The Wii Game That Was Briefly Mistaken For An Xbox 360 Game

The sharp-eyed gamer, the jaded gamer and the snob gamer will not mistake the screenshot of Conduit 2 atop this story as an image of an Xbox 360 game. "That's a Wii game?" they will sneer. "Figures."

You can sneer at Conduit 2. You can roll your eyes. It is one of those Wii game equivalents to a tuxedo T-shirt, faking it in a way that won't fool most people. It's not a Wii game like Kirby's Epic Yarn or Red Steel 2 or Little King's Story or so many of the others that seem comfortable being their own fashion.

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NewsForMe2852d ago

Looks more like a Playstation 2 game.

AEtherbane2852d ago


Games looks good, probably much better than the first, people who haven;t played FPS games on the Wii dont know what they're missing, they're a lot of fun.

THE MAX SPEED 212852d ago

If this looks like any xbox360 game it's most likely some of the 2005 titles.

InTheKnow2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

...ARCADE title in 480p. I own a Wii...everybody should at this point but nothing on that console looks like a 360 game. Conduit looks like a nice game and I'm sure people will enjoy it but lets keep things real here. The Wii is a last gen system...everybody knows that...Moving on.

seinfan2852d ago

No, everyone should not own a Wii.

PS360fanboy2852d ago

They probably meant XBox but added the 360 to it.

Darkfocus2852d ago

I never understood the hype over the first conduits graphics. I think it was just what the developers said that hyped it up because other than some half decent effects it was actually one of the worst looking most bland wii games I'd played.

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matey2852d ago

no the new screens look like 360 screens in 480p end of and the game looks better than halo reach in motion end of i was starting to think it looked rubbish myself but there is no chance ive seen videos that look amazing and look like it could rival ps3/pc in alot of cases

CoreGamer2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

thats quite a bold statement, i dont think it tops halo reach- thats just foolish. But the game does look better the the first and thats what really counts. But it still falls below Sonic Colors, GE, Galaxy and Other M in terms of visual strength.

ChickeyCantor2852d ago

" in terms of visual strength."

ugh, you are mixing artstyle with engine features.

kaveti66162852d ago

No way does it look better than Reach in motion. Reach has fantastic visuals and motion blur for the most part. The Wii cannot pull off anything as impressive as that without using some kind of visual trick, like cel-shading and flat textures.

Call_me_Ishmael2852d ago

i played the first conduit and it was surprisingly fun especially the multiplayer
and it felt very rewarding to kill someone online cause its kinda hard to point
and keep a steady aim at the person

despair2852d ago

it looks really good, for a Wii game, I just don't see it, I mean the low details and lacking textures kinda give it away, maybe a really old and low budget X360 game and thats pushing it.

ChickeyCantor2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

If i recall correctly some people walking by their booth(The Conduit, not this) mistook it for a low-end 360 title, at first "glance".
Reading the comments on kotaku someone even claims they said Gears of War.
Thats just pushing it.

It does what allot of standard 360/ps3 games do, just not on the same level of power

People are just gonna put hate on them cause the first one was hyped like hell and disappointed many.
Now people are just adding stuff to hate some more xD

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