Conduit 2 screenshots

New screenshots of Conduit 2 have been released.

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halo4fan3143d ago

Not feeling Conduit 2 to be honest.

kaveti66163143d ago

The first game had a predictable story, bad AI, bad voice acting, bad visuals, etc.

The screenshots from The Conduit 2 don't look any more promising.

It looks like Halo 2 with slightly less jaggies. Or maybe Half Life 2 on low low settings.

The reason why this game will suck on the Wii is because it has nothing at all going for it, and even worse, it uses visuals as a crutch. No good art style, no good story, no memorable characters, and probably a glitchy online mode that will be forgotten.

In contrast, a new Zelda game will bring back beloved characters in a memorable environment, have a decent story, have great art style, and sell very well.

Valay3143d ago

I'm not going crazy with hype or anything, but I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm happy that the developers are actually acknowledging the criticisms with the first game (such as the the poor art direction, repetitiveness, desire for splitscreen).

kalebgray923143d ago

how bad does the game look on a big screen

tunaks13143d ago

looks good hopefully well see some gameplay vides soon, wii games tend to look better in motion.

Dsnyder3143d ago

Wii games will never get past the early ps2 graphics look at this rate. Hell I could have mistaken this screen for goldeneye at first glance

skare133143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I know a lot of wii games look like dreamcast games, but to say no wii game looks better than early PS2 game is just wrong. There are game that look better than late ps2 games on the Gamecube and Wii

Also - I am not the one who gave you the disagree

ChickeyCantor3142d ago

" Wii games will never get past the early ps2 graphics"

Crystal bearers looked awesome on my 52".
So are you even trying to troll or is this the best you can do?

jalen2473143d ago


I beat the first one. It was decent. Will probably pick this up when the price is cheap.

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The story is too old to be commented.