GameXplain-Bayonetta 2 Preview Discussion - Thoughts & Impressions (Wii U)

GameXplain: We got to play an hour of Bayonetta 2, including a brand new never-before-seen chapter! Find out what we thought in this preview discussion, including brand new gameplay footage!
By: Andre Segers.

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N4g_null1166d ago

Thanks for the footage! Just insane. And challenging. It's devil may cry reborn.

Fullmetalevolust1166d ago

Every time I see new footage, I grow excited (no pun intended).
I hope gamers will go out there and get WiiU for this game and realize there are other amazing games on the platform already.

Imalwaysright1166d ago

It seems that Platinum has done it again. Those guys have the magic touch and can do no wrong.

MSBAUSTX1166d ago

I just hit agree on all comments posted here so far but the one about licking i actually laughed then said outloud that I agree LOL. Then I clicked agree.

Realplaya1166d ago

Loving this Nintendo Platinum colaboration. I can imagine Diddy screaming out this is the remix while i'm playing Bayo 1.

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