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IGN- NYCC: Bayonetta 2 is Wild, Wicked, and Completely Unbelievable

IGN:Platinum's wicked witch gives us reasons to keep hope alive for Wii U in 2014. (Bayonetta 2, Wii U)

bullymangLer  +   374d ago
nice good news this is as i could not believe either a certain clip was actually rendered by wiiU power, till the camera turns strait into gameplay whoahh . poor sony poor microsoft
stuna1  +   374d ago
All I can say is LOL! Exactly why should Sony or that matter Microsoft be concerned, they'll have bigger and better games out the gate, not wait almost a year to get anything worth mentioning.

Edit: and my statement is not to say it doesn't look good, because it does.
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Sincere0121  +   374d ago
Lmao when has a Sony or Microsoft game ever had better quality gameplay than Nintendo. Loool

quality over quantity everytime.
duducus  +   374d ago
Some people may prefer Bayonetta to those games though...
Or they're just silly fanboys...
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mullenne957   374d ago | Spam
kratos_TheGoat  +   374d ago
this game is going flop if the story is not outstanding.if i want gameplay and a gorgeous story I play dmc 3 or god of war 3/ascension......
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Sincere0121  +   374d ago
Lol dmc 3 and god of war 3 = crap gameplay, ur clearly just a casual gamer, I leave those weak games for my little baby brother to play.

U wish bayonetta would flop on Wii u cause ur clearly a PlayStation fanboy. Sorry to disappoint u but its gonna do well.
kratos_TheGoat  +   374d ago
you mad dmc and god of war sold better. since when causal gamer play dmd and chaos/titian level bayontta highest level is joke compare to the highest level for gow, dmc and ng black. btw how im a sony fanboy whn i own wiiu about to own both x1 and ps4 this nov lol. u a clown
reko  +   374d ago

you bitter nintendo fanboy.
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CrimsonDragon90  +   374d ago
Really! you are gonna crap all over DMC 3 and GOW? Dude does games are twice better than Bayonetta. Ninja Gaiden is better. Your just a typical Nintendo fanboy.
stuna1  +   374d ago

I didn't want to believe that Nintendo fanboys could be as delusional and rabid as other fanboys, but here you have it! It's akin to someone walking around with their fingers in their ears. Just listen to the one talking about quality over quantity! As if Nintendo are the only ones with quality titles.

Then we have the same one talking about crap gameplay from a highly recognized title! All I'm hearing is the delusional rantings of a pure fanboy who has no redeeming qualities about himself.
RyanShutup  +   374d ago
GOW3 was a masterpiece... Ascension was pretty underwhelming (story was decent gameplay was terrible IMO when compared to 3)

EDIT TO ADD RELEVANCE TO TOPIC: Bayo2 looks FIREEEEEE!!! Totally picking this up when it launches!
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Sincere0121  +   374d ago
Just because something sells doesn't mean its good quality. That's just like saying Justin bieber is the best singer ever just because he sells a lot of records. Sales don't equal quality.

How u gonna try and put down a Wii u exclusive before it even comes out. Platinum games are behind this. I got faith in it.
X1PS4WiiU  +   374d ago
You say this game will flop like it matters to me. I let Nintendo or whichever company worry about the numbers, how fun it is is what should matter to the gamer.

I guess saying this game may flop is your only way to get your kick in.
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MilkMan  +   374d ago
Looks sweet. Typical Platinum.
Linchpin  +   374d ago
Wow, I'm more shocked that IGN likes something... without being paid to. o_O
finite  +   374d ago
Bring on wii u goodies please, the system deserves some sweet titles and Nintendo put there heart and soul into the games they make... nothing is beats likes of Zelda..... in anyway ever
deadfrag  +   374d ago
You know what..its exclusive to the Wii U;yeah thats right!!!!!Love U!
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X1PS4WiiU  +   374d ago
The wii u is turning out to truly be a unique system with one of a kind games.
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bayonetta  +   374d ago
I was sad when they didn't show a new Trailer at TGS 2013, was there and find nothing but Bayonetta Movie booth -_-"
_QQ_  +   374d ago
If you own a wiiu and don't buy this game i'm going to get liam neson to find you, seriously Platinum is a top notch developer.
D_RoyJenkins  +   374d ago
Here we go with the hype train....
BlackWolf  +   374d ago
U mad?
D_RoyJenkins  +   374d ago
Totally /s
CrimsonDragon90  +   374d ago
I admit the game does look fun. But when I played the original Bayonetta, it was a game that I thode it was ok, but didnt care if their was a sequel. Besides why should anyone care or complain this game is on the WII U. Let them at least have something. Im more excited for Castlevania Los 2 and FF XV. Now those games are not on the WII U. And also the game might do good on sales or it might not. We all know platinum games, video games sell like crap. But they are decent.
triforce79  +   374d ago
Looks equal to ps4's best easy and Mariokart8 and X look technically better ??

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