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Bayonetta 2 Makes No Sense, And I Adore It For That - Gamer Headlines

408d ago - With Bayonetta 2 launching next Friday, Nintendo has released a downloadable demo for Platinum Ga... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 Hands On Impressions from EB Expo 2014 [Capsule Computers]

417d ago - I recently played the Bayonetta 2 behind curtains demo at EB Expo 2014 to see how the game played... | Wii U

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Hands On With Bayonetta 2 – EB Expo 2014 [SnapThirty]

418d ago - Kane Bugeja writes: At the Nintendo booth at EB Expo 2014, in an abutting booth curtained off... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 Hands-On Impressions – EB Games Expo 2014 | Attack On Gaming

419d ago - "This year at the Nintendo Australia booth at EB Games Expo, Nintendo Australia were showcasing a... | Wii U

CVG - Video preview: Bayonetta 2 contends for game of the year status

432d ago - Returning briefly from the wilderness like an exiled Jack Bauer ready to save the day, Tamoor Hus... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2: The Feel of Fun - IGN

437d ago - IGN previewed the action that is coming to Bayonetta 2. | Wii U

Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Bayonetta 2 - Eurogamer

438d ago - Eurogamer: "It seems like ancient history now, but you may recall that Nintendo introduced Wii U... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 - Tag Climax Multiplayer Preview | GodisaGeek

444d ago - Lee Garbutt: "You want Bayonetta 2 videos, we have got Bayonetta 2 videos – Tons of them in fact.... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 Hands-on Preview - NWR

449d ago - NWR: "Check out our last Bayonetta 2 preview for more general thoughts on what makes Bayonetta t... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 Hands-on Preview - NWR

460d ago - NWR: "Who could have thought many years back that Bayonetta would hit a Nintendo platform? I cer... | Wii U

Video preview: Bayonetta 2 - joystiq

464d ago - Joystiq: "In the pantheon of video game absurdity, Platinum's Bayonetta franchise stands atop an... | Wii U

GameXplain-Bayonetta 2 Preview Discussion - Thoughts & Impressions (Wii U)

474d ago - GameXplain: We got to play an hour of Bayonetta 2, including a brand new never-before-seen chapte... | Wii U

Nintendo Feed's First Thoughts on Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

474d ago - Nintendo Feed had chance to go hands on and preview the Wii U's biggest upcoming third party rele... | Wii U

IGN Video Preview: Bayonetta 2

475d ago - IGN - Platinum’s sequel act is full of magic and surprises. Something about Bayonetta just mak... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 Preview - Umbran Climax | GodisaGeek

475d ago - Lee Garbutt: "From the get-go, there is an instant feeling of familiarity as we’re reintroduced t... | Wii U

Eurogamer Preview: Bayonetta 2 Is A Sequel To Savour

475d ago - Eurogamer - A weekend with Platinum's Wii U exclusive reveals everything that made the original a... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 preview [Nintendo Insider]

475d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and Bayonetta, aside from those... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 hands-on preview | Continue Play

482d ago - Continue Play's Alec recently went hands on with Bayonetta 2 at a Nintendo event, and he gives hi... | Wii U

Hyper Japan Impressions | VGU

485d ago - Sam Foxall from VGU writes: 'I was able to get to Hyper Japan in London last weekend, a big conve... | Xbox 360

Bayonetta 2 Hands-On: Riding A Centaur And Clearing Chapter 2 | Siliconera

489d ago - Nintendo showed Siliconera the second chapter of Bayonetta 2 titled, “A Remembrance of Time.” Thi... | Wii U

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Hands-On Preview: Bayonetta 2 – The Witch is Back | DualShockers

493d ago - DualShockers' Tony Polanco writes: "The original Bayonetta was easily one of my favorite games... | Wii U

GotGame: Preview | Bayonetta 2 is gorgeous

496d ago - GotGame: Over the course of the demo, we witnessed great water splashing effects, beautiful light... | Wii U

Hands-on with Bayonetta 2... or why I just bought a Wii U [Dealspwn]

513d ago - Dealspwn: "I'm not sure I've ever played a demo that I physically applauded after playing, It's r... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 Preview | CheatCC

517d ago - CCC Says: "Another year another preview for Bayonetta 2. It seems like this is another game that... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 Preview | Game Revolution

517d ago - Game Revolution: "When we last left Cereza, now known to everyone as Bayonetta, she was busy outw... | Wii U
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Bayonetta 2

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