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As a staple of gaming history, Dragon Quest (I prefer Warrior cause I'm old school like that) needs to take a few more risks in its design and be the placeholder for what top tier classic JRPG's can be. Don't be mistaken I love classic RPG style but games like the Xeno series and Persona have better adapted to modern audiences. Taking out random battles and having challenging settings is a good start.

I also think SquareEnix is doing a terrible job in managing t...

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Pikachu glowing cheek edition or bust.

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My vote is for Switch. The only way I'll be able to beat that game is to have it portable.

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I doubt he'll get many exclusives at this point. It would be beneficial for MS to get more of the PS4/PC titles on their system which is prob the most the MS could expect unless they are dropping a ton of cash for acquisitions.

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Assuming its true, I could see them take on older MS IP. Jade Empire anyone?

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At this point it's not going to happen. I think Bethesda would rather develop it in house and save themselves the cut from contracting out another studio. Fallout and Elder Scrolls print money for them so I'm sure they want to hold it close to the chest at this point.

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Totally agree. When they started pushing 2-3 games a year and grabbing every licence they could get TT started to lose its luster and spread their style of game too thin lock interest (among many other side effects). The indie market is full of adventure games though I would love to see more innovative decisions from the 80's and 90's adventure wave today.

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I'm 90% sure this is a retailer issue. My Gamestop receipt had the code on it.

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Its a good move for everyone. I'd be much more likely to buy an online or multiplayer game if it was cross platform. I can't count how many times I got a game to only find out that buddy got it on a different platform later.

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I'm not expert or in the profession by any means but I would think in a development budget that a few hard drives would be not a large expense. I'm assuming source code disks are made in the actual development and beyond sticking it in a file does not require much man power as your implying. Again, not an expert but it would be a question I would ask if I had a nice chat with one.

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Apple is pulling movies from iTunes purchases so yes they can take away games under the current understanding.

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How about if I have a disk it won't get pulled from my library. Look up how Apple is to pull movies from PURCHASED iTunes libraries with zero in returns or compensation. Its happening now. I know many games require online connections but I usually don't play online heavy games so it does not affect me directly.

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Its boggling how many studios did not have copies or backups of their games. When I was 10 I would make backups of everything I had on 3.5" or the old famous ZIP drives. Why would a company not do the same? I know a couple of studios don't backup for protecting their work (The makers of You Don't Know Jack games have stated this as they had to build the Switch version by scratch.)

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My best time playing this game was when I was playing with my buddy and hope we can hop back on soon. That being said, if Rare is going to continue to work on this I hope they...
1) Rebuild combat. Its lame and hardly interesting. Add voodoo magic, more weapon types or something to make it more dynamic. More enemy types too please.
2) Build a few larger Islands. It would be neat to not have to sail forever to do everything
3) Have some sort of true leveling. I know ...

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They've mostly stopped making traditional games for the past few years to keep the program going and at this point did not have many other games they were willing to give away. it was only a matter of time.

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I'd say that I'm pretty good at keeping track of what games are coming out when including "B" games. I had no idea this one even existed so if I did not know about it a regular gamer does not stand a chance.

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I guess everybody should grab it while they can before it gets pulled. Unless Tim Schafer or whoever owns the IP gave it their blessing.

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They should have worked on one branch of this game, made it good, shipped it and added on features like how WoW did with MMOs. They have become a joke and really tarnished most fans enthusiasm. I remember considering saving up for the then rumored 1070 years ago to play for the launch of this game. Good thing I got it as a gift and it was back when it was only $15

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I had the mysterious cracking on my launch unit 4 months in. The whole rear panel was cracked and the vent was in 3 spots. I had it stored in the Zelda case from the collectors edition and was pretty careful of it. Not sure if its a defect with early systems or just a freak accident.

Nintendo did replace the back via warranty but did not repair the vents.

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3DS revisions were 1 to 3 years off (XL 1 year, 2DS 2 years, New3DS 3 years) so it would not be unheard of. Also, the older NVidia chip has had some serious flaws for hacking so I would think upgrading to the more current chip might help with that problem as well as battery and other benefits.

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