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I would think a new model would come under a 2 option model, much like the 3DS line.
Maybe something along the line of a Switch+ with a better processor, screen and battery or a stand alone TV system,pro controller bundle that would sell for $150-$200. I bet many people who are on the fence with the Switch might bite with that arrangement.

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And Gamestop smiles a little bit every time another program like that gets cut. I know many have issues with Gamestop but where I live its the only option and if I had to gamble crappy packaging and possible delay of shipment over picking up at Gamestop after work the day of I'd do store pickup.

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I have a strong feeling that this will be the Star Citizen that people have always wanted. But without any visual or game-play details its all in the air now. Exciting regardless.

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Good. Everything else is so ambitious with this game I'd hate to see it slog down due to a high resolution or fps target.

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I agree solid 3D platformers have been few and far between but I'd argue that the Rayman 2D Ubiart side-scrollers is some of the best examples of modern evolution for 2D platformers and can't wait for a #3 if they decide to make one.

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It was smart to have it in their conference. For a franchise never on a Microsoft platform it was a good move to take a couple of minutes to remind people its on their system as well.

I think it would have been much more effective with a KH 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8 set for the XBOX but according to SE they have not discussed it yet but are "open".

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As a fan of all of the big three, seeing continued strong 3rd party support at this point in this gen is a win for MS. Also, all the investment in the studios destroys any talk of them selling off or getting rid of Xbox after this gen. Games do take years to make and I think they were too slow in correcting from the past couple years to see anything substantial this year.

They may not have the exclusive powerhouses of Sony or Nintendo at the moment, but I was pleasantly sur...

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It left every opportunity to impress behind. Oh see that giant dude! I'll shoot it with rockets and just pass by. --- LOOK! I giant tower with tons of defensive guns blasting away...cut to next scene. --- Look at me zap around and dodge and do 10 X 1 damage on a stationary target... --- Target locked on...to what? Who? Where?
--- We did it! We silenced the thingy and won...impressed?

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I bust out the Master Chief collection a few times a year and enjoy it every time. I can't wait for the update this summer!

A plus. If the MC collection got the PC/cross play treatment.

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General religion themes I'm fine with. I had no issues with Far Cry 5 and its crazy religion cult themes and usually don't in other games. If devs are going to make a game that is blatantly based on a religion it needs to be from people who understand what it is. As a Christian I feel many people think they know what it is but is really far from what I would consider a practicing understanding. I totally understand why it is that way due to many stupid "christians" doing stu...

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Too bad for those who lost their jobs.

But really, if you make a studio that chases after the current hot thing you'll always be second to the party, behind and have nothing unique to call your own.

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Nope. It was totally Don Mattrick who was the head of the whole xbox as a media center, only digital games and always on DRM on the system. Took the wind out of many gamers sails.

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The big problem with the N64/PS1 era is that many of the 3D games have not aged well. Many gamers are used to better cameras, duel stick controls and other features that I don't think they will do as well as people think.

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I don't see the problem because most of the time ports are done by newer teams or outside studios and not the core teams. See the Switch outsell the WiiU in its first year shows just how many people did not play these games. Nintendo has still be releasing new games every couple of months which is pretty normal for the systems life cycle.

The problem is the asking price of $60. Even with DLC in the mix its asking too much.

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Evidence hints more at a new game.

Japanese tweet specifies its a tentative title, Sakurai mentioning he has been at work on this "secret title" for a long time, HAL being the devs and not Bandi Namco and the 4 year gap would suggest its a new game.

Nothing directly has been said at the moment though.

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I think Disney is as much of a problem at this point. Not taking blame off EA but Disney is not making things any easier either.

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"I don't think Disney is going anywhere. Why would they?"

The only reason I can think of Disney staying is that EA is willing to get a lot skimmed off the top to keep the licence.

They could/should leave because even at 2 Star Wars games a year at 5 mil sold each would be 20 million titles sold in 2 years (at the rate EA is releasing SW games). Also, EA might not like the deal as much because many creators report Disney being very burdening ...

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I'd take Ubisoft over EA any day. Sure they have their moments but at least they try new things more than most of the other big publishers. I think new ideas and franchises is what Star Wars needs. Compare new IP to EA and Activision and Ubisoft leaves them in the dust.

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I'm 90% sure they confirmed this fake a day before this got approved.

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I have not played D2 but it would see from the outside that this game needs to call it a day and move on.

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