Bad prequel, great sequel

Gaming Gauge writes: "With the high cost of games in the modern day it’s important that games impress us because one bad game can sink an entire franchise, or even an entire company in today’s financial climate. However every now and then a game comes along that reminds that sometimes developers deserve a second chance. Here’s just a few examples:"

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Gamerbee3110d ago

PLease tell me youve seen the epic new KZ3 gameplay trailer.!!

dangert123110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

YOU CAN KICK NOW!!!! (I think)
Imagine Kicking the helghast back and spraying a clip in his stomach Pow (head shot would be borring and seem less painless) lol

Conloles3110d ago

Bad prequel great sequel? Debatable.

Bad prequel, if by great sequel you mean console graphics then yes but just look at the community if you want to see how good the game really is (cant find anyone on Aus KZ2 servers).

Bigbangbing3110d ago


that doesn't mean KZ2's a bad sequel, it means australians suck :)


N4BmpS3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

You realize that there were other games on this "list" right? Yet you pinpointed KZ2, now why is that? Oh wait you're still telling your opinion that no one cares for.

And every sequel on here is debatable not just KZ2. And of course he disagrees.

tyrex3110d ago

i see your problem you need to put your server to worldwide. how many ps3's are even in australia. maybe a few hundred thousand. and then take into consideration the amount of people in australia that actually bought the game. trust me there is plenty of people still playing this game

cyborg69713110d ago

Never mind douche-con he's just the same tard different thread kinda troll. But it would be really nice if he'd stfu.

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-Ikon-3110d ago

KZ1 was a good game. Its biggest issues was pop up, frame rate hicups all because GG tried to push ps2 to far. Other than that was a very good game. Could play as 1 of 4 different characters through the whole game

raztad3110d ago

Agree but there is more.

KZ1 (and every main KZ since then) was totally hated by some people because it was labeled by the press as "Halo killer". Gameplay-wise KZ1 (analogously to KZ2) confronted conventions introducing a more slow-paced and NO bunny jumps mechanic.

skwidd3110d ago

Im KZ crazy and was much anticipating the first one but I have to admit, it was disappointing. Even now I go back to it (I like going retro) and can't really get into it. Saying it had good graphics isn't really true either. Just look at Metal Gear 3 and Black. Anyway, KZ2 is fantastic and the third's trailer blew me away.

redDevil873110d ago

Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2

NotoriousWarrior3110d ago

@ Conloles

Guess what u said...servers, something that 360 doesn't have.

anyway you lie cos there are so many games going on in Killzone 2. i tried getting into the top 10 games on the list and they were full.

jjesso19933110d ago

notrious warrior where are you becuase i Just rebought killzone 2 and ive been trying to get into game all week but it seems like theres never any when search I got in one game for the entire week of having it.

tyrex3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

to change your settings, change your server to world make sure you choosed ranked matches (absolutely no one plays unranked) choose any map and any size in your search. i dont know what the hell you guys are doing but there are always full 32 player matches and plenty of them lol.

jjesso19933110d ago

all ready done all those things Iam changing 02 broadband on wednesday so i hope everything all right then thanks for help.

CoxMulder3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )



Looking at atleast 14/15 full 32 player matches right now.
Usually I join a game with a maximum of 24 players, it's the sweet spot on most maps. There's plenty of those too.

ian723110d ago

The one game (after Killzone2) which impressed me was Just Cause2. I have had loads of fun playing that game, around 40 hours so far. If you like open world games with loads to blow up and good graphics then JC2 is for you.

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