Motion Plus support being considered for Conduit 2

The Lost Gamer writes: "Following the announcement of High Voltage Software's Conduit 2, the question on everyone's lips is whether the sequel will make use of Nintendo's widely-available Motion Plus peripheral.
The answer? Maybe."

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Seedhouse3171d ago

Hopefully be better than the first title =]

raiden_933171d ago

It did a lot of good things for the Wii. Fully customisable controls, full online mutliplayer. Sadly it was just lacking seriously in certain areas, I'm all for the sequel though.

mastiffchild3171d ago

IDK if adding in support for M+ will, as it's a FPS, actually help The Conduit 2. The accuracy in the first game was good as I remember(though my Dogues broke the disc a while back!)and wouldn't be improved greatly(in fact I doubt we'd even notice it) by M+ on the shooting so unless they include a lot more melee combat or something else needing 1:1 detection I don't really see much point on the exrtra work M+ would involve.

Personally, I think there are other things they need to work on that are way more pressing than that:more varied game play, better level design, better and more death animations for enemy types, hit detection and a host of on line improvements including working the ASE in better to both SP and MP modes. Also, I feel, there's better visuals to be wrung out of that engine too-not that they did badly last time as they didn't but it was patchy as hell texture wise and some enemies were very much lower on pixels than the lead character or even a few of the boss enemies.

SpoonyRedMage3171d ago

@mastiffchild: They've mentioned nearly all of those as things to improve on!

The main benefit of motionplus for a shooter is that when you points away from the sensor bar it still knows where the Wiimote is and it can turn the camera. They want to keep it optional so they won't be doing melee weapons.

Microsoft Xbox 3603171d ago

expect day 1 cheaters online on conduit 2 just like what happened to first one. unlimited ammo and health bs.

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YoungKingDoran3171d ago

CONSIDERED?! what? how could they only 'consider' such an improvement over the wiimotes accuracy? yeah, i guess it would be harder to make changes to your code wouldnt it high voltage?
well, if thats the reason, then their game will reflect their attitude

SpoonyRedMage3171d ago

You have no idea how Wii FPSs work at all do you?

The widespread ignorance when it comes to the Wii is ridiculious.

amogrr3171d ago

Sorry mage, but I agree with him. M+ does give a teensy bit of an improvement, and HVS has a lot to prove after how flippant they've been acting these days.

ChickeyCantor3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )


No you dont agree with him.

FPS games work with the IR not the ACC.
So how will M+ be that great of an assistance when it comes to aiming( aside from the offscreen aiming, but then again you cant really shoot your target then can you)?

amogrr3171d ago

Er yes, I do, actually. The point here being, anything that adds to the game, even the tiny bit that keeps the melee from throwing the camera off, should be added unquestionably.

And before you ask, yes, I do own Tcon, have been a big fan of hvs, and own most of the other good wii games.

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pcz3171d ago

motion pus or not the developers of conduit 2 just dont have the skill to make a good game.

ChickeyCantor3171d ago

You are going to cry that over and over in every Conduit thread?

Why not hold your opinion till the game is out.

pcz3171d ago

I am saving a lot of people the time and money that would otherwise be wasted on the game.

I predict a score of 7/10.

Seekerofthewind3171d ago

...that all I've heard concerning Conduit 2 is 'We know we made mistakes in The Conduit, and we're going to try to remedy as many of them as we can in the sequel...'

You might not like HVS, but it's obvious that they realize that The Conduit was a lot worse than they wanted it to be. Why try to punish them for trying to improve something?

I'm not saying to blind-buy it day 1, but I see no reason to label it a bad game so quickly. After all, Red Steel 2's predecessor wasn't exactly the best game either.

ChickeyCantor3171d ago

7/10 is a waste of money?
And i played the first one, While it was flawed I think they do have the potential to actually make it good this time around.

It doesn't need to be a 10/10.

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