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I find it crazy that a remake can "lose focus"

They had 90% of the groundwork already created. Can't really picture where they wanted to go with it. That being said I hope the break is what they need to get realigned.

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I'd bet on one new model change to make it cheaper or appeal to more users. A console and/or handheld only version for $200.

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Sure this could be a starting point for future hacking but the 3.0 limitation really slows the impact of the hack. Every system for a while has been shipped with +3.0 software and many core features were added so many people have upgraded their systems. Nintendo has also had game releases with mandatory system update patches like Zelda and Smash.

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If it means a more robust feature set and reliability I'd pay $20 a year.

If they really want to prove the value they need to have cloud saves, messaging and party system, achievement type system and voice chat (not my thing but others want it I'm sure).

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Nintendo Online October release date...Red Dead 2 delayed to October...Switch version confirmed :p

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1886 needed to have a more realistic balance of its goals. It wanted the an unparalleled graphical experience and had to cut length and game play to make it work to an extent that was hard for many gamers to accept.

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I don't think they make much on the hardware.

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I could see this reaction only for game stores. Other big box stores will still sell hardware for sure. I think physical game selection would go down though as it would be hard to know what to stock and many stores would not want to deal with the inventory.

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing as a whole. It almost either needs to go all the way one direction or another. I almost see this as Microsoft's "Hail Mary" to either totally disrupt the industry or ...

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When I went to Gamestop to reserve the Bloodborne Hunter the clerk almost accidentally reserved me a Dark Souls Totaku figure. Mislisting or unannounced figure?

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Maybe I'm a little sour with Squares app and indy pricing but I have a feeling that it would be more than $20 as Square tends to overvalue these types of things out the gate and stacking all that above the DLC is a fairly big package. Take Lost Sphere and Octopath for example, they are being priced 50-60 each and even with high quality production its a hard sell as "old school" rpg's.

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I think a thing to keep in mind is that BOTW, even with its flaws, had a more universal appeal than other GOTY contenders which is why more outlets can agree it as GOTY. Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Wolfenstien, and many other titles are great but can be very polarizing depending on taste and skill. Many comments in this thread alone say that it was empty but many kept playing for 50, 60, 100 hours which can't be said for many other "flawed" games.

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No they won't. Because they'll have something even worse ready to go.

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Pretty sure Demon Souls was published by Sony much like Bloodborne so any other platform release besides PS4 is unlikely.

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For a game 3X the cost of other platforms I would think that's an expected figure. I bet it would have some legs too as the holiday season had many new Switch owners.

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"It really depends on approach. I much rather read multiple well spaced articles than a bunch of them released in quick succession or everything under the sun being revealed or the developers feeling the need to explain every detail."

Long publicity campaigns work for many people's interests. I happen to think it drags on too much in a market with too much noise already. Take Death Stranding for example. It will have close to three years of being known before ...

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Huh. I suppose that's what happens when you start announcing most of your games within a year from launch. I like that timing. Its enough to get hyped but not long enough to make it drag on.

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A big part was because how it was presented. They acted like it was not there and hid it from the players until the beta before launch. Then they said they were fixing it but nothing really changed until the day before launch implosion.

Also, the fact that EA is putting key characters behind a paywall or unreasonable grind that have been part of the series from day 1 really puts the crosshairs on their game.

That being said, I hate all microtransactions a...

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I'm sure its possible. However, I have a feeling you won't catch many whale$ if they don't have anyone to pounce over.

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Well EA needs to acquire more studios or else they won't have any left to shut down in 3-5 years. :p

Seriously though I hope it turns out to be a good get with good games and sales. Titian Fall 2 was really hampered by a poor release window.

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We do have a proper Fire Emblem coming next year.

Totally agree with the Star Fox with proper controls.

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