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Having some sort of 100% recognition would be nice too (like a plat but in their own way) . I appreciate games that give you a bonus for some feats like icon in Gears and themes for some Sony first party games.

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I've been requesting this feature for almost a year now in the Microsoft feedback. Glad its finally come. Its a huge bummer to have to wait for day 1, or other patches when you're ready to go so hopefully they are included or will be added soon.

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I hope this goes better than the 500 million anniversary systems (or was it the 25th anniversary). Servers instantly crashed and did not come back for over 8 hours.

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That may or may not be the case but it does not help my interest in the game at all. All my friends are on mixed platforms and if a game can't play nice on other platforms I really find it hard to care considering other options.

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I agree. Mostly because I find this trickling of information to be exhausting and hard to follow. I was fine with a few days of information overload but no way I'm going to track every little event, tweet or blog post over months.

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Paper Mario and Animal Crossing are the only higher tier games so far this year going on 8 months in. Xenoblade DE and Clubhouse games are ok fillers and quality games for what they are but hardly stir excitement. If this was 3DS/WiiU pacing at their mid life we would have at least one more of each tier at this point. Also bare in mind that a strong number of the first party Switch games are ports of the WiiU or remakes. For a system in its golden years, this is wh...

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With Nintendo not dealing with two systems at once I was hoping for a more consistent release cycle for the Switch.

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Oh boy. Now that the dust has settled on TLOU2 reviews now we're back in Death Stranding reviews.
(more about the pointless arguments about them than the game itself)

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I really don't think they will ease up MTX. I would love if they did but no desk executive is going to let a revenue source disappear.

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This game is far and beyond the point of vague feature hints or promises. Out with it or move on. I think most can say this game makes may people nervous to even buy at this point.

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I agree as well but how many games can maintain to be interesting for 40 plus hours? I'd say more fail at it than not and they could have used that dev time to make the core elements better.

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I'd mostly agree. In the age of subscription based "Game Pass" like services shorter games would be cheaper to make and would have higher completion rates. Hellblade is a great example of a shorter game with good production values that has some things to try and say without overstaying its welcome. Personally I find most games can't hold up past the 15 hr mark for me and have shown all their cards at that point. Not to say it can't be done, its just rare in my experience...

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Kinda ironic really. EA shut down Spielberg too effectively...

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Deep Down was first presented as an engine tech demo but later announced as a full game ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wi... ). All those games looked good for sure (forgot about The Order which was probably the best early gen looker to be honest). I watched the older tech demos today and the animations & effects really came to pass as presented later on IMO.

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For sure cross gen games will be limited. If the upgrades are as profound as they make them out to be it would be impossible to build a game with the level of openness they want for two gens. You get that every cycle but last gen seemed more like a higher res thing while this gen is more about actual changes to design and possibilities. Time will tell but exciting stuff for sure.

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Yes and no. Tech demos are great but rarely are fully realized until the second half of a gen cycle if even at all. Think about Deep Down and other PS4 tech demos. They looked great but that potential was not realized until God of War. Many of the games from Inside Xbox are being designed for multiple gens too which also affects whats shown. I'm hyped for both but I think this argument is comparing apples to oranges.

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Besides the misleading game-play messaging they were going nuts over, anyone else sick of pre-rendered, or in game cinematics that have nothing to do with how the actual game plays?

It all we got a the Game-awards and pretty much this year from any other announcements.

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I don't know about you but I was mostly disappointed the final prize was not a full Zipper costume so I could haunt my family forevermore.

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Can't say I disagree. I grew up with Dragon Warrior (Quest) on the NES and continued to play JRPGs for decades. However, I noticed how current old school turn based JRPGs like Dragon Quest and Bravely Default tend to go unfinished at a much higher rate than action RPGs like Xenoblade for me.

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If he's looking at scores to see what to improve for this genre or future his games I could see value in this. However if he's using them to just counter opinion I don't really see why that would be helpful as a creative. Just ask the director of Westworld to the fan's response when he told them they were watching season two wrong.

I'm glad DS exists even if its not my cup of tea but I think Hideo is a little full of himself.

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