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How does he have all those bubbles? All he does is stealth troll.

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Damn so many butthurt guys here!

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My my so many tears. Get over it. The reviewer didn't like it so what? Buy it if you're a fan.

"He gave halozzz a lowz scorez." Shut up. 7 is good. That means its as good as Killzone. :P

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Wow look at the xbox fangirls crying over a low review. Let me just use the same reply you all give when a no name website gives a AAA PS3 exclusive a low score;

"Stop being such fangirls! The reviewer is entitled to their own opinion! Not everyone is going to like halozzz! halozzz is holy how dare you allow this blasphemy!"

Followed by the inevitable;

"Seems like m$ didnt send someone their check! No name website trying for hi...

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So the hero would be Satan? YOU SATANIST!!! JK.

I think that there's plenty more for Kratos to do in the story. I personally want to see what happened to him after GOWIII. A new hero in the GOW universe is inevitable. When you beat GOW, you get a video where they have a new hero arise.

Why should we believe the video? Well there is also a video of his brother, which ended up being Deimos. The slaughter of his mother after she c...

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So was every God Of War, Metal Gear (up to Peace Walker), Uncharted. Sorry but this gen Sony has been the console that delivers epic.

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Totally agree. Can u imagine games with incredible gameplay and an incredible story. MGS, Uncharted are prime examples of this. It blows my mind when a game with the story of Halo and Gears is considered "masterful storytelling", while games that actually deliver on the goods get shunned. It just shows the sad state of the gaming media and their supporting websites. Shameful.

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There is no debate to be had. This is totally a developer issue. Game of the year/studio of the year my ass. Maybe for xbox. The quality of PS3 exclusives vs xbox crap is evident. I'm still waiting for the xbox game to match a PS3 games quality. It's tiring to question the PS3 hardware vs xbox at this stage in the game. We all know who's holding who back this gen. Yawn

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Horde mode is really survival mode. Funny how some people think hoard mode is new. LOL.

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This game is all the cut out content from ff13 when it was a PS3 exclusive. LOL. If this isn't doing well in Japan, Im pretty sure its gonna suck here too.

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says halochampian..........

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MGS4 and GOW2 and GOW3 say "HI HOW ARE YA!!!"

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Thanks for the great games ueda. I wish u the best and if you continue making games ill buy them if the quality matches ico and sotc. Let's not hate on him because he left. There has to be reasons for it.

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Well it is a multiplat. I guess the 360 is holding it back????? LOL!!

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I know I am. Why would you not want QUALITY games that take advantage of the hardware? But when I get tired of those I have Resistance, Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls, Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, Killzone, etc. plus all the multiplats that are available. The PS3 is the better console hands down. Let's take a minute to allow the obvious to settle in.

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Thanks for the heads up!

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and the winner is...... Uncharted 3!!!! lol. I'm just trolling dont mind me.

OT: Battlefield wins hands down. I still dont understand why these 2 games are still being compared. BF3 own MW3 (aka MW2.75)

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I'll say it. Thank you m$ for fucking up another great product. Your contribution this gen has been great. *Slow clapping*

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And this is supposed to be game of the year? Note to self, all goty nominees should be playable. End note.

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And people consider this a game of the year competitor? It's laughable at best. If ur going to nominate the game for goty u should at least be able to play it.

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