E3 2013: Bayonetta 2 is Still Insane, Thankfully | IGN

IGN: "New console, new haircut, same incredible, exhilerating combat and bonkers attitude."

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SpideySpeakz1982d ago

Only one problem: Its on the Wii U

Animavicion1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

simple: buy a wii u, complete the game, and then sell them. seriously, it's not like you had to pay a fee for used games.

Hatsune-Miku1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

ill get this game later on the ps3 or ps4. i cant wait. we all know this game will fail on the wii u and im not trying to antagonize anyone.

the nintendo wii u e3 direct proves again how much trouble nintendo is in and why the wii u is failing and will literally not be a success. the fans kept saying wait two months after launch for more games, then it was wait a few more months and more games got cancelled for it. then it was games are releasing this month so itll sell a lot and it didnt. then its wait until e3 to see all the amazing games coming but 90 percent of the good games are slated for 2014.

its nintendos fault for not supporting the system properly and releasing it early to come to the market before next gen consoles. the wii u didnt have anything other than zelda skyward sword in the last two years of the wiis lifecycle before wii u. nintendo were procrastinating and not putting enough games in development. sony has a lot of games planned for the ps4 and they still have a lot of games for the ps3.

i cant wait for bayonetta 2 on better prepared and proper hardware like the ps3 , vita or ps4. most games i saw that were third party exclusive to the wii u are going to other consoles because its not worth putting third party exclusives on wii u. all of them have failed so far so id imagine that bayonetta 2 might be in the works already for other system. i refuse to buy a system with no games to play or for only one or two games

Animavicion1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

@Hatsune-Miku Friend, in my life seen such a high level of fanboy in a person.
1-platinum games are not like EA or Activision, some companies are not hunting-money.
2-in the wii u still releasing good games ( )

akaihana86plus1982d ago

@Miku, how many beers have you been drinking today honey?, i think you are getting worst by the day, don't worry, we as a gaming community will help you, i will schedule an intervention for you tomorrow alright? kisses! muah! :3

BlackWolf1982d ago

Well, you can blame Sony and MS for not stepping in to convince Sega to make Bayonetta 2 to their platforms. Nintendo is not the bad guy here: if it weren't for them, there would be no more Bayonetta games.

SpideySpeakz1982d ago

The Wii U?....Bahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

ScytheX31982d ago

why does everyone say that? same phrase lol.... its true to some point but if it wasnt for the cult following Bayonetta has nintendo couldnt give 2 shits about the game, they picked it up as a ploy to turn an audience that typically wouldnt considering buying a wii-u into wii-u buyers. Regardless dunno any idiot willing to buy a $3-400 system + software to just play that game regardless of how much they like it, gotta be smoked the f out to do so.

Realplaya1982d ago

@ScytheX3 So what happened to the 100 plus million PS3 360 owners who should have bought the game?

PSNintyGamer1982d ago

So you would rather not have it at all?

SquareEnixFan1982d ago

I was beyond angry when this was announced as a Wii U exclusive but its better than it not existing at all.

bitboi1982d ago

yea...damn nintendo for picking up and funding a game none of the other guys wanted anything to do with. Lets not be mad at them, let's be mad at the company that was able to let platinum games make the sequel they wanted to make....smh

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reef10171982d ago

Why did they cut her hair!?

Animavicion1982d ago

I like how it looks. well, what matters is what's inside (inside the clothes, of course)

vickers5001982d ago

Agreed, it looks better in my opinion.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1982d ago

shes waaay hotter with long hair.

jc485731982d ago

women and their sense of fashion.

BlackWolf1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Maybe the guys at Platinum felt she needed a change. I, for one, think she looks sexier with short hair.

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Typical-Guy1982d ago

Bayonetta is KAWAII however she turns :P

Myst1982d ago

I gotta admit she looks rather cute with short hair, and Jeanne looks good with long hair. Both changes kind of suit them in my opinion.

ScytheX31982d ago

you do realize its not all short hair, she has a mullet now lol....

Myst1982d ago

Wait she does? I only saw the one picture...welp. Character love crush initiate!

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