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Same here

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While I agree the timing was bad lets just wait and see what is actually released before we go nuts. If its a complete game and feels like it is I don't mind. If their is a huge cut in content than its a real shame and they won't see a cent from me for that DLC.

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I imagine thats the very intent but they would never openly address it that way because it acknowledges the problem.

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No kidding. I'm throwing the red flag of BS on this one.

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Its all for nothing if the third parties don't bring quality games. And I'm not talking crappy outdated, overpriced or unoptimized ports like Deux Ex, Mass Effect, Watch Dogs and plenty other games had WiiU had.

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It would help if they amped up the hype for Dragon Quest and actually acted like they believe in it. They treat the franchise like an afterthought in the west. When was a Dragon Quest game ever featured in a keynote or given a series of story and feature driven trailers like Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts? The closest they got was the FFXII demo included with DQ8.

It does not help that every game has a very similar style and compared to other long RPG franchises, has not c...

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“to check in at select Nintendo events and locations. Checking in gives you access to exclusive My Nintendo member benefits that may be available. Benefits will vary, so stay tuned for more details.”

Too bad almost every meaningful Nintendo event is in LA or NYC. Unless they get creative on how to do this it will be meaningless for most.

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Blows my mind that you can be this complete with a game that was guaranteed to sell millions and still can it.

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I get some commercials and sponsors because those events time a ton of time and money to put on. However, the music guests need to stop. It was ho hum last year and this year was awful. Get rid of that crap and lets here more from the winners and their games themselves.

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I bet they are killing it off. They just don't want to slow down any system sales. They already said multiple times this year that they plan to support the WiiU with the Switch and 3DS. The WiiU went out of production and the year is not over yet.

Continuing support for Nintendo means they have something in the pipeline. May not be much but they got something.

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Flaws aside, that game should be doing much better. I got it and think is a solid buy at $40 (post patch). Not million seller by any means but better than the rumored 56k.

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Nothing supports this date. The release of Zelda and Nintendo publicly saying they would miss the Holiday window clearly conflict with this. Also, Europe has never been first for a Nintendo system so the odds of it being a world wide launch on that day are even more slim.

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Why do you have to use the franchise? If the Metriod was still Metroid like without using the IP directly the user would A) Not get in trouble with Nintendo. B) Could sell it if they saw fit C) Possibly start a new franchise all together and fill the void that fan are clamoring for.

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They do what they did OR, they show a bunch of games that are not ready and they lose all the announcement hype. It could have been much like the XBONE where it took years to reverse that and I don't think they can afford an poor launch back to back.

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Simple. Don't buy it.

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Ive tried many HM games. None have come close to HM64 and Friends of mineral town. Stardew looks to be a true improvement to tjose games.

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False. The NX is a combination of console and handheld goals. If the NX fails it will be a big deal. Nintendo only lives now because it can create its own lineup. Another bad system and they will have the start either downsizing their production of games (which would increase the number of fans moving on) or focus on a single platform.

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I doubt this is it. N would not be stupid enough to not have actual buttons...would they? Buttons salvaged the Wii from crappy motion controls and the WiiU from a screen with little use. I don't see a way around this design at all if it does not click with gamers.

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For a game so close to release they should have shown more gameplay to sell it and not make excuses why we should like it.

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Die? No. Many 10 year old + franchises just don't do a good job with balancing innovation and respecting the roots of the franchise.

Bad Examples:
RE 5 and 6 away from horror to more action
Zelda: Most games after majora don't break the OoT template
Any sports game: Same game, new year
Banjo Nuts and Bolts: No/little platforming = unhappy fans
God of War: GoW I: Slashy slashy kill kill. GoW II: Slashy slashy kill kill. GoW III: ...

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