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What a bunch of pricks. Spoiling the game like that. If I was Rocksteady I'll blacklist any site that publishes anything like that. This is so unprofessional. This is why kotaku is a shitty site. Let the players play the game and see for themselves. Nowgamer is guilty for it as well. BRAVO video game journalism BRAVO!!!

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Now that's how this game should be played.

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Just finished playing BF3 beta. Sorry Killzone 2 and 3 destroy it. I'm strictly speaking consoles not pc. Yes its just a beta and thing can improve. I hope they do. But ONCE again you PS3 haters talked up another multiplat title will destroy an exclusive only to have it blow up in your face........ AGAIN! It's just hilarious.

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I hope it doesn't go multiplat. If it does I won't buy it. FF13 took a hit in quality thanks to the 360. I wouldn't put it past square to actually make it multiplat though. If Versus goes multi, ill pass on that one too.

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Haters gonna hate.

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I paid 10 bucks on PSN.

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I'm actually surprised people take destructoid seriously.


"I'd rather get their perspective vs listen to 1000 anonymous fanboys opinions who only care about brand loyalty."

Ironic. Considering your trolling on many PS3 reviews, articles, news and glorifying 360.

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U got it wrong. This is how the western media will score it.

360: 9
PS3: 8.7

You'll see.

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Is this guy serious? I'm not even going to bother reading the rest of this. Here's a tip for the "journalist", don't come off as a bias person in the very begining of the article. What a joke.

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Quick give me hits!

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I'm not too happy with this new term of service. I understand that if you play and follow the rules youll be fine but what if theres an error in PSN and it damages my PS3/Vita (I know its highly unlikely) and I ask for a replacement. They can say no GTFO and I won't be able to fight it. That is not cool and its kinda scary that we allow companies the oppurtunity to do things like this without caring or even fighting back.

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This pretty much seals the deal for me. Now give me a 4G version and the ability to connect to my cell phone provider not just at&t and were in business.

This is going to give nintendo a run for its money. Think about it. Wii u will be able to play games on the controller as long as your within the console range. With PS3 and Vita u can be anywhere and play. The only short coming I see is that someone will have to change discs while ur away. Either way its a first big ste...

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*Looks at lasts sentence in review* SMH.

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I totally agree with you. Gears is overrated. An example of a better game? Uncharted. And yes u can compare them. The only difference they have is the universe. Gameplay mechanics and presentation are the same (3rd person shooter, cover, shoot, jump, meele, climb, well at least in uncharted u can). I know I know this is a pro 360/gears article and datnjdom81 has come to "troll" in it. But reality can be harsh at times. Better story, better story presentatio...

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Another butthurt anti Sony "journalist". Quick gimme some hits! Pathetic. Yawn.

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Thats the one thing I want the Vita to have. Sony, make the 4G Vita a reality. And do some kind of plan with Sprint. I'm not getting AT&T just to play online.

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Spelunker HD and Spelunker Black for me.

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I don't get what's so bad about a mandatory install. Really what's wrong with that? Don't you install pc games on ur pc for the smoother performance. And if I recall correctly u only do a mandatory install ONCE (unless ur PS3 is replaced). Space issues? Upgrade ur hdd. I don't get the 360 fanboy/pc guys argument, that mandatory installs are a bad thing. Disc swapping isn't bad either. I used to do it back on PSone, so if 360 fanboys like swapping discs everytime they w...

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Shit looks the same. I just don't get the call of duty craze. I really don't...........

What's the big deal of about this game?

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We get it u hate Playstation. STFU already.

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