Microsoft chooses AMD Fusion II for XBox 720

KitGuru: "OK, the chances of the next XBox being called 720 are 50:50 at best but, for now, at least you all know what we’re talking about. While the name and final design for the box and packaging might still be up in the air, the internals appear to have been locked down. KitGuru investigates."

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FLOWCity2790d ago

So..This is all speculation?....

I heard the 720 will run on pepsi and the PS4 will run on coke.

vsr2790d ago

I hope it will do 720p native

Hideo_Kojima2789d ago

Do they have cold fusion reactors and use the nuclear energy from the water in the coke and pepsi?


Cheeseknight282789d ago

Well, looks like I'm getting a PS4 then.

lzim2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

fuck I looked and was all expecting it to be a real breakthrough from all the bloody nonsense those idiots have been perpetrating for all these years.

regardless they have no reason to go back to x86 based chips. It would screw over backwards compatibility which they promised to not fuckup again.


also the article is bullshit. nvidia was NOT always locked in for graphics. whatever cocks they sucked at the eleventh hours royal screwed over a couple of other good candidates.

imvix2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

They really dont care about giving people backward compatibility, how else will they sell HD remakes? Not to mention they wont like you playing your old games, they would rather prefer you went out bought new games for the new console, so they can recover money lost on hardware sales.

PC is where the BC is at.

RedDead2790d ago

It's likely by the time the Xbox 720 comes out there will be a 360 emulator for Pc anyway. There always is, I have a PS1, Ps2, snes, Gamecube, GBA and Sega megadrive on my Pc. I feel I deserve a free Ps1/2 etc since I payed for them already. And mine broke.

imvix2790d ago

It takes years before emulation can be perfected.

I can currently play about 95% of the ps2 games on my PC. They run in 1080p @60fps. However there is no sign of 360 or PS3 emulation yet. Hence it probably is a long way and perfecting it will take even longer.

Its insane the gaming library now present on the PC. Includes Arcade, All consoles upto PS2 and Wii. Then you have the PCs own library which is massive as well.

Mystogan2790d ago

Screwed Backwards compatibility? they are talking about the 360 here not the ps3.

You CAN play 90% of all the games the original xbox had.

NeutralGamer2789d ago

Why would you need a Xbox emulator anyway... 75 % of the games are already on the PC...

Substance1012789d ago

Its more like PC has 90% of the games on the Xbox 360. Plus all of them are in HD ;-) an Xbox 360 emulator would be the last thing on the mind of a PC gamer.

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ThanatosDMC2790d ago

Look at the phantom disagree. Maybe from the author?

Vherostar2790d ago

Doubt MS are gonna make another Xbox and right now not even thinking about designing it.

No Way2789d ago

Of course they are..
I highly doubt they wouldn't be.

VenGencE9992789d ago

You MS fans are fooling yourselves if you think there will be another console from MS. They jumped in for a quick buck and they have been successful.

They give 2 craps about the gaming industry and have found their bread and butter with charging people twice for their online service and will ride that out until Live is no longer viable...

starchild2789d ago

Would you take a bet? Put your money where your mouth is. Of course there will be another Xbox. You're an ignoramus if you think otherwise.

hikayu2789d ago

yup , because that's what all the companies are doing now aday : spend billions of dollars to jump in new market just to make couple hundreds millions and then bail . it is so financially viable that it makes my brain MELT !!!

goddam fanboy , GTFO !!

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Snakefist302789d ago

they shouldnt give the nam xbox 720 it shud be xbox 1080 like it gives 1080p graphics.

SixZeroFour2789d ago

and seeing as how it would be the third gen xbox, 360x3=1080

GodsHand2789d ago

1080, I remember playing that game on the N64.

Brawler2789d ago

@GodsHand Well said bubbles for you sir :D

TheSadTruth2789d ago

1080.. I remember that number come after 1079


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MNicholas2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

RSX on PS3 is not a 7600GT. It has more raw vertex and pixel shading grunt than a 7900GT.

7600GT: 5 vertex shaders, 12 pixel shaders @ 560mhz

7900GT: 8 vertex shaders, 24 pixel shaders @ 450mhz

RSX: 8 vertex shaders, 24 pixel shaders @500mhz

Furthermore, the 360's Xenos is nothing like the X1900 and is considerably slower.

Xenos: 48 unified shaders @ 500mhz (split for vertex and pixel tasks)

X1900XT: 8 dedicated vertex shaders, 48 dedicated pixel shaders @ 650mhz

likedamaster2789d ago

No links to backup your claims?

trancefreak2789d ago

likedamaster its been discussed a million time and im sure you know how much power your 2005 console has by now.

If you dont believe him google it and post it.

Besides that the article made zero frickin sense. When real specs are released wake me to care.

Projekt7tuning2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Opps, sorry wrong post.

GamerSciz2789d ago

According to these guys...Coke wins. Again just speculation :)

DeadlyFire2789d ago

Don't write an article saying someone chooses something unless its actually been chosen. Just makes your site look like a joke.

trancefreak2789d ago

ya article could of been made by anyone pure guess work from someone who is pretending to have the slightest idea of what they are talking about.

Also the article had to many points instead of factual or even inside source information to discuss the topic at hand. Just alot of ideas of past history specs and misconstrued information regarding Microsoft nvidia riff.

fiercescuba2789d ago

I heard that too but the PS4 will run on Coke Zero.

Scary692789d ago

Didn't MS already stated that they will not be doing another xbox? :-/

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Xusuyzus2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

The way I see it ,.. there won't be a next xbox,..Stockholders are not happy at all,.. I don't really want that to happen, bit of competition is nice.. but it seems plausible,..

XRider2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Gee... I wonder what you're doing

Xusuyzus2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

why? Been in Seattle lately? or Redmond WA? Shit is not looking that hot,.. Why aren't they expanding there game development division,.. they are cutting it down,..

nnotdead2790d ago

i wouldn't be surprised if MS bring out a 720 depends on Kinect being a success.

visualb2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

holding a flag? plausible...

he has a point, gaming division will be seeing cuts, doesn't mean they'll be out though, it'll just take longer

ngecenk2789d ago

but its true. if you read ms stockholders meeting report, most stockholders questions ms for being 'too aggressive' with least income compared to other division (beside phone)

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Vherostar2789d ago

I agree stockholders don't want another xbox that's why Kinect is getting so much backing so it doesn't fail. Like MS said Kinect is the next Xbox.

No Way2789d ago

When did they ever say that? lol.

kaveti66162789d ago

joined 2 days ago?


Hmm, not very creative are we?

Mastodon2789d ago


Yeah you're right what with the 360 being a cash cow for Microsoft and how they keep making hundreds of millions a year from XBL and whatnot - Let us not leave out Halo sales, GoW sales, and everything else.

There isn't a single stockholder in Microsoft who wouldn't sign off on a new console because they make money from it.

PS360PCROCKS2790d ago

All speculation...move along folks nothing to see here...

Substance1012790d ago

Here is a link to Fusions performance preview, Doesnt look great at all. Even if Fusion II was double this performance it would still be unimpressive.

Barely runs games in 720p at a decent frame rate.

Mystogan2790d ago

what if it was 10x the performance?

they are talking about the Fusion II you can't judge its performance from by its predecessor. its like judging the ps3 by ps1's performance.

Substance1012790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"What IF?"

That is a big question. Fusion isnt even released yet, it would take them few years to develop Fusion 2.

Moores Law suggests processing power doubles every two years. If Fusion 2 was to be released 2 years after the original (probably in time for Xbox 720) it would have mostly probably increased 2x in power.

Youd have to wait many years before we could get Fusion to work 10x to the performance we see today maybe a decade, dont think MS is waiting that long on releasing the next Xbox.

"its like judging the ps3 by ps1's performance."

You do realise PS3 came atleast 10 years after the PS1. For Fusion II to have the same difference to Fusion it would need that many years atleast.

Biggunz2789d ago

What if a frog had a glass ass?

iagainsti1202789d ago

hey idiot did you read that whats in the link that you posted that Fusion Cpu they tested was in a netbook thats not the same line microsoft would select a cpu for a future game system it would be from the bulldozer or bullbozer 2 line which are main stream/high end cpu's. The APU units in those cpu's are based on the HD5800 - HD6800 series Gpu's.

Hoje03082789d ago

You might want to learn how to use punctuation before you start calling people idiots.

iagainsti1202787d ago

@ Hojo0308 dude this is the internet get over it

tplarkin72790d ago

It is the right time for such a rumor. If MS will release a console in 2012, info will begin to leak.

lzim2790d ago

but they won't be releasing another console so soon while they can continue to milk Kinect and Sony and Nintendo aren't ready to make a move.

How stupid would they be to launch early again and have both Ninteno and Sony (and other players) have a big tech advantage from waiting? All the the platforms continue to be profitable. They should all just continue to ride it out.

Fishy Fingers2790d ago

MS being first to market with the 360 is what helped cement a foothold in this generation for their system.

reynod2790d ago

How much longer do you expect them to carry on with this hardware. 360 launched in 2005 its already been 5 years now. by 2012 it will be 7 years old, That a long generation already. I dont think they will be cutting the gen short if they released a console in 2012.