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To Be Continued: Six Cliffhangers that Left Us Floored

575d ago - | Some of them were resolved, while others still have us begging for a conclusion.... | PS2

FPS Friday - Conduit 2 has been played how much? Official U.S. Nintendo Channel data report.

849d ago - "Conduit 2 released as an exclusive Wii FPS just over 2 years ago now, on April 19, 2011. The gam... | Wii

Check What PC Games are Coming Out in August

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GameZone's very serious list of top 50 Wii games (#50 - #41)

1019d ago - GameZone: "While the Wii was at the receiving end of both praise and criticism, the console still... | Wii

Call of Duty? Conduit? GoldenEye? Metroid? What is the most played FPS Wii game in the U.S.?

1021d ago - "The Wii has had a variety of FPS games released during the last 6 years, some of the more popula... | Wii

6 Games To Complete Your Wii Experience

1239d ago - Erik G of writes: "So playing Xenoblade Chronicles has got me thinking a... | Wii

Top Five Wii Games of 2011 - GameZone

1342d ago - GameZone looks back at the best Wii games of 2011 | Wii

Gamerevolution: Best Nintendo Wii Exclusive 2011

1347d ago - Josh Laddin: What can be said about Skyward Sword that hasn’t already been said about Ocarina of... | Wii

Aspiring Game Designer Part 2: The Tough Roads That Lie Ahead

1390d ago - Erik G of VideoGameOlogists writes: "Last time, I wrote about the different level of producti... | Wii

Gamasutra- News- High Voltage Producer: Demo Development Hurt Conduit 2

1523d ago - As part of Gamasutra's latest feature, a postmortem of High Voltage Software's Wii FPS Conduit 2,... | Wii

Run And Gun Fun - Conduit 2 Review

1524d ago - Chris Forbis of Platform Nation reviews the Wii first person shooter Conduit 2. | Wii

Conduit 2 Agent Ford Statue; High Quality Pics & 360° Fully Rotatable View | Esperino

1527d ago - The Conduit 2 Limited Edition came with a rather nice pre-order bonus for fans of the series. Any... | Wii

CVG - Conduit 2 Review

1536d ago - CVG - After the way the original Conduit was hyped up for its 'Xbox 360-like' graphics, and the s... | Wii

Neocrisis: Conduit 2 Interview - Part 2

1540d ago - Neocrisis: We continue our interview with Keith Hladik, one of the Producers on Conduit 2. | Wii

Neocrisis: Conduit 2 Interview - Part 1

1540d ago - Neocrisis: We had the pleasure of getting a interview with Keith Hladik, one of the Producers on... | Wii

Good Game: Conduit 2 review

1544d ago - Good Game: We finally got our hands on a more mature Wii FPS, and it turned out as forgettable as... | Wii

AirborneGamer's Conduit 2 Review

1548d ago - This is going to sound mean, but there really isn’t any other way to put it: we, as Wii owners, n... | Wii

Conduit 2 Golden Video Review with FnJimmy []

1551d ago - A rare Wii review; watch as FnJimmy gets stuck in a pit for 10 minutes. | Wii

Conduit 2 Review by GamerFitNation

1552d ago - GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte reviews the Conduit 2 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. | Wii

Conduit Travel - Conduit 2's Hours Arrive

1554d ago - "Conduit 2 was released on April 19, 2011 with a MSRP of $49.99. The game was a follow-up sequel... | Wii

OMGN: Conduit 2 Review

1558d ago - For the record, I liked the original Conduit. Despite the flaws, I found it to be a great-looking... | Wii


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Conduit 2 Gets Amazon-Bombed - Immaturity Abounds

1561d ago - "Just one day after my post, drama broke-out between High Voltage Software(HVS) and's... | Wii

The Sunday Report: Arkham Penguins, Fox News, and Bad Reviews

1562d ago - - It’s been a great weekend. I didn’t see any Big Daddies walking about, so tha... | Wii

Reviewer slams Conduit 2, developer retaliates with negative Amazon book reviews

1563d ago - Gamesradar - "Conduit 2 was hardly beloved by reviewers, but T. Michael Murdock, who reviewed the... | Wii

Hearmii Conduit 2 Review

1563d ago - The adventure began in 2009 and now it continues, The Conduit was first realized in 2009 as the f... | Wii

Conduit 2 and the problems of motion-controller shooters (Bitmob)

1565d ago - Conduit 2 is not the game that finally makes the first-person shooter feel at home on the Wii. Is... | Wii
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