Nvidia In Reply To AMD: PS4 & X720 are 3X slower than the GeForce Titan

Now this is great. Almost two weeks ago, Nvidia claimed that it was not worth investing on consoles and that was precisely why they did not bother with PS4 and X720. As Tony Tamasi, Senior VP of content and technology at Nvidia, stated back then, Nvidia came to the conclusion that it didn’t want to do the business at the price Sony was willing to pay. And as you’d expect, AMD decided to stand up and face Nvidia, claiming that they were able to offer PS4 the hardware Nvidia couldn’t.

Neal Robison, director of ISV relations at AMD, told TechRadar that AMD was able to provide an integrated solution through its APU that Nvidia couldn’t, by ‘optimizing information flows, generating greater performance, better power and heat efficiency, and by providing tools and dev relationships‘ to provide the PS4 a strong launch.

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iGAM3R-VIII1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

So they're comparing a $1000 card to a console that will cost around 400$ ... that's nice. True that their cards are powerful, but even they couldn't supply a technology that is so ahead of the current gen at a reasonable price. And while they could supply what they used for the Titan, who would buy a let's say $1200 console? All I know is that the Sony and MS made the right choice for AMD.

Anyway, to sum up this article in one picture....

Oh Lord....

Ezz20131813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Nvidia: you mad that my 1000$ GFX card is better than your 400$ consoles

AMD: no, you just mad that no one want look like the girl in the pram night that no one want to dance with her

Nvidia: oh yeah, you are the cheap hooker that every one can ride

AMD: at least i can get laid

Nvidia : ohh you B****.....Now It's on

AMD: come at me

*pillow fight*

Dark111813d ago

hahahaha , Bubble up + man!

iGAM3R-VIII1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

What about the part where Sony and MS show up at the sleepover and join the pillow fight on AMD's side so it is 3v1?? lool and then the PC's show up and join Nvidia :P

SilentNegotiator1813d ago

An excerpt from Ezz2013's documentary, A Tale of Two Hardware Companies. In Theaters April 1st.

thechosenone1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

shouldn't it read

"3x more powerful than the PS4 and 4x to 5x more powerful than the 720?"

badz1491812d ago

nVidia chose to be a butthurt bi**h and keep barking over a lost cause. I thought they would be more classy than this. If they really don't care about the console business, why even bother commenting on it? Sounds like it does matter a bit to them that AMD got the upper hand this time around in the console business!

nVidia makes good GPU no question about it but their performers always come at a price while AMD always has that perfect performance to price ratio GPU for everybody.

Sure, go on and compare the next gen consoles with your top of the line niche card that cost maybe more than both consoles combined but AMD (just like any other companies) is in the business for profit so I doubt Sony and MS are underpaying AMD for anything. nVidia is just greedy and they lost the race on this one!

Mounce1812d ago

To be honest. With this kind of childish PR. It really makes me not want to purchase Nvidia GPU's. I always bought Laptops of the last 6 years and coincidentally all of my laptops had ATI Cards in them. However, with this kind of stupidity of butthurt I've seen of Nvidia of the past month? I don't want to do business with them, I'd rather avoid buying a laptop with Nvidia in it now and if I make my own PC Rig? Without Nvidia.

They should focus their energy on better things than mud-slinging like a child.

Martywren1812d ago

@Ezz2013 that was hilarious.

AsimLeonheart1812d ago

LOL! Seriously though, Nvidia is being very immature now. They are going too far now.

DatNJDom811812d ago

Nvidia is the same as envidia which is Spanish for envy. hehehe. Green powerz!

Kevin ButIer1812d ago

lolololol Ezz2013 we should take that approach for console wars...

Nick_5151812d ago


It's coming full circle now.

MoveTheGlow1812d ago

I love this fight - last generation, we had a battle between console fans above all else. This generation, let's just leave the battle with AMD and Nvidia, marvel at how stupidly awesome it is, and play some mother flipping games.

Flipflopp1812d ago

@thechosenone, good catch. I didnt notice the chart went from PS4 to the Titan. Then the Xbox was sitting lower in the chart under the PS4.

Bobby Kotex1812d ago

I like and own Nvidia cards and all, but why can't they STFU? This is like the corporate version of butthurt.

FlyingFoxy1812d ago

AMD could be better if they fixed microstuttering on multiple card setups, 2 7870's stomp all over Titan and are cheaper.. No good with the stutter existing though.

Maybe it would stop Nvidia releasing overpriced stop gap cards, or at least make them a lot more powerful than just a bit over a 680 which the Titan is. Titan's price will drop like a rock in the next couple of months when the real next gen cards arrive.

I'm not upgrading till Doom 4, or Half Life 3 is announced tho.

khan_saab1812d ago

is it weird that your comment got me hard

SkyGamer1812d ago

NVIDIA is my graphics card of choice. Went from a 8600gt oc to 9600gt to 9800gtx to gtx275 to gtx470 to gtx570 superclocked. Can they be more mature, sure but look at the numbers. They are posting record profits while amd is a sinking ship. If ea and ubisoft and the whole tablet and mobile division are right in their claims, this could be the end of amd if consoles don't do as well this coming generation. They are bleeding fast and arm is rapidly taking the mobile market share.

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Lior1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I have 2 gtx 680s in sli best money spent in years bf3 in 2560 1440 resolution i get 70fps well amazing LOL IGAMER-VLL is on crack or something does he know anything about gpus? gtx 680 got me before i upgraded 45 fps around that anyway on 2560 1440 on bf3 now I bought another gtx 680 so now I am getting around 70fps nearly double the performance it is simple maths.

iGAM3R-VIII1813d ago

So let me get this straight, you have 2 of the same GPU's in the same 1 computer. I do not even think ANY graphic cards or GPU's can do 70fps in a game in fact again I don't even think BF3 can do 70fps in 2560x1440 res. It isn't even possible to put two GPU's in one computer let alone make a game and/or GPU/Graphics card that can do 70fps at 2560x1440. Either that was an April Fools joke or you are high, or just talking nonsense

UnSelf1813d ago

this just in:

The US military supercomputers are also more powerful than the PS4


Parapraxis1813d ago

iGAM3R-VIII, I'll take all of the above for $500.

Robbert_jansen1813d ago

iGAM3R-VIII you have no idea what you're talking about

Software_Lover1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )


............................. ................... ............. You should've just kept quiet. Now you are food for the hounds. I hope that response by you was just an Aprils fool joke, but I highly doubt it.

iGAM3R-VIII1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

*CAN YOU PEOPLE CALM DOWN, I'M JOKING. CAN'T YOU TAKE A JOKE, knowing you people you wouldn't really beleive it as a joke and if you saw Lior's orginal comment, you would see why my respose was right, as you can see trolls usually change their comment when they know they are talking nonsense

shoddy1813d ago

That's my problem with pc, upgrade.

The cpu, gpu, ram, motherboard are lining up for upgrade one at a time every year if you wanna brag about power.

dennett3161813d ago

Oh iGAM3R-VIII....way to make yourself look amazingly ignorant.
Please, look stuff up before commenting because now you just look silly. Look up sli and crossfire....should tell you all you need to know about hooking up GPU's in those configurations.
43.57 FPS on GTX 560 (2 in SLI) on Ultra settings. 680 should easily hit 70+fps.
No card can do 70fps in a game? What? CoD on 360 runs at 60fps for goodness sake....what makes you think PC can't hit way higher than that?

And don't try to claim you were trolling, nobody falls for that dopey excuse.

iGAM3R-VIII1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Also, I can see you edited your original comment because YOU were talking nonsense before, you said you were. speaking of math it is III not LLL you fool, (roman numerals)

EDIT: @dennett316, now you are looking like a fool, there is a difference between a troll and a joke and someone who decides to COMPLETELY change their comment to make ME look like the fool.

FlyingFoxy1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

You don't need to upgrade the mobo and cpu every year, original i7's from 2008 are still just as good as the newer i7's at the same clockspeed. All you need is a new gpu every couple of years until a big jump comes in cpu power.

Also Titan is like a Mars card, overpriced and only a bit better than the 680, if they need to release a card so expensive they should make it better than at least 2 generations ahead, what a fail. the companies should work on fixing micro stutter on multi gpu's because anything higher than 1080p will be slow and a waste of time and cash.

But 1080p is the sweet spot for speed, and better performing that way than consoles.

Army_of_Darkness1813d ago

All I got from your comment was.. My expensive PC components makes my PC version of BF3 run great...
well, what can I say but congratulations! for spending all that money to play that one pretty game bro;-)LOL!

MysticStrummer1813d ago

"I have 2 gtx 680s in sli best money spent in years bf3 in 2560 1440 resolution i get 70fps well amazing LOL IGAMER-VLL is on crack or something does he know anything about gpus? gtx 680 got me before i upgraded 45 fps around that anyway on 2560 1440 on bf3 now I bought another gtx 680 so now I am getting around 70fps nearly double the performance it is simple maths."

*eyes glaze over with disinterest*

Nvidia keeps making themselves look more and more ridiculous.


Good troll igam3r... I got it.

SatanSki1812d ago

I dont know if your story is true but i like it as this site is kingdom of cheap and poor - consoles and amd fanboys.

towelie12881812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

@ IGAM3R_VIII HAHAHAHAHA DUDE LOL u have no idea what ur talking about
keep off the internet u clown HAHAHA

steve30x1812d ago

Simple math fails you Lior because your two GPU's are more expensive than the next Xbox and PS4.

@ grassyknoll : You dont speak for everybody.

kane_13711812d ago

igam3r-viii you make me ashamed of being a console gaming fan.
Learn your gaming knowledge or just do not talk.

The more graphical memmory you have the better performances, but that only gets you that far, you also need a good proccessor.
And pls, two GPU cards in a pc case is nothing new, actually Nvidia's beast GPU 690 is based on that system.

And I know Nvidea is acting immature and all, but you guys are stupid if you really don't want to use Nvidea anymore for your PCs.
not only the best quality but also the greatest price too.
You can't compete with Nvidea in Pc branch and AMD knows that too.
Now for Consoles AMD is vey good since it is easily tweakable and pretty cheap.
It is really no comparision, one is this Graphic giant that is dominating, one is this Graphical giant that is not dominating since its hardwares are not as good anymore. :D

andrewsqual1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Exactly Army_of_Darkness. I think these PC idiots are forgetting one thing. Where are the games that will actually use your rig.
For example, Lior is talking about a game that was released a year and a half ago.
And lets get one thing straight, Tomb Raider looks a bit better on PC than consoles but is it really a substantial difference? No, no it isn't.
Another great example, it has been three and a half years since the last major Ratchet and Clank game (Crack in Time). On PC you have yet to experience a game that plays and looks anything close to that. Enjoy your tech demos. That T rex from "Demo 1" on the PS1 still looks great to this day too.

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showtimefolks1813d ago

Nvidia is coming out of this looking bad, they were the reasons the original xbox failed so badly. They were charging MS left and right and now when sony and MS have learned their lessons all of the sudden Nvidia doesn't care about console business

yeh sour grapes the way i see it

chukamachine1812d ago

I thought the first xbox failed because of dvd drive price.

rainslacker1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )


The first Xbox wasn't really a failure, it just had a short life, namely due to Nvidia wanting to stop production of the chip, and wanting to charge MS more to continue manufacturing it. From what I understand(at least by rumors), was that NVidia wanted more than they charged for the initial supply, and this was during a time when MS was looking at cutting the Xbox's price to compete more against the PS2.

It was a hard decision on MS part, because they knew the ramifications of dropping support so early on a console. The 360 wasn't quite ready, and they were forced to rush it out the door, which caused some of it's early hardware issues.

In the end, things worked out for MS, but this whole thing is one of those ugly side of the industry stories that most people never hear about...or willfully neglect in the interest of console preference.

As far as DVD price, the DVD drive in the original Xbox was a standard off-the-shelf DVD player that you could put into a PC(or get from any computer shop). At the time I believe they were retailing for less than $50, so MS was probably buying them for $10 in bulk.

ginsunuva1812d ago

Are there a bunch of AMD employees making n4g accounts and making false accusations and downplaying Nvidia? Seems that way.

Dark_king1812d ago

@chukamachine Dvd drive was fine it was the HDD that your thinking of.

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THEDON82z11813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

@iGAM3R-VIII/showtimefolks=Yea h you right,all I can say is:"CHURCH"!!!!LLOOL L!!!

fr0sty1813d ago

Nvidia keeps making themselves look worse and worse every time they open their mouths. I mean, we knew they were butthurt over losing their console business, but this is a little much.

$1k cards being compared against a console. First of all, PC cards never get maxed out before they are due to be replaced. This is the reason why, if you go back and look at every PC game that came out during the time of RSX's launch, the vast majority of them ended up being outshined by RSX before PS3's lifespan was over (look at Beyond, TLOU, etc). This, despite the Geforce cards for PC at the time being way more advanced that RSX's GeForce 7 series specs. These PC games have to be coded to work on a wide range of hardware, so no card ever really gets maxed out. Not to mention Cell's ability to aid RSX (which PS4's CPU also has the advantage of being able to do, as well as GPU being able to aid CPU), which is much harder on a PC architecture because of the bandwidth limitations of PCI express, etc. When your GPU and CPU are on the same chip, as we see in the next gen consoles, they can communicate much faster.

As such, in reality that $1k titan isn't going to give you 2-3x better graphics than you'll get out of these next gen consoles. Yes, it'll do better framerates, higher resolutions, and better AA/AF/etc., but their twice to three times argument is garbage.

Oner1812d ago

Exactly. +Agree & +Well Said.

1812d ago
nukeitall1812d ago

Problem is, by the time PS4 and next Xbox is released, that Titan will cost as much as the console and 6 months later, it will cost less. In about 2-years you will find a far more powerful graphics card at half the cost of next generation console.

It is what it is, but upon release these consoles will be a steal compared to an equivalent PC due to the subsidizing from console manufacturers taking a loss to build their platform consumer support.

Monkeysmarts1812d ago

Why do PC gamers care so much that their hardware outperforms a console?

Somebody1812d ago

@ Monkeysmart

Why not? Console gamers love to brag when their next gen consoles outperform PC hardware when they launch. First it was the CELL processor will kill PC gaming and now it's the GDDR5 RAM. So it's natural for PC gamers to reply in turn with better hardware in the years after. Console gamers then will fight back with the gameplay vs graphics argument while they wait for the next-next gen rumors to start the cycle all over again.

nukeitall1812d ago


Ironically, I'm not a much of PC gamer. I primarily game on consoles and my PC has a lonely GeForce GT240. Which is pretty weak and cost $50 a year ago!

I'm just putting it out there as it is that nvidia is right. There are advantages to consoles, but it isn't in hardware capability.

Monkeysmarts1812d ago

I guess I just don't get it. I mean, I see both sides... the console fanboys seem just ignorantly boastful, PC fanboys seem like they are defending their sister's honor. I prefer gaming on a console but I've never been of the mind that a console ever out powers a PC or will "kill PC gaming" any more than beastly GPU's on PC rigs will "kill console gaming." To each their own, there is plenty of room for both and it only makes gaming better for us all. I guess that's not as fun as trolling, bashing and arguing though lol...

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kevnb1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

or we can just wait a few years and buy a $200 card. Nvidia should start proving these fools wrong... they cant just say it, they have to show it. But the problem is they want us to buy a new card every now and then lol. You could still have a 7800 or a 8800 and play games at console levels or even better than console levels. Heck the 9800/8800 is still the most possible model of card in use and plays all the multiplats better than a console. Optimization on console isnt nearly as good as people think.

WUTCHUGUNNADO1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Upgrading is a personal choice... everyone acts like your required to upgrade whenever a new game comes out which is never the case unless they don't support whatever DX level your card is. Just because you don't meet the minimal specs it isn't a direct indication of your computer not being able to play it. Now there is a cut off point however and that's usually limited to integrated graphics or insanely old cards which will fail to even launch the game. As it stands right now any computer that meets the specs of the 360(all but the ram) is still able to play the most recent games give or take DX level exclusions... that will scale accordingly to next gen. If your PC matches the specs then you will be able to play the games but you just won't max them out.

dougr1812d ago

While I think the bitching by Nvidia is petty, the next gen consoles are not better off with AMD in them rather than Nvidia. It would have been nice had Nvidia put the GPU in rather than AMD. After making the switch to Nvidia a couple of years ago with the GTX 570, I'll never go back to AMD. At least as far as computers are concerned, I know I can count on green much more than red.

Leviathan1812d ago

I don't even know why these articles exist.

Nvidia KNEW they wouldn't be in the PS4 because they don't make x86 processors.


AMD's APU has no Nvidia equivalent because Nvidia doesn't make x86 processors.

These articles are made up PROPAGANDA.

4lc4pon31812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

i would buy a 1200.00 PS4 if it had a titan in it and gave me some of the best visuals you have ever seen. Shit my Gaming RIG alone running sli 680s and nvidia surround 3d cost me well over 3k.

i love all the bitching about prices but think about it 1200k is hardly that expensive and if it did offer a titan in it imagine how long the console would last. Instead of the mediocre 7-8 years you could push 12.

I have no doubt in my mind that game devs will do amazing things with the new gen consoles but its def in my eyes needed to be more powerful

WUTCHUGUNNADO1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

$1200 is a bit extreme for a console but that's what it would take to match a top-tier 2012-13 rig. Considering how the PS3 did at the launch price I don't blame them for not wanting to shoot for anything over $600. PC tech is on a different level than it was in 2005-06 but in order to achieve that it costs $$$.

ajax171812d ago

Lol, ten people are like NOPE. You're dead wrong. Trolls gotta troll.

Giru0171812d ago

They should have compared TITAN to the AMD "7990" Devil 13... It's faster than Titan and only slightly (3%) slower than GTX 690.

I use an Nvidia card on my PC, but damn, shame on you Nvidia... Jealousy is an ugly thing.

dcbronco1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )


I have read your comments in the past and thought you were either eleven or not all there. But you proved me wrong with that comment. Very well said.

Nvidia is acting like the popular chick that lost the starting QB to another girl. They are making fools of themselves. Plus if Nvidia can only offer a card that is 3x the power of the next console for $1000, what could AMD do with a $100 console? Offer 10x the power.

Nvidia most people wouldn't have noticed that you are falling apart if you had kept your mouth shut. Investors have to be questioning your leadership. Especially since no one wanted Tegra 4. Your stock price has dropped almost 20%. Just shut up.

Edit: I seem to remember John Carmack saying that a console could do the same thing as a PC with half the power because of optimization and specialized parts. So the Titan is just 50% better than the next gen consoles for 250% more money. Nvidia don't shut up. STFU!

chaldo1812d ago

I can't believe these comments.. Yes Nvidia is stupid for saying this but you guys know very well that Nvidia is better than AMD by far. Just because AMD is in consoles now doesn't mean it's the greatest thing of all time. jesus...

ooquis1812d ago

"So they're comparing a $1000 card to a console that will cost around 400$"That's the most inspiring comment i have ever came across on this website. your one intelligent man...

Nilemonitors131812d ago

True my friend, let them spend a 1000$ on the card alone, that will get console owners their respective console and around 8 games. Btw, nvidia might be derived from envy, as much as they talk like they didn't care, walking away from millions of dollars is probably hurting them inside. All they are showing is their namesake.

sengoku1812d ago

LOL anyone notice that the next xbox according to nvidia graph is less powerful then the PS4??
it's also released 3 to 6 months later..

DeadlyFire1812d ago

Like AMD doesn't have 1000 card. What is AMD 7990 then. :P

Consoles are set right for the price. APU with same kinda performance could only be done by AMD at the time. Intel has some work on APU with their graphics. Haswell CPUs are expected to come with 1 Tflop on them.

AMD's PS4 APU at 1.84Tflops is miles ahead of that. Likely AMD will put heavier cores on it for a PC version of same APU so it would likely be less than 1.84 Tflops, but with more heft.

I expect next gen after this one AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA will all be fighting with APUs for nextnext gen consoles.