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Defense force in full effect! Go fluffy go!

Holy shit look at the 360 defense force and their bubbles. What is wrong with this site? LMAO!

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IMO it is.

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whoever says Uncharted 2 is better than Uncharted 3 must be on some powerful crystal meth. Not only were the grafix an improvement, but so were the animation, the level design, the action, the feeling of accomplishment, the urge to replay the campaign again, the multiplayer. Uncharted 3 is going to win GOTY on many sites and win many awards. I could care less who spike gives game of the year to. what the hell is a spike tv video game awards show anyway? its so predictable that I can name who ...

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Have you seen the recent kinect commercials on tv? It basically says that kinect has been used by the consumer in new applications. they have doctors performing surgery (although if I see a doc using kinect to perform surgery , I might as well do it myself, since the lag is killer.... LOL), some chick playing a violin, blah blah blah. although its true and some of the stuff people out there have done with kinect are cool, its primary purpose was supposed to revolutionize gaming. it didnt. wha...

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Wow EvilDead whos dick did u suck to get all those bubbles? And this is supposed to be a sony fanboy site. LOL

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This is why I bought Dark Souls instead of a bethesda product. bethesda doesnt support PS3 like it does xbox because they prefer the easier to program xbox. dont support lazy devs and shit like this wont happen.

It isnt 2006 anymore. Sorry guys get your asses in gear.

Wait didnt Oblivion actually play better on PS3? If so why would they not put the same amount into this game?

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You want to know whats hilarious. The same hypocrites saying MGS4 was a "movie" and that it was boring are wishing to have the new MGS game on 360. LOL! Well theres always Rising. xD

Anyways, please KEEP IT EXCLUSIVE. I dont want the REAL MGS taking a hit in quality to cater to 360. DONT DO WHAT SQUARE ENIX DID! FF13 quality was lowered because of the 360. Look on the bright side though, 360 still sells more in NA.

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@ Disagrees

Why???? Your kidding right? We all know what happens to multiplat games. Cater to the weaker system. Sigh...... I dont care if ya get mad and disagre. Sony exclusives are on another level than multiplats and even 360 exclusives. I'm not knocking anyones preference. But I dont want MGS taking a hit in quality like FF13 did. And I honestly see that coming..... go ahead an...

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That is one funny picture. I am still LOLing. Why??

Bitch, I'm a horse!!

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The mods in this site are 360 fanboys.. Dont believe me? Watch my comment be marked as Trolling, SPAM, and then I'll be booted out of n4g for life. Watch

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"You're not going to be sniped by a guy you can't even see"

because every sniper that attempts to snipe you will allow u to see him. He/She will even wave hi!

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Congrats ND. Got my copy as well as the DLC on the PSN store

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Just a quick thought.....

"Aside from the tweaks to the game's multiplayer, there's nothing in MW3 that should surprise anyone that's played any of the previous games."

Wasn't this a complaint by many reviewersaround the gaming media Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Killzone 3, and just about every other Sony exclusive?

But when cod or gears does it, or just about any other xbox game, its totally ok?


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You must have read my mind. LOL. Glorifying blackwater. wow. Thankfully the game seems to be a reflection of blackwater.

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This is old news. Everyone knows this. Only the fanatical 360 xbots are the ones that wont let reality sink in. Oh yea and the "gaming media".

Speaking of which..... Look at the comments way below me. LOL at the xbox defense force.

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yawn kotaku...... Its selling well. Just live it and move on.

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am I the only guy in here that wasn't blown away by the trailer. I'm not saying it isnt going to be a good game, but as impressive as some of you are making it? I'm just not seeing it. Also this game setting the gfx bar up? Maybe if you been playing a wii this whole gen. It is a very nice looking game considering the scale though. Graphical trend setter? Far from it. We all know gta is about gameplay anyway

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Killer App? LOL! JK. Maybe I'll get this for my nephew although hes more of a God Of War, Lords of Shadow, Assassin's Creed kinda kid. Oh he also likes Sonic.... Sonic....

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Everyone is NOT dead. Don't remember Morpheus dying. There are many Greek gods still alive. Also, Athena is still alive and transformed. What does that mean for the other gods that were killed? The story is wide open. I don't see how everyone says its over. FYI, in God of War 2 before you fight the last sister of fate, there are 3 paintings on the wall of a hall. So far we've seen the outcome of 2 of those paintings. Sony Santa Monica knows what they are doing. Yes I welcome any n...

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Haters gonna hate. This was expected. Nothing to see here move along.

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