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Totally agree and was my first thought. RE4, which I have three versions of already, and two other meh titles that I can get used for under $10 total. Pass.

It seems that Capcom is relying of low cost redubs to keep afloat nowadays which is sad as they had many quality titles for over 2 decades.

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Not sure about the author but Bloodborne alone was a system seller for me.

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Way overdue. As a fan of TT games I'm sure having more tools and optimizations would make a even more compelling storytelling and flexibility. It seems dated and animations need to feel more natural to step up storytelling.

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I thought they said they were going to not have the multiple releases?

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And water is wet...

A sad and true, yet obvious article.

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Bioshock Infinite did the same thing and that ended up being some of the highest quality DLC I've ever purchased (the later 2 parts in particular).

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Pop-fiction and Retrospectives were prime.

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I'm for it. That was an awesome series. I remember playing #4 at a friends house and begging my parents to take me to the now bankrupt "On Que" media store in my middle of nowhere town. Played it for months

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Honorable mention to Viewtiful Joe and Okami as they were made by the same core team that broke off from CAPCOM before they made Platinum.

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For me, after playing WoW for years, I refuse to play a game without a "endgame" or conclusion. Its too much of a time suck and their are plenty of quality alternatives.

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No word on physical good rewards. That's a bummer as many were fun collectibles. Hope they come back.

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And I'm ok with that 100%. She does amazing work.

That being said the game was also designed by the KH team if I recall correctly?

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Its looks good and seems to play well.

My only concern is that is it too far from what FF is? Stealth, lock on targeting and other elements make this seem more like an action game with the numbers and stats flashing around. FF XII had a good balance of evolution and traditional play. I have not played the demo so I don't know if this is valid concern atm but looking at the gameplay that was the impression I had.

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Because only a select handful of devs adapted to fit both markets. The big devs that had more local support like Capcom and Sega have dwindled and are barely making it since they tried to make Western games which did not appeal to Jap. gamers and western audiences not biting either.

Others like FromSoftware, Atlus and Platinum seemed to have found that balance and continue to do well. As they do well, so will the systems.

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Oh? You have my attention MS...

JFG was a technical showcase in its day which really made it stick out. Game was fun as well but I have a feeling it would have to have some of that shine to really appeal to the masses.

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I see no harm in it. Im not sure how other companies do it but Nintendo outsources remakes so its not hurting them at all. If anything it gives young 3rd party devs programing experience, the publisher more money to make other investments and players a chance to replay or experience a game for the first time.

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The system requirements will set back many players unless they work on optimization. I have a decent rig and it does not run very well. It is still under major construction though to be fair.

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Im betting it will be a love/hate game. Exploration is super fun for many but this game seems to lack the action element that open world games use to fill the gaps in exploring. Hope it does well though as Id rather have games that take risks rather than another shooter.

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I would blame Valve for the stigma of episodic AAA games. Think about HL2 episodes were planned and ended up being delayed and ultimately abandoned with a notorious cliff hanger. Its a format fit for smaller studios and some genres but annoying for most other cases. The only benefit I could see from this format is having the ability to have better narrative and story as they can tweak what is working and ditch what is not much like TV does in producing seasons.

Also, attenti...

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Pass. As far as events go I don't want games to control my schedule. Live events are fun if you're actively playing the game but annoying any other time. Episodically, maybe this is a necessary evil for modern AAA games for production and timely reasons but this formula has yet to really prove to be beneficial to full releases and seems setup to fail with AAA games.

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