Bayonetta 2 Preview | Game Podunk

GP writer Marcus previews the Bayonetta 2 demo at E3 2013.

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PositiveEmotions1643d ago

Part one was on the ps3 so idk why this game is not for ps3 or ps4

Kevlar0091643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

In a nutshell:
Bay1 sold poorly in relation to the cost of production and marketing
No publisher was willing to finance a sequel except for Nintendo
Ninrtendo is the exclusive publisher

SpiralTear1643d ago

Did you play Bayonetta on PS3? Man, was it a buggy mess...

But yeah, like Kevlar said, Nintendo was the only publisher to finance Bayonetta 2, so Nintendo gets the spoils this time around.

Brucis1643d ago

Nobody wanted to risk funds for Bayonetta 2 but Nintendo. If Sony/MS had been willing it would have been on their respective system. It's really that simple.

PositiveEmotions1643d ago

Well i thought it was an epic game imo i loved it