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Gears of War is Gears of War

Quantum Theory is Quantum Theory

Just about every game borrows what works from other titles. Last time I checked Gears didn't revolutionize anything. Everything that it has has been done before. Just because people started gaming when gears came out they think all the sh!t that is done on there is new. Just LOL. Like I said, EVERY game uses ideas from other game titles and from other generations. Doesn't matter is it's Nintendo, Sony, PC,...

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and that is OK with me. If they want to develop for PC and 360 then let them. Honestly, who gives a fcuk? The one thing I dont like is the sh!t talking they do about the PS3 when the exclusives clearly sh!t on anything they have. L4D and L4D2 have a huge following and are good games (not my kind of games) but in term of overall quality they arent messing with anything on PS3 (OK they beat Haze...... *clapping*). Honestly, I prefer other 360 exclusives over anything they make. Splinter Cell lo...

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LMFAO!!! Great name

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LOL! Good one man

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bro you just said every single negative comment i heard about ps3 exclusive given by "gaming journalists" and the xbox fanboys. i swear that if i would have listened to them before i bought my ps3 i probably woulda been on my 5th xbox now. but u forgot about tools of destruction having too much variety. thats my favorite "gaming journalist" rant.

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I thought it was just me. I have my copy of killzone 2 freeze for a couple of seconds but not completely freeze. im glad its not only me. has anyone else here played killzone 2 and the voices are not synched? most likely i just got a bad copy of killzone 2, or my 500 gig hdd. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I would rather have the option of playing music from my HDD on all my games whether Im online or not. The only game that I know of that I can do that is SF4, but only offline. I personally dont give a flying f**k about x game chat, but realize alot of gamers want that. Hope Sony does get it eventually, but in the meantime I'll enjoy all these great games PS3 has.

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Someone should tell this site "journalist" that WWII is over.........

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I agreed with your comment, but i really dont think bringing the story to america was a bad thing. I actually liked the way the story is linking up so far. Nathan Hale and James Grayson will cross paths. I believe Capelli will make a comeback too. What I do agree on is that it did seem they tried to go for that halo types feel. Dont get me wrong Resistance 2 IMO is a great game. Especially the online coop. I must have played that sh!t for hours. Could u imagine a campaign/story like you said,...

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you do know that u can used the ps3 controller on the pspgo right? just checking....... although i do have to admit it kinda defeats the purpose...... unless your playing mgs5 at home.

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What a sh1tty list.......

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Turn 10 ur such a troll. LOL. I dont want any game to fail but the arrogance of turn 10 (the real studios not the n4g troll...... well him too. lol) makes me root against it. looks like its gonna be a great game but gran turismo is better.

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yea man i totally agree with you. they should make mgs 2 substance and mgs 3 subsistance on bluray. that would be great.

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I hope he remakes Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake on PS3. Maybe Metal Gear Solid..... Of course the originals will be included on the same blu ray (or as an arcade game during gameplay. That would be hot). Then he can be done with Metal Gear as it will truly be complete. What do you guys think?

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at your comment

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Chad Warden!

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@ 2.5

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on PS3.... That is all....

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another failed attempt at flaimbaiting. Who cares if bungie plays ps3? didnt the gran turismo guys play forza and took notes? bungie is probably gonna do the same thing. this is GOOD for gaming. the competition feeds off each other and we the gamers end up with the rewards. Uncharted 2 must be that good! By the way i only own ps3.

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