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How about "All of Switch's hits this year and upcoming blockbusters don't have lootboxes"

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Glad it paid off for them. Making a game like this is a huge risk. June E3 interviews talk about them leaving jobs, second mortgages and tons of other life affecting risks. Despite what people may think of the game (which I love) its good to see people's efforts get rewarded.

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If anything the delay of any announcement is good for Halo itself, or the opportunity for something new to showcase so they can take their time and make something special. Maybe next year...

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I was just commenting the other day how the switch was ready for more 3rd party AAA support. Nice to see it ratch up.

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Not sure how Rap rabbit can make the list when it was never funded. Bloodstained is a work in progress that has actually shown improvements. How about Project Phenoix with over a million raised and 4 years behind with nothing to show? Surprised this article is getting as much attention as it is.

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Wow 0 up to 71 and climbing downs. I think you found the only idea that can unite everybody :p

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Network prices should stay the same for each generation. That way you're paying an expected amount and don't get charged more once you've made the investment of getting the system.

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Do they want more beefy hardware in the same form factor or just a more powerful home system that the other two already have? If they like and want the hybrid aspect I'd like to see them suggest how Nintendo could do that and keep it under $300.

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I'm sure many fans will forget to buy this game too.

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I wonder if they would give the same answer if they were not leading this gen...

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Nintendo USUALLY has not done ports in house. Example the Zelda 3DS remakes were outsourced. I imagine they value their core teams too much to have them spend time on a game they have already completed. That being said I have no problem with the WiiU games getting new life on the Switch.

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Assuming this was true, movies have a much more likelihood of keeping a release window. Games get delayed much more often and can still get canceled far into production which is rare in movies.

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As a traditionally portable focused series it would be interesting if they moved this way but unlikely.

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Square's "Aggressive" seems to translate as either mobile, micro-transactions, 8 year development cycle or trying too hard. I don't know of thats a good thing (tongue in cheek)

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Finished the first 2 and have the 3rd ready to go. While puzzles are fun I'm definitely more interested in the story at this point. The whole thing is bonkers in the best of ways.

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I'm betting it's because of the hacking. Nintendo has always been over protective and paranoid of pirtates and I'm sure they are beside themselves that it's getting hacked and they can't do anything about it.

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I'd rather have the currently quoted Nintendo online $25-30 price tag with simple yet functional features than the $50-60 of the other systems with features and "free" games I rarely play or use. I guess time will tell what we're actually getting.

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Bah. I was not planning on doing the double dip with this game but if its like the N64 version I just might have to...

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Same here

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While I agree the timing was bad lets just wait and see what is actually released before we go nuts. If its a complete game and feels like it is I don't mind. If their is a huge cut in content than its a real shame and they won't see a cent from me for that DLC.

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