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The Green Machines: Nvidia’s New Graphics Cards Put the Pressure Back on AMD

6d ago - Gamemoir's Paul discusses Nvidia’s newest graphics cards and what it will mean for AMD. | PC

Photorealistic games 'just five years away'

15d ago - AMD reckons photorealistic PC games are just five years away, reports PCR. | PC

AMD: Our FreeSync gaming monitors will be $100 cheaper than Nvidia's G-Sync

32d ago - AMD's gaming scientist Richard Huddy has told PCR the price of AMD's upcoming FreeSync gaming mon... | PC

AMD introduces the R9 285, its latest Radeon graphics card

37d ago - AMD claims its newest member of the Radeon family can outperform Nvidia's GTX 760 card.... Wil... | PC

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AMD Celebrating 30 Years GPU Ceremony Live Stream

38d ago - Here is a link to the live stream of AMD's GPU Launching ceremony dubbed the "Celebrating 30 Year... | PC

AMD R7 250XE ‘Eco’ GPU Revealed – No External Power Connector Required, TDP <75W

39d ago - The new AMD GPU R7 250XE that was spotted a few days ago does not require a power connector and i... | PC

AMD Radeon R7 250XE GPU Spotted – 1 Ghz Core Clock and 1GB GDDR5 Memory

40d ago - A new AMD GPU by the name of R7 250XE has been spotted in the wild. | PC

AMD Showcases Crysis 3 & Battlefield 4 Running On Laptops Via Cloud Gaming

41d ago - AMD has released a new video, in which Alex Nataros, CEO of Leap Computing, explain the technolog... | PC

AMD Fiji GPU ‘Not Arriving Soon Enough’ – Will Possibly Have Stacked dRAM (HBM) Memory

46d ago - A report reveals that AMD's Next Generation R9 300 Series GPUs are not arriving anytime soon. How... | PC

AMD Kaveri Refresh Coming 2015 and Carrizo APU to be Mobile Only For Now

56d ago - An Italian Report claims that there will be no AMD Carrizo APU to succeed Kaveri on the desktop.... | PC

AMD Unveils Radeon Series Gaming SSDs – R7 120G, R7 240G and R7 480G Revealed

56d ago - WCCF: Looks like AMD is working on introducing cheap high performance SSDs for the gamers. Called... | PC

AMD On Mantle & DX12: Both APIs Can Co-Exist, Mantle Benefits Both Developers & Gamers

59d ago - AMD explained how Mantle is different than other programming interfaces, detailed the benefits it... | PC

AMD & Raptr Counter NVidia's GFE & ShadowPlay with GVR

64d ago - GamersNexus: "AMD has recruited game software development group and social media network Raptr to... | PC

AMD’s NextGen Carrizo APU CPU-Z Leaked – Six Excavator Cores with 95W TDP on the 20nm Node

65d ago - WCCF: the first CPUZ of the Next Generation flagship Carrizo has just leaked. | PC

Nvidia Finally Officially Speaks About AMD's Mantle - Will Not Support It, No Real Benefit Using It

66d ago - Nvidia's Distinguished Engineer Tom Petersen and Senior Director of Engineering Rev Lebaradian wh... | PC

AMD Mantle Really Impacts Graphics

68d ago - GamingWorm says: AMD's Mantle API we all know about that. As running games on Mantle API improve... | PC

AMD 12 Core APU Possibly Inbound – PR Material Hinting Twelve Steamroller Cores Found

68d ago - AMD tweeted a very interesting picture that hints at a new flagship APU with 12 Cores coming very... | PC

Geforce GTX 780Ti vs Radeon R9-290X - Overall Comparison

70d ago - As we know that GTX 780Ti and R9-290X are the flagships of Single-GPU graphic cards of Nvidia and... | PC

SLI & Crossfire in the Same PC

73d ago - GamingWorm says: Did you ever think of running two AMD graphics cards and two Nvidia graphics ca... | PC

AMD Catalyst 14.7 Release Candidate Drivers Now Available

81d ago - Maximum PC: AMD has made available to download its new Catalyst 14.7 drivers in Release Candidate... | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Computex TAIPEI 2014 - AMD Showcases Performance Difference Between DirectX & Mantle

88d ago - During Computex TAIPEI 2014, AMD showed off the performance difference between Microsoft's Direct... | PC

AMD Eyefinity 3-panel Mixed Resolution review [Guru3D]

96d ago - Play your games in Eyefinity ... on different monitors AMD recently added a new feature to the... | PC

AMD R9 295X/XT 'Hawaii XTX' Simulated Benchmarks

96d ago - 'Simulated Benchmarks' from DG Lee (the guy who reverse engineered the existence of the Hawaii XT... | PC

Intel Vs AMD Benchmarks – What is The Best Gaming CPU Money can Buy?

96d ago - Ever wondered what CPU you should buy for any specific price range? Well speculate no further, he... | PC

Nvidia: 'AMD customers stuck with sub-par gaming experiences'

96d ago - The war of words between Nvidia and AMD is getting nasty. | PC
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