionality.
Vicodin  +   1958d ago
OpenGL, none of the things you are writing are making any sense.

No, libgcm is not 'a stripped down version of OpenGL'. libgcm is a low level hardware access API. The OpenGL ES implementation for the PS3 is built upon libgcm to some extent.


LOL @hoops!

Don't even know where to start with such stupidity.

The PS2 and Xbox had the exact same storage format/size. Standard single or dual layer DVD.

The PS2 destroyed the Xbox in graphics ram based effects thanks to the insane EDRAM. That's why games like the port of MGS2 to the Xbox ran so poorly because it couldn't handle PS2 level frame buffer operations/effects.

The PS2 destroyed the Xbox in floating point power leading to the PS2 having superior animation and bezier curve based graphic elements.

The only real area the Xbox had over the PS2 was in multipass rendering(aka 'teh Shiny'). And even that was mostly in the early PS2 days.

The game cube had its fast RAM and lightning quick seeking drive that gave it its edge.

All three consoles last gen were pretty much in the ballpark of each other in real world performance with all three putting out just about the same number polys per frame.

Just another clueless PC gamer throwing around a bunch of PC graphics hardware terms who is totally fucking ignorant of real console hardware.
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hoops  +   1958d ago
"This is the first generation where a console, the PS3, has so totally annihilated its competition, the Xbox 360. There never has been another generation where a console has completely humiliated its competition in every single graphical area:"

The Xbox1 completey destroyed the PS2 in graphics, physics, RAM, Space, lighting effects and especially PIXEL/VERTEX shader performnce.
It was not eve close. Why?
Because the PS2 did not have a dedicated GPU and did not have hardware for programmable all. Everything related had to be done with software. The Xbox1 had the first programable shader GPU inside. The Xbox1 had more bandwidth, more ram. More than 2 times as much as the PS2.
There was NO AREA that the PS2 could compete with the Xbox1 OR the GAMECUBE.
You stand corrected. The generation that was not close was not this one. It was last generation. Look at the specs...It's a pure blowout.
There was never a game on the PS2 that looked like Splinter Cell Choas Theory or Chronicles of Riddick or Ninja Gaiden. Nothing came close.
Get your facts straight

LOL. I am getting disagrees for stating the truth. Only on N4G.COM
The truth of the matter is, the PS2 did not even come close to the Xbox1 in terms of power. It had less RAM. Less bandwidth. Less pixel/Shader performnce. Less EVERYTHING.
The PS2 only had 32Megs of RAM. The Xbox had double this. The Xbox was the first gaming product to feature Dolby Interactive Content-Encoding Technology. It had a better sound chip.
It supported DX8.1 which had API features the PS2 did not support at all even when using OpenGL or its other API.
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FlatulentGhost  +   1958d ago
The GameCube,PS2,and Xbox all were almost identical in real world power last gen. All three cranked out games in 15-20 million polys per sec for leading games. Each console last gen had games that were doing things the other two console weren't: 60fps Metroid Prime on the GameCube, ICO/Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Gran Turismo on the PS2, and so on.
turok  +   1958d ago
@ Vicodin
u make less sense than OpenGL
hoops  +   1958d ago
Name me ONE game on the PS2 that had the technical apsect and graphics as Splinter Cell Choas Theory or Chronicles of Riddick Or Ninja Gaiden?
Good luck. There were none at all. I am not talking about ART DIRECTION. You spew a whole lot of garbage and know squat.
The same argument Sony fanboys use: Show us one Xbox360 game that looks like Uncharted 2 or KZ3.....
Well show us one game that looks better then the ones I mentioned above for the PS2? And the ones you WILL name are ART direction. Not graphics or physics.

Btw. Storage Space has NOTHING to do with visuals.
That comment makes you look stupid as rocks.
The Xbox1 had more RAM. Double TO BE EXACT.
The Xbox1 had a dedicated GPU. The PS2 did not.
Xbox1 exclusives such as Panzer Dragoon Orta and Ninja Gaiden and Chronicles of Riddick and Half Life 2 blew away EVERY PS2 game.
GOD 2 and FF12 had great art direction but not even the same graphic or physics direction.
Ask yourself why ALL multi games except that crappy version of MGS looked, ran better on the Xbox1?
They all did. And Because the Xbox1 had higher bandwidth, mofe memory and a moe powerful GPU that was PROGRAMABLE, game resoltuions were better. And the fact the PS2 DID NOT SUPPORT AA at ALL.
Ansiotropic Filtering on the PS2 was pitiful.
Dude you are blind. It was common knowlwedge that the Xbox1 blew away the PS2 in terms of visuals and everything else.
It was also the first Console to use a HD.
Look up the specs....i know you wont. Its clear you have your head up Sony's ass.
And you mentioning "particle effects"
The smoke and mirror effects of consoles. Its the easiest graphic calculation a system can perform.
Please dude. Take some Vicodin like HOUSE and no longer post.
You are clueless.
You actually said the PS2 blew away the Xbox1...LMFAO.
Dude was not even close.
When you can pull a game out that looked like Ninja Gaiden or Chronicles of Riddick or Splinter Cell on the PS2, then talk
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FlatulentGhost  +   1958d ago
"It was common knowlwedge"

LOL! Wait you're saying a bunch of dimwitted Xbots parroted a bunch of desktop PC based graphics hardware terms and made inane claims about the relative graphical power of their console?

Wow, sounds just like this gen...

This is why console developers despise Microsoft. Just because Microsoft was stupid enough to throw a bunch of expensive desktop PC graphics parts in a big ugly box, now every stupid little kid with a PC thinks they have a fucking clue about console graphics hardware.
ExplosionSauce  +   1958d ago
@ hoops
Hey! GOWII and Shadow of the Colossus are beautiful PS2 games, as well as MGS3 and it managed RE4 quite nicely too. So the PS2 wasn't that pitiful. Considering it's huge success and how the mightier Xbox died so quickly as well as the GameCube.
Since when does a system's RAM and power, equal the fun a system can deliver? Give me some games!

@ plenty a tool
GTA4 was multiplatform. Not a PS3 exclusive that was later ported to 360. Your argument didn't make much sense.
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Lifendz  +   1958d ago
Who cares if it could? Why speculate when it'll never happen anyway? Unless Sucker Punch has worked on the 360 hardware and is willing to give an unbiased opinion on the matter, the rest of us don't possess the knowledge to make an intelligent statement on the matter.
DaTruth  +   1958d ago
If you want to do post processing effects on the Cell that are traditionally done on graphics chips, you will need fast RAM like the 3.5ghz XDR. MLAA is an example of this! That is why no post processing is done on the 360s CPU.

The 10MB of EDRAM in the 360 was found to be too little and can't hold an entire 720p frame! That is why all games on 360 with AA are 540p or have really low texture resolution like Unreal Engine games!
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SilentNegotiator  +   1958d ago
If Infamous 2 ends up using MLAA like it's rumored to possibly end up using...
#1.1.28 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
OpenGL  +   1958d ago
@ DaTruth
It is true that the cell has proven itself very capable of handing post processing effects.

Also, the eDRAM can hold an entire 720p frame, but only with anti-aliasing disabled. Anti-aliasing can still be achieved at 720p by resorting to image tiling. I'm not really sure what texture resolution has to do with it, as the textures aren't stored in the eDRAM anyway.
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Psfan999  +   1958d ago
I think the Xbox could definitely handle this game, but I'm no expert. Still, they could probably make it so that it worked with the Xbox's hardware, but that would take extra time and resources and it would be pointless.
sikbeta  +   1958d ago
Pfffftttt.... I'm still waiting for teh KZ2 & UC2 killarz.....
kancerkid  +   1958d ago
Well if they ported it to Xbox at least it would have AA
Ju  +   1958d ago
You will be surprised when this game will release with MLAA then (a first for an open world game, btw).

And btw, Vicodin, interesting read.
#1.1.33 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
DatNJDom81  +   1958d ago
"That's good for us because we don't have to play to the lowest denominator of the consoles. We're playing to the PS3 and we're making a game that we can make, technology isn't limiting us."

The story of this generation of consoles.
Kurt Russell  +   1957d ago
Serious nerd war going on in this thread... many lols!

Ladies one in one out you say?
mrcash  +   1958d ago
if its only using half the power then yes, the ps3 is only 33% stronger than xbox well at least the cell is than the 360 cpu. But no because its only on ps3.
doa766  +   1958d ago
not hard to see, just compare Heavenly Sword to Enslaved, both games by the same studio, one PS3 exclusive, the other multiplat

the 4 year old Heavenly Sword looks better than Enslaved, and to pass an opinion on this you need to have seen both on your own TV and then you'll know this is a fact

the difference is a lot more clear when you see them in motion
#1.2.1 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(55) | Disagree(18) | Report
raztad  +   1958d ago
Where that 33% came from? LMAO

@edhe bellow

"I honestly can't believe this stuff's coming up again after Rage et al. "

Sorry but if you visit any decent tech savy forum you will understand how weak RAGE technically is. It has nice textures and framerate but everything else was sacrificed.

Quote from the interview:
"That's good for us because we don't have to play to the lowest denominator of the consoles." LOL. Fanboys raaaage.

You can disagree, take bubbles away, but that doesnt change what the developer said.
#1.2.2 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(15) | Report
tucky   1958d ago | Spam
CWMR  +   1958d ago
Enslaved (at least on the 360) definitely looks better than Heavenly Sword.
forcefullpower  +   1958d ago
You really haven't played the game on the 360 then. It doesn't screen tear as much but by god does the games slow down. There where so many points during the later levels showed the 360 could not handle what was going on onscreen.

And doa766 was right heavenly sword is graphically amazing compared to enslaved and that came out 4 years ago. I bet with 4 years they could have refined the ps3 engine they had and enslaved would have been jaw dropping.

At the end of the day tho. Enslaved is a great game shame they also couldb't have made it jaw dropping aswell.
raztad  +   1958d ago

There ar some screen tearing, however the case in point is why a 4 years later game doesnt look leaps and bounds better?

If HS2 ever happens it would outdo HS by a mile.


Oh really? because both Enslaved SKU look pretty much the same.
mrcash  +   1958d ago
heck now enslaved on 360 doesnt even look as good as gears 1 and its using the same engine
iFLOWLIKEWATER  +   1958d ago
aztad, you should have put, "...if you go to any ps3 savvy forum..." ;)
Active Reload  +   1958d ago
Raztad, its funny you use the words "leaps and bounds", when you're trying to take something away from a game that isn't a PS3 exclusive. Here is the thing though, there isn't anything on the PS3 thats leaps and bounds above anything, anywhere except for whats on the Wii.
Darrius Cole  +   1958d ago
It is rather amazing how delusional some people still are about this. It should be clear to everyone who watches both consoles now that there are several games on PS3 that could not be on the 360 without reducing the graphical output.

No 360 game, exclusive or multi-plat, looks as good as Uncharted 1, which is 3 years old now.

No 360 game, exclusive or multi-plat, looks any better than Gears of War 1 which is 4 years old now. Gears 2 is the only game to match and it doesn't look noticeably better than Gears 1.

Uncharted 1 looks better than Gears of War 1 and 2, yet there are several PS3 games that look better then Uncharted 1.

PS3 exclusives are still advancing their graphical output.

360 RPG's have started to hit storage limitations...most notably, Mass Effect 2 and FFXIII

Only with multi-plats do you get the back and forth of sometimes the 360 version looks better/sometimes the PS3 version looks better.

For anyone to say that there are no games on PS3 than the 360 can't handle without nerfing them first is just not reasonable.
#1.2.10 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(33) | Disagree(17) | Report
raztad  +   1958d ago

Dunno about it. Actually I was thinking about Neogaf. Come on, even Crytek in their tech talks has mentioned RAGE as an example of a game weak on the technical side. Fully pre-baked lightning and low polygon count are two of the main complains I have came across.
gamingdroid  +   1958d ago
... and CryTek isn't a competitor of Rage?
bigwheelstuntshow   1958d ago | Spam
edhe  +   1958d ago
Yes that's true, because you'd have to change the ISA over to x86 RISC which would be .. ooh a job of coding it.

Or maybe just run it on a middleware platform that will emulate the cell.


it's just a processor. Any processor can emulate any other processor given the right low-level code.

I honestly can't believe this stuff's coming up again after Rage et al.
blahblah  +   1958d ago
congratulations, you've won the "most uninformed comment ever" award

emulation in real world? not on mine... if you have PC, try emulating PPC on it (use PearPC) and tell me how usable that is. now consider those two architectures don't differ much, at least they share same family as "general purpose processors" which translates into "jack of all trades", aka. can do everything decent, but has no specialization.

Cell is special purpose processor (performs well above average in his specializations and well bellow average in the rest). It has completely different way of executing jobs, aka. SPU pipelining and sharing. Emulating Cell on PC or PPC would be disastrously slow.

one thing where Cell over performs everything is single based arithmetic. and since games don't need precision it is perfectly suited.
vsr  +   1958d ago
No It could not
May be xbox 720p will do
Ju  +   1958d ago
You guys know that both, the 360 and the PS3 run the exact same PPU core, right (PPC G3 based core, both are identical cause developed by the same team at the same time.). Just saying.

And for emulating: There is nothing which can emulate SPUs in realtime. Won't happen anytime soon. The only way this would ever work (if at all) would be with some sort of GpGPU streaming code on a latest generation (like a G300 or something).

It's quite easier to port ATI/Shader code and PPU threads to the CELL than the other way round. Unless, as some people have published in the past, you write generic C/C++ code which runs native on SPUs (first) and also compile straight to x86 (PC) and PPC (360) code.

Anyhow, byte ordering (LE vs. BE) and ISA (x86 vs. PPC) is not an issue because very little code is written in assembler (if at all). These routines can easily be re-written. Byte ordering can be handled with macro code (but needs some preparation).
TEFL0N_D0N_81  +   1957d ago
I really don't get it.
you fanboys just don't read the whole article. If there's one sentence that glorifies the PS3 over 360, all other sentences are ignored. This is straight from the article, "He added: "It's pure speculation, [Sucker Punch has] no idea of whether we can do it because we don't work on Xbox or any other console. ".

Basically, they're just talking shit. Can they be right? Maybe, but they just admitted that they're only talking shit!

Why the F*** is this even an article when it substantiates nothing? And there's nothing to disagree. The guy says it can't be done on the 360, and then says he has no idea in the same interview.
deadreckoning666  +   1958d ago
@first comment- Unless ur a hardware specialist...u can't prove that. I'm astonished that you have 22 people who agreed with you. I'm betting none of these people even know how to write a line of code..much less determine what the 360 is capable of technologically.

And the ongoing struggle of fanboys trying to prove that they made the right console choice looms on.....

"If the 360 can, then why has it not shown it yet.........
It's been 5 years."

If Sony can implement cross game chat/party system to PSN..then why haven't they done it yet? It's been 4 years.

Just because something hasn't happened yet doesn't mean its not possible.
#1.4 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(33) | Disagree(35) | Report | Reply
Syronicus  +   1958d ago
If the 360 could run a game like this then...
Why has it not yet done so? There is nothing on the 360 that rivals the games the PS3 has in its exclusive bag of games so if the 360 could actually run a game like inFAMOUS 2 or Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2 or even GT5, then why has it not yet done so? Waiting for the right time? I think not.
mrcash  +   1958d ago
Infamous 2 doesn't look much better than Mafia2 on 360. Heck Castlevania looks better than I2, who knows if how its goin to end but at the moment I2 doesnt look like its on par with KZ2 or Uc2
CWMR  +   1958d ago
The problem is, fanboys just claim certain games look better than anything on the 360 even when they don't. It's circular reasoning. I could ask the same thing by saying "if the PS3 could run a game like Alan Wake or Gears of War why hasn't it"? It's a form of begging the question.

First you have to prove those games are doing something that is more advanced than in various 360 exclusives or multiplats.

In my opinion other open world games like Red Dead Redemption (on 360) and Assassin's Creed look better than inFamous 2.
CimmerianDrake  +   1958d ago
"If Sony can implement cross game chat/party system to PSN..then why haven't they done it yet? It's been 4 years."

-Ask EA. You don't remember? Sony wanted to implement custom music and cross game chat/party chat, but it made some games look bad and didn't work for them. So, a large 3rd party publisher (most believe it to be EA) threatened to pull support from the PS3 if it was implemented because they didn't want their games to look bad. So, custom music was relegated to being the publisher/devs choice and cross game chat was put on the back burner until it could be more successfully and smoothly integrated. Super Secret I believe is the guy's name that told everyone this.

So, there's your answer. Now answer why the 360 can't do whatever the question was that was asked.

@CMWR: Alan Wake is unimpressive. That's why it's not done on the PS3. Gears of War has already been surpassed, why would it be done on the PS3? And finally, InFamous 2 is still in development, so what's all this comparing it to already released games?
#1.4.4 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(13) | Report
CaliGamer  +   1958d ago
Hmm.. @ CWMR
Your Quote: ("if the PS3 could run a game like Alan Wake or Gears of War why hasn't it"? It's a form of begging the question.)

I think by now, it has been proven that with the correct budget and effort, the PS3 has produced some stunning results. It is up to the 360 at this point to show that it's exclusives can match what the PS3 has on hand for its consumers, not the othe way around.
The question of the 360's strenght is a valid one when you look at exclusives, in that respect the 360 is indeed running behind the PS3, that is plain to see IMHO.

Just Sayin.
alldayeveryday   1958d ago | Spam
gamingdroid  +   1958d ago
"If the 360 could run a game like this then...
Why has it not yet done so?"

So everything in life that has happened is impossible?

Because it hasn't been done doesn't mean it is impossible.

But as somebody else pointed out, cross game chat must not be possible on the PS3!
noporcru623  +   1958d ago
dont assume
how on earth do you know if they can or cannot write a line of code, its not that hard dont assume that jus because theyre arguing about something potentially complicated that they have no idea what they r talking about even if they dont some may and they dont even have to know code for that kind of information, now you can find out the capabilities of systems anywhere or you can just look at the games like uncharted 2 and gt5 no doubt just cant be done on xbox as of yet
noporcru623  +   1958d ago
oh and another thing
Game graphics and content and size...HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SYSTEM FEATURES. thats not even a valid argument thats like saying strawberries taste better than bananas because the seeds are on the outside..its dumb
n4gno  +   1958d ago
Wow, how delusional/denial fanboyz cwmr and others are, just buy some new eyes, please...

nobody with common sens can't deny the facts, graphics and polygons are not "art", and best ps3 exclusives are way better than anything on xbox (easier to program for ! so, if you did'nt see any game with uncharted 1 quality since the beginning, it's obvious they can't do it, don't be so naive/in denial)

Lol@fanboyz talking again of future games "bububu you'll see when halo3....uh...alan drake....uhhh bubububu rage, brink..." hilarious

incredible too see how they are in full force, denying the reality, even after 4 years and a lot of obvious proofs.

"I find it funny how the PS3 fan boys spend so much time commenting and defending there console on this site. While the 360 supporters are too busy enjoying there system to care what some snotty nosed, 13yo brat has to say. "

look around you, you 'll never see more xboboxs denial than here, some of the worst fanboyz pretending "uncharted2, kZ2, gow, heavy rain, etc to be "not so far away" from 360 best exclusives" = DENIAL POWER (or really bad 5" tv)
#1.4.10 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
Syronicus  +   1957d ago
"So everything in life that has happened is impossible? "

You have not answered my question. If it could have been done, why then by now has it not been done? Considering that the 360 had a full year head start on the market you would think it would show in the titles released but it has not. So I say to you that there in lies the answer to the question posed by the article. No, games like inFAMOUS 2 could not be done on the 360. If it could, the devs and publishers would have seen to it already. But as with anything else Microsoft, they are content as are the fanboys with mediocrity.
lexington  +   1958d ago
CimmerianDrake  +   1958d ago
Odin777  +   1958d ago
Persistantthug  +   1958d ago
If the 360 can, then why has it not shown it yet.........
It's been 5 years.
StanLee  +   1958d ago
It can handle Rage and Brink. Both demoed running on the console at numerous trade shows and both look fantastic on the console and better than Infamous 2. If the XBox 360 is maxed out, how come further into the console generation it continues to showcase great looking titles. Microsoft doesn't have as many internal studios to tap the console and why would they care to? Sony marketed it's machine as the most powerful console, and it's built a software library to back this up. Microsoft has built it's console on being social so it's focus has been cooperative play and multiplayer. Uncharted 2 looks great, Halo Reach you can play 4 players splitscreen online with your friends. 2 very different software focus.
Chuk_Chuk  +   1958d ago
I have seen Rage and infamous 2 in real life at Eurogamer on saturday. and its safe to say that while Rage does look damn good Infamous has that extra something that makes it look better. Like someone said above it seems a lot of things have been sacrificed to get such amazing texture quality in rage. Looking at rage it feels as if its missing something but i can't quite but my hand on it.

"Halo Reach you can play 4 players splitscreen online with your friends."

Warhawks says hi.
InTheKnow  +   1958d ago
Infamous and the PS3
The question is...could the Xbox 360 produce Infamous 2???

Infamous 2 doesn't do anything that Star Wars: Force unleashed 2 doesn't a matter of fact, while different genre's, Force Unleashed does alot more...take a look...First up, Combat.

Next a walk-through opening level...

Can Infamous 2 be done on is's called Force Unleashed 2 and is out in a couple of WEEKS THIS YEAR.

@Chuk...Warhawk is a single-player only game. Halo Reach has single-player, 4 player story based co-op, Firefight/horde mode, Halo Forge, award winning Multi-player and about 10 other things. Don't bring a knife to a gun
#1.6.3 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(25) | Report
Chuk_Chuk  +   1958d ago
I guess you've never played warhawks then, because if you did you would know it has 4 player split screen online. Also i think you mean multiplayer only.
Traveler  +   1958d ago
Gears of War has not been surpassed for 5 years. Just sayin'.
TheBlackSmoke  +   1958d ago
Oh cool, I didn't know the force unleashed was an open world sandbox game, wow guess infamous 2 can be done on 360 after all.
Elven6  +   1958d ago
Simple answer: No, because it's a Sony IP...

And this is from a developer at Sucker Punch, of course they'd say something like this since they wouldn't be wrong in saying so due to IP ownership. I also doubt you or Sucker Punch have tried coding on an 360 (or you on a PS3 for that matter).

The same goes for Microsoft and Nintendo studios who make similar statements, I really hate this kind of talk from first, second, etc parties who are tied with the console makers.
Sez  +   1958d ago
He mentions in the interview that he hasn't worked on the 360 or any other console for that matter.

"So yeah... Do you think [Xbox 360] could pull off Uncharted 2? Everyone's comparing us to Uncharted 2, so if you think you can make Uncharted 2 on Xbox then OK maybe you can make Infamous 2 on Xbox."

He added: "It's pure speculation, [Sucker Punch has] no idea of whether we can do it because we don't work on Xbox or any other console.

So he doesn't have any clue if 360 can handle IF2 if he has never worked on the hardware.

Edit: I love how I get a disagree for quoting the dev in a interview in which the statement came out of his mouth.
#1.7.1 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(3) | Report
bigwheelstuntshow   1958d ago | Spam
baodeus  +   1958d ago
We need more logical people like you on n4g.
doa766  +   1958d ago
"we don't have to play to the lowest denominator of the consoles."

music to my ears, I've been saying that for years
lexington  +   1958d ago
But they already are.
CimmerianDrake  +   1958d ago
Really? You have a 360 game made by Sucker Punch you can show us that backs up your claim? Alright dude, link us. I'd love to see it.
karl  +   1958d ago
maybe he is confused with insomniac?
DOMination   1958d ago | Spam
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1958d ago
So why are they talking about pointless hypothetical scenarios that haven't a chance in hell of becoming reality? Nothing else to ponder on the box side of the gaming world?

Oh how the mighty have fallen. lol4rl


And I'll be playing Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Infamous 2 all of which will crush anything MS/box have to offer. lol

And the lead platform for Crysis 2 is the PS3. So my Crysis 2 will look better than your Crysis 2. :P We'll talk again when all the games are out.
#1.10 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
CWMR   1958d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Seahorses   1958d ago | Trolling | show
Christopher  +   1958d ago
Complex answer: Gameplay wise, yes. Graphics, physics, and lighting wise, no. 360 can process larger textures faster, but that's not what brings games like inFamous and Uncharted 2 to life, it's the constantly processed physics and lighting elements combined with both GPU and memory managed graphic textures that make it happen.
JsonHenry  +   1958d ago
Does it matter? Regardless of what format it is on it going to still be low rez textures and only 1024*768. Granted, some companies have excellent artists that are good at making those games look fantastic even though they have an extremely small frame buffer and limited RAM to work with. But in the end, technically speaking, it is still low rez textures and sub "true" HD no matter what console it is on.

Besides, the game to "beat" is Uncharted 2. Hands down the best looking console game to date.
visualb  +   1958d ago
i'd say NO because its been designed from the bottom up
to use the most out of the PS3's architecture, which is very different to the 360's.

it could be ported, but like some 360 to PS3 ports, it'd be horrible and downgraded.

but to say no because PS3 is superior or the game is too hard for the 360 to run is stupid, because there's no way of proving this.
#1.15 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
jony_dols  +   1958d ago
The Xbox hasn't proven itself to be more powerful than the PS3.
I'am a rational person. If the graphics standard of Xbox exclusive games is superior to Ps3 exclusives, then I would hands down agree that the 360 is better, until then the PS3 has shown itself to be more powerful.

If all ye 360 fanboys think it is graphically superior, go and buy a 360 dev kit and prove me wrong. Because Remedy and Bungie havent surpassed Guerrilla, Naughty Dog or Polyphony
units  +   1958d ago
dont be such a blind sheep
360 can handle much better looking open world games like red dead and just cause 2 all in 720P
jellybalboa  +   1958d ago
"He's not wrong. I tried it with the first Infamous, and if you put the disk in the 360, it doesn't run. Conclusive proof"

Graey  +   1958d ago
baodeus  +   1958d ago
Lol, hahahahaha

That just make my day. Thanks jellybalboa.
Sony360  +   1958d ago
You don't need a "CELL" processor to run superior graphics to this.

So the simple answer would be yes, actually.
number47  +   1958d ago
LoL. I love how the 360 community always pretends their console can run PS3 games..
Yet... never.. to show it...Or bring up a multiplat that doesn't run 1/2 the physics/texture resolution/stream loading/amount of polygons on screen/etc.And anyone notice there are NEVER any articles asking of a 360 exclusive can run on the PS3? The irony is so amazing. Considering people pretend running a game with .5 more fps and texture filtering = powerful console.

-360 gets the sales, everyone agrees with that.
-PS3 pumps out the quality software that pushes technology forward. Only PS3 fans seem to agree. Look at Infamous 1 vs 2. Now look at Gears 1 vs 3.

Yet PS3 games are the bar for technology, and the target for debate and developer commentary.
#1.19 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
gamer2010  +   1958d ago
Again, you are just stating your opinion. You haven't proved anything.

Infamous 2 is not doing anything special. Sorry, it just isn't.
As for the upgrade from Infamous to Infamous 2, I'd say it is decent, but not any greater than we saw from Halo 3 to Halo Reach. Probably less.

Moreover, the first Infamous was an average looking game, so even with the improvements it is not a bar-raising game.

If Sony didn't own Guerrilla and Naughty Dog I guarantee the PS3 would be seen as inferior all around. It's exclusives wouldn't be anything special and it's performance with multiplatform games still lags behind the 360. Just those two studios make all the difference. Sony should be thanking their lucky stars that they have them.
Persistantthug  +   1958d ago
@gamer2010.....Sir, I don't want to hear any nonsense.
XBOX 360's 2010 retail exclusives are SUB HD, PS3's are HD.

If XBOX 360 had equivalent power, it wouldn't have to do downgrade its latest and greatest to sub HD.

I'm tired of hearing XBOX 360's equiv. power, yet it continues to NOT show it.

I'm a reasonable guy, but if you tell me the sky is brown on a light blue sunny day, I'm gonna tell you that You are wrong, and that's that.

Stop telling me and show me, or just be silent. No offense, but that's the bottom line.

Edit in,
It's been 5 years, there's no more excuses to be over, so to speak.
#1.19.2 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(8) | Report
FACTUAL evidence  +   1958d ago
I suppose you beat infamous 2? So tell me oh great one.....what isn't so special about infamous 2?...

EDIT: Gamer...Sony doesn't own suckerpunch, and look how Infamous 2 is turning out. Nothing on 360 barely resembles those graphics. Well...what ever helps you sleep at night I guess...You should just stick to the whole, "xbl is better then psn" argument. Seriously, DEVS keep saying the ps3 is more powerful? WHAT DON'T YOU GUYS GET!?! Maybe you should go make an exclusive for the 360 with Infamous 2 graphics......That won't happen though now would it?
#1.19.3 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(6) | Report
number47  +   1958d ago
Gamer, uh...
Ninja Theory, Zipper, Kojima Studios, Quantic Dream, Media Molecule, (whoever makes MLB the show), Polyphony Digital.. (motorstorm developers) all run circles around 360 titles.

Proof? name something to trump each of the following:

1. MGS4
2. Flower
3. Little Big Planet
4. MLB
5. Gran Turismo 5/Prologue
6. Heavy Rain
7. Heavenly Sword
9. MAG
10. Warhawk
12. Motorstorm 1 & 2
13. Singstar

Well I know you can't & Of course YOU don't think infamous is doing 'anything special' thats what all 360 owners claim. My opinion isn't Uncharted2 winning more tech/game awards than any game ever made. Again, you're a delusional 360 owner.
Infamous 2 has: Character Models/Lighting/Surfacing & Texturing/Post Processing effects that Infamous 1 didn't have. Simple close up screenshots or hell HD video will show you this, and listen to the developer commentary about whats different.

Halo is still SUBHD and the models are still low polygon in game, with textures used as armor. You guys pretend it has such an amazing scope, so thats why the visuals look nothing like the cut scenes... Jesus christ you're not trying to bring this up are you? And again, as I said.. 360 fans will claim all day that the PS3 isn't doing anything significant, yet can't name any 360 games that Trump what Naughty Dog or GG is doing. Thats the fact, thats not my opinion.

So Gamer what I need you to do:

1. NAME THE 360 games that are doing things more 'SPECIAL" than infamous. Right now.

2. Name the games that run circles around Infamous 1.

3. Name the games that have won more awards than Uncharted2 for tech/gameplay

4. Find an article that claims Halo/Reach wont/will/can run on the PS3.
#1.19.4 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(9) | Report
Sony360  +   1958d ago
Actually you'll find the PC is the bar for technology.
number47  +   1958d ago
Sony360. "Buh buh buh PC... great excuse to use when takling about consoles." Pathetic.
Not only can we all agree the 360 has absolutely nothing,

Name a PC sim game that has better visuals than GT5.
Name a PC Stealth game that has better visuals than MGS4
Name a PC arcade racer to top Motorstorm2.
Name a PC adventure game that trumps Uncharted2.
Name a PC baseball game to trump MLB
Name a PC game that trumps Little Big Planet

Crysis is 1 game. They dont' have retail releases for baseball/carsims/anything. The PC isn't the bar for visuals of genres just FPS. And even then, no one is targeting it for their "COULD THE 360 RUN A PC GAME" article, since we are talking consoles and graphics. Not 1 pc game.

The PC used to be the bar when PC dev's made PC games to prove that point, this is no longer the case as PC games are multiplatform games that just have better phys-x or directx use. GT5 is the bar for visuals for console and PC in sims. this is a fact. PC games don't release much, just multiplat games. Generally the unreal engine is used over, and over.

No 360 game can ever claim that.

Way to own yourself.

PC gaming isn't what Ninja Theory/Epic games claims they are reaching with their new release, no. Its PS3 games.Always has been, always will be.

The PC can produce better visuals than a PS3, sure. But thats not the bar for visuals for consoles. PS3 games are.

Uncharted2 won more awards than Half life2. Food for thought. And way more than any PC game.
#1.19.6 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(10) | Report
Gam3s4lif3  +   1958d ago
lol u wud be comparing for ps3 games...everyone know tht a gaming pc is more powerful than a ps3
Comet  +   1958d ago
Holy crap man, that's so true...
The only thing PC has going for it are the Real-time strategies, MMOs, and people who prefer moving their hands (mouse) over their thumbs (joysticks) on First-person shooters.

On PC, graphics may surpass consoles depending on your gfx card but the PS3 console has the games.
CellularDivinization  +   1958d ago
1. Splinter Cell
2. Starfox/Snake
3. RPGMaker
4. (dont play sports games)
5. Need4Speed
6. Monkey Island
7. Devil May Cry 4
8. Starfox(again)
9. Battlefield 1942
10.Call of Duty (lol im serious)
11.Forza 3
12.Forza 3
13.(i dont play karaoke games, im a man)

Bottom questions:
1. Red Dead Redemption... And its on PS3 also, so MORE players can enjoy this great game :D
2. Morrowind, Team Fortress 2
3. May be wrong with this, but Portal, and maybe GTA
4. Why are you relying on articles? You are so used to hearing what you want to hear from N4G, that you can only really cling to articles for facts

And for your next post:
Better game with better graphics than GT5= Crysis
Better stealth game than MGS4= imo, Thief
Better arcade racer= pc has racers?:S
Better game than UC2= Gears2 , Enslaved
Better PC baseball game= again, I dont play sports games, and i dont think you do neither
Better game than LBP= Garys Mod(definitely), RPGMaker, 3D game maker, Flash....
#1.19.9 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(13) | Report
Ju  +   1958d ago
Oh, yep. Nice list above. All I needed to know. LOL /s (I got a front seat in the comedy club, huh ?)
#1.19.10 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
tacosRcool  +   1958d ago
PS3 is the way to go!
MNicholas  +   1958d ago
Not sure why anyone
still believes that the 360 is in the same league as the PS3 when it comes to raw performance.

Just look at how Forza 3, which is built on an engine that was continuously improved for 5 years, looks next to GT5 despite GT5 operating at a much higher resolution with twice as many cars per race.

The 360 still doesn't have a game that beats Uncharted 1. Many were hoping that Alan Wake would be the one but that failed on multiple levels, including resoltion (540P).
xboxlj  +   1958d ago
I find it funny how the PS3 fan boys spend so much time commenting and defending there console on this site. While the 360 supporters are too busy enjoying there system to care what some snotty nosed, 13yo brat has to say.
GarandShooter  +   1958d ago
And yet here you are defending your console...happy hypocrisy!
xboxlj  +   1957d ago
I was at work and waiting for my code to compile while I wrote this. Which btw is the only time I comment on this site.
Jazz4108  +   1957d ago
the ps3 can't even handle multiplat games and when u ask the majority of the devs including the heavenly sword creators they claim the ps3 is just too hard to program. Ps3 wins with exclusives and 360 wins hands down with multiplats. With live and 0 installs and firmware updates I will take the 360 over the ps3 any day and I do as I own both consoles.
1Victor  +   1958d ago
let be reallistic here
any game can be made/port for any console remember the halo on gameboy advance now will it be the same experience who knows but in my opinion I don't think so just look at the old ports from back in the days there was game that run better on one console and few people cared about it as long as the game was good.
disagree with a reply.
ChickeyCantor  +   1958d ago
O look uninformed "techies".

As far as I can tell 360 might not have a cell, it still has 3 CPU's with Hyper threading. If used well you can get allot of power out of it.

Take off the fanboy goggles and be a bit realistic.
bill02138  +   1958d ago
Sorry to break it to you
but it's a pretty bad architecture.

Not only is it 3 really slow processors, it's 1MB cache causes a lot of cache misses.

It's weak and inefficient according to it's designer.
Consoldtobots  +   1957d ago
yeah I dont think these kids get it, there is no bus on the 360 that can make good use of the dual threaded processors. It's like trying to drive 3 cars at once by yourself.
ChickeyCantor  +   1957d ago
Hurpu durr durr.

If a system is utilized exclusively for software it can always do powerful stuff.
360 man  +   1958d ago
yes it can be done.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 already looks better

the graphics dont lie. fast forward to 1:40 minutes
#1.25 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
Ju  +   1958d ago
GTFO, man.
bill02138  +   1958d ago
Where's the dynamic lighting?
In infamous 2, glowing objects cast light in real time, illuminating nearby objects.

Not so with Force Unleashed 2. The light sabres appear to glow but, in fact, aren't processed as light sources. As a result they do not illuminate nearby objects. Nearly all the lighting in that video is baked.

Even some PS2 games had more dynamic lighting than Force Unleashed.

For example, Champions: Return to Arms on PS2 had dynamic lighting and bump-mapping, smoke effects, and actual 3D interactive wave simulation among other cutting edge (at the time) features.
#1.25.2 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
talltony  +   1957d ago
Funny how you guys keep
Bringing up the force unleashed 2 when it performs better on ps3 according to digital foundry.

"According to his figures, The Force Unleashed II's motion blur eats up 2.2ms of resources on Xbox 360 (give or take 0.4ms), while the five-SPU-powered PS3 version is much faster at 1.4ms (give or take 0.5ms). Compare this with the frame-rate upscaler, which runs at 1.5ms on 360, and 1.4ms on PS3 (again parallelised over five SPUs)."

"While there is some disappointment at not seeing this technique in the final, shipping game, what we've seen of the motion blur system in the Xbox 360 proof of concept looks good, and based on info revealed at the SIGGRAPH talk, the PS3 version should have a significant quality advantage."
#1.25.3 (Edited 1957d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
bill02138  +   1957d ago
Good point
What the powerpoint put out by the Force Unleashed 2 developers showed was that the PS3's Cell processor performs, what is traditionally, a GPU operation, about 2-4x faster than the Xbox360's GPU.

This is why having the Cell onboard is such an advantage. It's almost like having a second GPU.
#1.25.4 (Edited 1957d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
360 man  +   1958d ago
ps3 fanboys on this site are getting really rediculous. some of the comments ive read on this page are outrageous. you guys must thing the 360 is at the same power as the wii or something loool.

please you guys need to stop being delusional and open your eyes
#1.26 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
solar  +   1958d ago
these articles are great. arguing over HD consoles still 5 years behind in technology from the PC when said consoles were released. you guys are great.
xJxdOggyStYLe  +   1958d ago
can the pow3r of the c3ll
handle multi platform games..answer..NO lol
360 man  +   1958d ago
Dark Collosis  +   1958d ago
I own both consoles. ID is Dark Collosis for both. I own and beat IF1, and it was a great game but the graphics were nothing special. Both AC2 and RDR are much better looking games. I expect more from IF2 but to say the 360 cant do it is nothing but PR bullshoot.. I dont think PS3 games are that much better than the 360 games(including UC2/GoW3/ and KZ2).. So many fanboys on here... O btw my 360 gets played 4 times more often than my PS3 for the record...
princejb134  +   1958d ago
infamous 1 was excellent
beat it 3 times already
i know the fanboys gonna get me on this
i think the xb360 could handle this game
but it cant handle gow=]
EvilBlackCat   1958d ago | Trolling | show
TechnicalBS  +   1958d ago
Yes it can. If they were to port the game, they would have to downgrade the graphics and put the game in multiple disc. I wouldn't care if the graphics were inferior or in multiple disc, it's the game in general that interest me, not the graphics.

It's probably never going to happen, but with so many companies going multiplatform, I wouldn't be surprised. I'm not holding my breath, though.
spacetattoo  +   1958d ago
SkylineR  +   1958d ago
LOL, infamous is weak!
Gears 3

infamous 2

Clearly that guy was patting his fat Sony cheque as he said that.

Both games aren't finished, yet Gears 3 already looks better. And on "inferior" tech.
Ju  +   1958d ago
Back to "bullshots" vs. "gameplay", aren't we ?

Gotta throw everything in what you got, I suppose.
Consoldtobots  +   1957d ago
what I find hilarious is that the 360 bullshot doesn't look much better than the Infamous 2 SCREENSHOT!! oh
egidem  +   1958d ago
Agree. :-)
Saying that a game such as "infamous 2" is "impossible" would be absurd. In the way the game is designed, implemented and running on the PS3 as of now, then no, the 360 wouldn't work.
gedapeleda  +   1957d ago
If they really are using 50% of teh cell why it's not 1080p
360 man  +   1957d ago
exactly. its all PR bullsh!t
avengers1978  +   1957d ago
If sucker punch says no then no, if they are utilizing the power of the PS3 then No the 360 can't do it.
lazysey  +   1957d ago
You fanboys are full of yourselves. Its whether Sucker Punch can handle the Xbox 360 or not and how they work with what hardware is infront of them. Look at Crysis 2, Crytek optimized that for each system and it was PC-only capable game. Get your head out of the gutter.
#1.38 (Edited 1957d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1958d ago
yes but probably on 2 disc and with a lower resolution and more jaggies.

edit @ Killzone3Helghast below : How am I playing fanboy? gtfo I dont want no bubbles back I'm telling the truth Like I always do.

Lames can Die SLow
#2 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(30) | Report | Reply
tatotiburon  +   1958d ago
the first infamous size was 7gb and i don't think that sequel will be 25gb or more i call this bs...killzone 2 is only 12gb
JUDALATION  +   1958d ago
cds only have 8gb
nuff said
edhe  +   1958d ago
*cough* DVDs *COUGH*

And they're 9GB officially with less than that available.

Hence the DVD9 part of things.
TreMillz  +   1958d ago
what does GBs hqve to do with anything?
Most 360 games are below 6GBs, PS3 games use the processor it has to look so good and play well, thats why when people use the reach has so and so argument it means nothing.
SilverSlug  +   1958d ago
Again, 7gb plus MIcrosoft DRM
I read somewhere that MS DRM takes a chuck of disc space, so since double layer is a little over 7gb, it would most likely be compressed some more to reach the single disc.

But inFamous 2 already has more diverse locations, bigger textures and such. 2 disc for sure.

As for textures looking worse and more jaggies, we won't know that. But the game is Sony only, so Xbox fans can keep dreaming or get a PS3. You know, now that Gears 3 is delayed, they have nothing exclusive for the first 8 months of 2011.
plb  +   1958d ago
Yeah but xbox 360 games need to reserve a certain amount of space on disc for security and such. I forget the exact amount.
Persistantthug  +   1958d ago
@SilverSlug.....Each XBOX 360 game has 6.8 GB.
No game can cross that 6.8GB
Killzone3Helghast  +   1958d ago
playing fanboy won't get your bubs back
edhe  +   1958d ago
Surely if it were multiplat it'd be a higher res with better AA like almost every other multiplat?


edit:Oh cheer up folks ffs, this is a gaming site not a wake.
#2.3 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
SilverSlug  +   1958d ago
like what multiplat?
vhero  +   1958d ago
Now that is fanboy thinking..
karlowma  +   1958d ago
lower resolution? more jaggies?

a bit off considering the 360 is the machine that can actually do multi-sample anti aliasing.

the ps3 has talented first-party devs but they are working with pretty limited video hardware. the cell processor is more advanced in that it can handle more ai and physics calculations.
Sony360  +   1958d ago
You must be confused
It's usually the Ps3 version that has those problems when games are multi plat :)
KiRBY3000  +   1958d ago
oh really? heard of FFXIII?

i think you meant when games are PORTED.
theonlylolking  +   1958d ago
Infamous 1 the 360 could handle but 2? Nope
GeoramA   1958d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
beast242tru  +   1958d ago
every sony dev always say same thing who knows mabe thier rite but it funny as hell but infamous 2 dose look wiked explosions and the lightning tornado oh yeah PLAY B3YOND
iammason  +   1958d ago
Teh Cell!!1!
Maybe if the 360 had the cell, than yeah. But does that mean it really couldn't be done at all?


Fanboys will obviously use this against Xbox fans.

Again... so many fanboys on this site.
WetN00dle69  +   1958d ago
Nothing ever changes!
They have been using the same remark ever since the PS3 graced us with its presence! TO them the PS3 main and only feature is THE CELL!
BUT what about the RSX? That video card has proven to be a BEAST!
Much of the PS3s graphical prowess is all thanks to the RSX!
Dark_king  +   1958d ago
The GPU seems like a beast only because off the cell.Take the cell out and the 360 gpu out performs it for the most part.
solar  +   1958d ago
if the Cell was so good why did IBM/Sony drop it like a bad habit? thats what makes me laugh when i hear "Power of the Cell" from the fanboys.
MasterA  +   1958d ago
Open world and multiplatform
There are a lot of open world multiplatform games that run fine on the 360. Infamous 2 would be no exception.
despair  +   1958d ago
but none of them looks like Infamous 2, Infamous 1 probably would work on the x360 but 2 doesn't look like it could, unless you want to swap disks in an open world game, and it will be FFXIII all over again, reduced textures and quality to save space.
Oldsnake007  +   1958d ago
dude GTFO

are you seriously sayong that infamous 2 is bigger than RDR ? LMAO !111111
Elven6  +   1958d ago
Just Cause 2 is one of the biggest console games ever made and it looks pretty good.

More disc space does not always mean bigger world size, in the end it's down to the hardware and how it can handle texture streams and such.
Troll_Police  +   1958d ago

Bad comparison. Red Dead Redemption is a huge ghost town with nothing going on. That's the only reason it fit on 1 DVD. Infamous 2 has buildings everywhere, cars everywhere, people walking around everywhere, and a lot more going on. Red Dead Redemption is bare, you'll see a man on a horse every so often but nothing going on.
Chris_TC  +   1958d ago
Yo, Troll Police. Time to arrest yourself.
DigitalAnalog  +   1958d ago
"3 words, RED DEAD REDEMPTION !! "
3 Words:

Empty.Open.Re-used lands.

Don't believe me, I can throw your character in a random direction and you won't even know which way is which unless you've got that "convenient" looking GPS for some strange reason existed back in 1900. Graphics are the same to GTAIV except that is has less people, less interaction, less towns, etc etc etc etc...

The only thing it going is a BETTER story. All other aspects, InFamous 2 destroys it.

-End statement
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Solid_Snakeps3  +   1958d ago
does John or Jack shoot lightning off his hands?

despair  +   1958d ago
what I'm saying is coming from what I've seen. I've played Red Dead Redemption and Just Cause 2 and size of the open world doesn't mean detail, just look at morrowind, a tiny game that probably won't even fill a CD but huge world to explore.

RDR and Just Cause 2 have their moments but compared to the graphics from Infamous 2 demos shown they will not match, sure Just Cause has some great island vistas and locales but character, building and vehicle models don't match, and that's from me playing the PC version on max settings.

RDR is in the running for my GOTY, I loved that game, but it was clear to see that they limited the landscape population, occasional texture and even the game length for the disk size, huge game but when compared to the time you can spend on other Rockstar games its not close to the largest in side missions or story.

Sucker Punch Said that Infamous 1 used 20-30% of the PS3 power and Infamous 2 will use around 50-60% that means the game uses twice the than the first, that alone means better textures, physics, particle effects and a lot more.

Also seeing as this a sequel its a safe bet to say the game will be on a larger more detailed scope than the first, plus the huge improvement of the graphics leads me to conclusion that it will use a lot more space than the 6GB that the first game used.

That's what I said, I have no idea if the X360 Hardware will be able to run infamous 2 but as far as disk space is concerned it will be on multiple disks and I haven't seen any Open World games use Multiple disks efficiently.

Plus with the charging by MS to developers when they exceed 3 or 3 disks(can't remember which) its more of a deterrent to exceed that limit so thats partly why the quality of FFXIII graphics was lowered for the X360.

Oh and when the hell did I say it would be a larger world than any other game.
#7.1.8 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
Mista T  +   1958d ago
Rage from iD comes to mind, of course Infamous 2 is possible on 360.
SyluxPT   1958d ago | Trolling | show
BYE   1958d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Simco876  +   1958d ago
Don't know if this is true, but if it is, its looking good for the PS3 in the future.

I am glad I got a PS3 instead of an XBOX, (IMO) exclusives are way better.
edhe  +   1958d ago
Glad you enjoy your purchase, you should always buy the platform that *you* want to have as a result of how *you* feel about the games on the platform.

After all it's all up to personal *choice* and *opinion* about what is most value to you.

edit: wonders where booyah7 is.
#10.1 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
MasterA  +   1958d ago
Maybe a RAW processing power comparison between Red Dead Redemption(360) and Infamous 2 would outline a clear representation. A game doesn't have to use all processing power to look
#11 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
clintos59  +   1958d ago
Not this BS again..
This never gets old lol.
alphakennybody  +   1958d ago
it's possible but it would turn out like crackdown, oudated graphic and oudated animation outdated everything.
#13 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
M4ndat0ry_1nstall   1958d ago | Spam
sayonara89  +   1958d ago
It can but with worse graphics/framerate/both.
#15 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ipe  +   1958d ago
lmao at RDR, aka huge game

empty wasteland with few "towns", chuparosa, blackwater,armadilo..., maybe 1 or 2 more cant remember, each with few houses, and YES first infamous was bigger than RDR in terms of buildings, houses......cant say about infamous 2.

OT. we ll never now how d inf.2 run on 360 and i dont care, it ll be only on ps3. U can say all u want about this talk from ps3 devs, but from my experience with games this gen( over 40 titles in collection) ps3 exclusives leads the race by the mile. I ll never forget the day when i loaded up kz2 on 1080p tv, what a shock.
#16 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
j-blaze   1958d ago | Offensive
cliffbo  +   1958d ago
if the 360 is capable of games that look as good as the 1st party games on the ps3 then why are there none out, after all it had a year head start on the ps3 it is easier to program for according to all the programmers out there, and yet there is still nothing that even comes close to the quality of the ps3 gfx's or amount going on, most 360 games have hardly anything happening gears of war is a good example of this still a good game but amount going on is very little.
CWMR  +   1958d ago
More fanboy nonsense. Again with the "no 360 game comes close to the PS3 exclusives". What a load of crap. None of the top games on either console are all that different from each other in pure graphical terms. I've always agreed that Uncharted 2 has the edge over Gears of War 2, but that's all it has ever been - an edge. Gears of War 3, however, easily equals or surpasses Uncharted 2.

And do you honestly think there is "more going on" in Uncharted 2 than Gears of War 2? I mean, seriously?
Ravage27  +   1958d ago
not sure if you have played U2. UC2's environment has way 'more going on' than Gear's dead background.
Belasco  +   1958d ago
I must agree, I do own and use my Ps3, but the only game that has truly impressed as something that stands out against any 360 exclusive is Uncharted 2. Other than that I am actually a little disappointed.
WLPowell  +   1958d ago
Suure Uncharted 2 had "just an edge" over Gears 2 graphics-wise. The character models alone had somewhere between 2 times and 3 times more polygons... just the character models.

But I guess if you've gotten this far refusing to see it, there's no point in facts now.

Related image(s)
#18.1.3 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
talltony  +   1957d ago
Dont compare Uncharted 2 to Gears 2
Compare Uncharted 1 to Gears 2


Deny this I dare you.
magus  +   1958d ago
I wish
I wish you guys would stop falling for these stupid articles. Can so and so handle this and already theres like 60 to 100 hundred comments. I would like to hear more about games that are in delvopement or about to be.
bustamove  +   1958d ago
...Stupid article is stupid.
Dark_king  +   1958d ago
Its a large open world game needs all the data on 1 disc.So no,breaking it apart could work if it were being designed from the start for that.but right now missions would cross discs witch doesn't break the game just the mood.I expect this game to be at least twice the size of the last.
Fat_Dude  +   1958d ago
infamous 2
the answer is: unknown..........
Lannient  +   1958d ago
Ps3 vs 360
I honestly don't know how to explain it but, games like uncharted 2,lbp, and killzone...those games have real physics. I have a 360 and I enjoy it, but honestly, if you compare the physics in the ps3 exclusives to the ones on 360...idk the ps3 just smashes all 360 exclusives.. Im not trying to be a fanboy either, this is the truth. The 360 can produce next gen graphics but, I have yet to play a game on my 360 or any system for that matter, that feels anything like uncharted 2, infamous, or killzone. Those games look, and feel next gen., gears...sorry but no..fable People need to face facts and give the ps3 some credit, the system is the most powerful console on the market (excluding pc...its not a console)
#23 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
LiquifiedArt  +   1957d ago
~ Truth.

Its not a bad thing, its just how it is.
ManiacMansion  +   1958d ago
The PS3 is the most powerful hardware on earth.. just look on the 5 games out of 1000 available which prove it, lol!
thewhoopimen  +   1958d ago
using your stunted logic
Using your stunted logic, lets' look at the 0 out of 1500+ titles and 5 years that the 360 that sit at proof of your denial and your fanboy inferiority complex
Makidian  +   1958d ago
I will tend to believe that if the dev says it's so then it is, they are making the game. Sucker Punch was pretty candid about the question that was posed, especially since the question is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

That said, if I was a developer I would try to do it just to see what happens, the results would certainly be intersting.
Styile  +   1958d ago
Final Fantasy 13 lol...
SpinalRemains138  +   1958d ago
This is pretty ignorant
If another team who actually codes for 360 set out to develop Infamous2 for it, they would do exactly that. The game would be written for the 360 and it would run fine. It isn't as if Infamous 2 is doing anything spectacular that other games haven't done. If the world is really big, then I suppose the game would be made on multiple discs like other 360 titles, but to ASSUME that the 360 cannot somehow do this game is ignorant.

I do not like 360 and I sold mine a couple years ago, but the 360 does have great looking games. Infamous 2 does not blow them away. These types of articles are propoganda at its best.

Loving PS3 does not make the games better.
MetalFreakMike  +   1958d ago
This whole article is pointless because Infamous was made to work off of the Cell processor. This is why it would not work on the 360. Also, the Cell has a lot of processing power to spare unlike the 360's processor. This whole discussion is one big flamebait clusterf*ck. It really does not matter what anyone says because someone is going to disagree with them and call each other fanboys.
BullCrap  +   1958d ago
RAM and VRAM are irrelevant in the Cell architecture
RAM is only used to give specific commands to the SPE's. VRAM is used to only give a boost when all 7 SPE's are chained together to create a image. Lets do some research people before you spew nonsense and embarrass yourselfs. Answer is no, Xbox cannot handle this game due to the fact it is running on 7 SPE's in the Cell.
SpinalRemains138  +   1958d ago
The way the game is designed now it cannot. Is it unreasonable to suggest that the 360 could not run the same game specifically coded for its own architecture? That's the point. Of course a game designed for the PS3 won't run. You could produce the same game using different variables for the 360 though. Could you not? Get the same effects using different methods??

The point of the article is to suggest that the 360 is somehow vastly inferior. I'm trying to play devil's advocate here. I would think the same game could be produced for the 360. It would utilize different methods to acheive the same goals. There's always more than 1 way to skin a cat. Am I wrong? Just doesn't seem to me that the 360 has any awful games that support the article. The 2 systems look side by side in terms of quality to me.
#28.1 (Edited 1958d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
SpinalRemains138  +   1958d ago
If a team were given enough time and resources and told to build the most beautiful efficient game for the 360........ they would! We're talking about code and efficiency. Different methods to achieve different effects. The 360 can do some great things, provided the dev has enough time to write it. That's the deal with all systems. When you hit a brick wall, you tunnel under it.
XabiTheHumble  +   1958d ago
This convo is boring nobody knows what there talking about in the comments section. All these fanboys are trying to act like tech experts and its embarrassing. Can infamous 2 run on the 360? Who knows. Does the fact that another PS3 exclusive looks better than anything on the xbox 360; even though the 360 has been out longer and easier to develop for stress the fact that it can't be done? Who knows, but it sure does favor the statement.
SpinalRemains138  +   1958d ago
yeah I hear you
I am just tired of reading how the ps3 is so vastly superior to the 360 when year after year both consoles make great games. I prefer the PS3 and really love it, but I just find it ignorant to throw the Cell around as if it is this God almighty of console development.

What exactly has the PS3 done that would be technically impossible for the 360 to do? UC2?? I dunno. I would think that the 360 could make a game that looks like UC2 if they had a team to do it.
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