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Like gears?

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Couldn't agree more. Resistance is one of the better fps this gen, no question about it. I just wish the had another round of coop besides story mode coop. I might be in the minority but I enjoyed the heck out of Resistance 2 coop.

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Lotta people wont like that title. I'm not talking about the game, but the title of the article.

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As much as I dislike turn 10 for all the shit they talk, this isn't right. They should be allowed to put their ideas in their game. This is not a good tactic by EA. Censoring developers, even if its the competition, is wrong.

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I said it already and always get attacked, but m$ is holding back this gen of gaming. It's the reason PS3 exclusives are miles ahead of any multiplats (except for PC version). Sorry if this offends anyone but you have to face reality. All box has is live and soon PSN will surpass that now that they are teamed up with Google. PSN also is open to work with PC gaming. Gabe Newell saw the light, why don't the rest. So let's see, still using dvd, 3 exclusives, pay for online play (just...

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PC gaming ftw???

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Killzone is being remade for the psvita

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Well it won't be as empty as rage. That's a good thing. So while rage will look marvelous running on consoles at 60 fps, it wont have as much going on on screen, as I've been saying all along. I just hope Doom 4 is scary as hell and looks pretty. Lord knows that we need more horror this gen.

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The joke was inevitable but made me LOL

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No Uncharted 3 isn't the best looking game ever. Let's be real. The PC has games that look great. That being said, Uncharted 3 is so beastly that its competing with PC level gfx. Nothing I've seen on a console with the exception of GOW 3 (definitely not gears for those of you that might get confused) looks as good. On consoles, at least for the time being, Uncharted 3 is the king. Until GOW 4 comes out......

Edit: Crap I just realized that El Dorado just typed wha...

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Kratos pooped out a green turd. mc wanted to be the xbox version of Kratos and put on Kratos's turd to get some of his powers. Hence the green outfit. It didn't work unfortunately. He doesn't speak at all because he still has Kratos poop in his mouth. mc and 1 cup anyone?

Here's a tissue....... Actually here's a box of baby wipes. Nasty bastard!

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I'm pretty sure that if u have the money and the talent, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to get it. If you follow the set process I'm guessing it should be ok.

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199.99........ Oh oh.........

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Well at least they are honest.

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And I get marked for trolling when I say there's nothing 360 that looks as good as anything on PS3. This once again proves it. Here's some tissues.

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There's nothing on 360 that PS3 only gamers are missing out on. Seriously. As a former 360 owner, the games on there are seriously OVERRATED. The quality of PS3 exclusives surpass everything on 360. If you have a PS3/PC, then there's no need for a 360. Unless u like paying for cross game chat and enjoy the laggy experience of kinect, theres really no need for it. Of course this is just my opinion. Just like there's people that enjoy 360 more than PS3.

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If 360 is the best console ever made like the article and john carmack supposedly say, then carmack isn't the great developer everyone here claims he is. I don't care how many rocket contest this dude has won. Yes Doom 3 was hot and scary as hell, but the FACT that I haven't seen ANYTHING on 360 technically compete with PS3 exclusives this late in the game makes me question his judgement. At the end of the day however it seems the author is really trying to flame.

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I said it once and ill say it again, rage looks great but its EMPTY. Look at all the videos where all the action is happening. You don't see more than 3 or 4 bad guys on screen. Killzone was packed with lots of things going on at once, while maintaining the gfx. I know some of u won't like that, but look at the present comparison videos.

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Where are the NPD xbox defense force trolls? Ah there you guys are. Here comes bigpappy and his goons with truth repellent spray on. Its so hilarious. Here's a newsflash for you guys, PS3 outsold xbox worldwide. Let's take a moment and let that sink in. I guess those PS3 exclusives, free online, and all the other dumb stuff Sony is doing is paying off huh. Enjoy ur sales, oh wait PS3 owners can enjoy the games AND the sales. Those tears are delicious.

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Spikey haired teen? All Japanese games have this? Ok this reviewer is biased. This review doesn't even count. 1/10 is too high for this review. This is why anyone that can type and can get a kill streak of 5 in cod shouldn't review games.

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