Gamerevolution: Best Nintendo Wii Exclusive 2011

Josh Laddin: What can be said about Skyward Sword that hasn’t already been said about Ocarina of Time? How about…it’s better than Ocarina of Time. I know there’s plenty of fanboys out there that would gut me with a Biggoron sword for saying that, but if you take off those nostalgia goggles, it’s plain as day: Skyward Sword has the cleverest dungeons, the most refined combat, the deepest story, and the most epic scale of any Zelda to date. If that’s not enough to make it Wii Game of the Year, I don’t know what is

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pcz2545d ago

Its empty feeling. There is no atmosphere in any of the locations beside skyloft. all the locations are totally deserted and devoid of life.

in the desert stage, and to some extent, the volcano, it is understandable. But the forest should be bustling with life, you should feel like you are in an organic place... except you dont. instead you feel like you are in a computer game, one that hasn't fully been 'brought to life.'

It is a great game... not the unanimous 10s it has been getting though.