IGN: SDCC 10: Infamous 2 – They're Changing Cole Back

A panel for Infamous just let out at San Diego Comic-Con, but the real news came before the show even started. Sucker Punch is changing Cole's look in Infamous 2 so that the protagonist looks more like he did in the original game.

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himdeel3038d ago Suckerpunch seems to really want to make thier fans happy. Even while I was fine with the new Cole I hope they add skins to inFAMOUS 2 that you can unlock.

lociefer3038d ago

now thts how u make GOTY and please ur fans, hats tipped to u sucker punch

GWAVE3038d ago

Thank you for listening to your fans, Sucker Punch. We appreciate it and will show our support by buying your game!

Shuklar3038d ago

Give us psychos a chance to wear the skin of people we kill. Food AND a disguise....

Conloles3038d ago Show
RedPawn3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

What if they still allow those to play as the NEW design with a code, that would please everyone.

Matter of fact, Sucker Punch should use the other desingn for something else or one one of the bosses.

BryanBegins3038d ago

Is there any way to completely ban Conloles? I can't stand his comments on EVERY consoles post. Seriously, can we bring him to zero bubble or something?

Please someone do something. Most fanboys are funny sometimes, but he is just plain annoying.

WhatARump3038d ago

That was pretty harsh but funny x)

It's impossible for everyone enjoy Infamous but the majority here does and nothing you say will change that.

Why o why3038d ago

the new cole looked like he just came of a plane from Hawaii....not a care in the world. If we're to believe the story from the 1st game cole should look and be a little more downtrodden and pissed. He'd been betrayed and innocents/loved ones died because of his actions depending on which path you chose. Im glad. The fact that cole had a low cut meant you could see the distress to his persona. You could see the purple strain from all angles if you were doing evil sh!t that is. Im glad he looks more like the original. I didnt see anything wrong with him in the 1st place

ThanatosDMC3038d ago

Well, they pissed off a lot of fans that actually bought and played the game and not these random people who havent touched the game and wants a new cole.

Brewski0073037d ago

Good move sucker punch.
As long as he doesnt wear a blue poncho im happy :P .

gaffyh3037d ago

Thank you SuckerPunch, for listening. inFAMOUS was an amazing game, one of the very few games that I feel I could play over and over again. I hope inFAMOUS 2 is just as good.

sikbeta3037d ago

Kick Ass trailer... really awesome, now people will be happy with the Old School Cole MacGrath doing what he do best, blowing up stuff...

inFAMOUS 2 = GOTY 2011

rockleex3037d ago

But as long as they allow us to unlock skins then its all good! ^_^

PoSTedUP3037d ago

im happy for yall and im glad sucker punch listen to their fans, although i liked the new cole better. its all good though, regardless, this game is going to be a beast.

JoySticksFTW3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Reading the comments, it seems that there are a few people that genuinely think that the fans who complained about new Cole's appearance - before the change back to old Cole - are whining fanboys

Like the change didn't matter

If they changed Snake's look or Kratos' look without extreme justification (like in Old Snake's story-driven case), obviously that's going to tick a lot of people off

Heck, we sort of saw that with the Snake / Raiden switch. Though the game was fun, it just wasn't the same - though it could be argued that Raiden was just another character skin with a couple of extra moves thrown in. The character you played in MGS2 still had Snake's move-set. And it still ticked people off. Some people get attached to a cool story and / or character

A character's look can evolve, but after all of the messed up stuff that happened in the first game (even with choosing the good path), why would Cole look super friendly? C'mon man

I'm happy for the change back. But as some suggest, maybe a skin with happy Cole will show up to appease all fans of the game

Saigon3037d ago

I was actually fine with the new design...only because I was hoping they would have placed the old Cole skin once you complete the game...

Seriously I thought they would have used the redesign Cole for the good path the old Cole for the bad path...but hey its not my decision to make...I can't wait for this game...

Raz3037d ago

Just open his profile and hit the "IGNORE" button. He won't show up in your threads anymore after that.

Always best to ignore trolls - attention is exactly what they're after.

1Victor3037d ago

Dude the changes between old and new Cole is like bungie changing master chief into a bald headed slim Guy without a explanation. I know I'll get a lot of disagrees but that's the way I feel about it. As someone said before how can they change Cole into a happy go around Guy after all that happened in the first game that would be disrespectful to us the fans and to the new people that would get the game thinking its another game like that other delivery chick (sorry forgot the name mirror something ).

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deadreckoning6663038d ago ShowReplies(15)
badz1493038d ago

less need for explanation on how he changed drastically then!

Lou-Cipher3038d ago

Im a skinny 28 year old with a bad knee/ankle/elbow and I could of kicked (new cole's) a$$.

Cole is supposed to be a bad a$$ super hero that has the potential to save the world. Not some mormon bible salesman that enjoys an occasional Nickcleback concert.

Im really happy they changed it back, and it doesn't make any since to change the main character that much without a reason.

It doesn't matter if you liked the old cole or the new one, what matters is if the character matches what the storyline is, and the (new cole) looks more like the guy that is too busy collecting stamps than the guy who is saving the world from an evil that has the potential to destroy us all.

Good job Sucker Punch.

tinybigman3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

with whatever decision they make. even though i thought the original model looked kinda generic, and i had no problem with the new look it's their decision and i'm fine with whatever.

Persistantthug3038d ago

They actually LISTEN to the people that matter....the fans.

New Cole was both silly and insulting. Why?
Because we've already bought the game, got themes, both paid and free, and are already set and ready to roll with the game and character we've invested our time and money into.

Changing him into a "new and improved" pretty boy and just all supposed to pretend "old Cole" never existed was again insulting to us as fans, and I for one was NOT gonna buy this game on General Principle.

Sucker Punch has restored both my faith in them and interest in the game.

Kudos to them.

LiquifiedArt3037d ago

It just doesn't fit well with story consistency. It would deter me from collecting the infamous games, because of something as silly as the redesign.

it loses its 'keeper' value to me. I only keep the good games.

Tapewurm3037d ago

I was going to pass on this if they had stuck with the new design......brought back memories of "New Coke" ugghh !! LOL :) Glad they decided to listen to the fans .. day 1 buy for me now.

djfullshred3037d ago

new Coke...haha, good analogy. I seemed like a knee jerk marketing decision, like the new Coke failure was.

TheLastGuardian3037d ago

I didn't mind the hair too much because it's still believably the same cole. I wouldn't expect them to keep him in the same outfit but I hope they have multiple unlockable outfits. The one thing I couldn't stand about the new cole was his new voice so I hope hire the old voice actor.

NYPunkster3037d ago

Whoa. A gaming company that actually listens to it's gamers ... sign of the apocalypse?

jeseth3037d ago

I was so turned off by the new Cole that I felt like it would be hard for me to imagine he was the same character as the first game.

Cole is fine the way he is, leave him alone.

titans99993037d ago

all they need to do is change his voice and the old cole will completely be back!

Alvadr3037d ago

good stuff. I liked 'Cole Classic'

SephireX3037d ago

I don't know about GOTY 2011. We have KZ3 and maybe even UC3 as well. Regardless, GOTY will be a PS3 exclusive :). Oh and don't forget about Demon Souls 2 and Twisted Metal!

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GaMa853038d ago

Good move sucker punch.

wiggles3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

The look of manly chain smoker Cole will always win over Metro cole

Simon_Brezhnev3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Yeah real good news i was scared of how the gay ass cole would look if he was evil. Well how about the people who love 2 be the good guys get this gay looking cole. The true infamous people should get old cold :)

Convas3038d ago

YES!! NO more preppy Cole-boy. The MAN has returned!

BryanBegins3038d ago

Good news, although I though I had figured out how they would explain the change:

they could have said that InFamous 1 was actually a told story, like the legend of the guy who became the hero/bad guy. And as with any legend, half is true, half is not. Thus the actual look of Cole would have been different. It could have made sense, especially considering inFamous 1 was an origin story and all the cut scenes were like a cartoon, as opposed to actual cut scenes in inFamous 2.

Anyway, as I've said, good news.

Blaine3038d ago

In The Dark Knight, did Nolan feel the need to explain why Katie Holmes magically morphed into Maggie Gillenhall? Nope. And this is a game, redesigns happen, especially if they improve the graphics. Snake changed from MGS1 to 2 to 3 and 4, yet we always knew it was him.

NonApplicable3038d ago

No offence but that is not a good idea. Thats like the watching a ten hour movie only to find out the whole thing was a dream.

BryanBegins3038d ago

Never said it was a good idea. I just said that it would have been one way to justify the change. I see the point for actresses change for movies, but this is different for videogames. There is no excuse such that "the actress is dead or was busy". This is a character, you can't completely change a character model and not explaining it. At least for me.

downwardspiral3038d ago

are they gonna change back the voice too? It would be weird as hell hearing the old cole with the new light voice.

BiggCMan3038d ago

proof that alotta people dont read articles anymore, unbelievable. READ THE ARTICLE, AND WATCH THE VIDEO.