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wait is that THE rajman? Shit man I always watch your videos on youtube. Keep em coming!

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I agree. This reviewer actually played the game.

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Jump in now. I put a bullcrap company and bullcrap game. I'm listening to it now. They are talking about microtransaction within the game with this new connectivity. I kind of dont like this.

Edit: They are talking about mobile gaming and being able to play battlefield on a mobile phone and tablet.

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My favorite freaking series of all time!!! I cant wait to listen to the soundtrack while ripping stuff up!!! Oh man, this is how it's done ladies and gentlemen! God Of War and Playstation for the freaking win.

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PC guys hate on consoles cause consoles once robbed their mommas and daddys and in a dark alley. The consoles (I heard it was a PSOne, Gamecube, Saturn) running on such awesome games, thought they, owned everything, and shot the parents, gungnam style. As the dad was laying on the floor he said, "Dont be afraid Bruce".

Years later when the pc justice league was created they vowed to keep justice and order against consoles by hacking PSN, pirating old console games,...

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"Why I Was Unimpressed by Sony's PS4"

let me sum up the article and save u guys a click. He hates PS4 because by the time it comes out pc will have new stuff. oooooooooooooo. Damn the hate the Playstation brand gets is just incredible. Hilarious really.

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*yawn* story sucks. Next.

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Best. Gameplan. Ever. I shall emulate. But instead I will add a couple of brews and my girl. I will be motorboating everytime I get excited.

*Wow a disagree. Seems someone here doesn't like to motorboat.

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I think that if Santa Monica shows God Of War on PS4, I will start shaking uncontrollably and start tearing stuff up. What if it's not Kratos, but the new hero they were speaking of. Oh man. Oh man.

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Haters gonna hate. It's OK. PS3 came through and beat the other 2 consoles in terms of quality. Shhhhhhhh....... its ok.......

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Didn't the m$ douchebag say people in the UK weren't going to know that PS4 is launching? What happened?

Also, why do these experts have m$ outselling Sony? I should be an expert. Where do I send my resume?!

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I really like Dynasty Warriors myself. Can't wait for DW8 to come over. They are releasing it right after empires though. Not really going to have time to enjoy both.

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10 disks?! LOL. In before "At least it will be better than waiting for a 10 minute install". LOL @ xbox. (I know it really wont be 10 disks, but still LOL @xbox).

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Seems Gran Tourismo has been confirmed for PS4. :)

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Seems like this reviewer didn't like MGS4.....

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I say lets try it out first before saying that they have to change it. I definitely want to try it out before I decide. I'm not gonna go by a picture.

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Looks rather boring to me.....yawn.....

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I payed 550 for PS3. I am willing to pay that much even a little more for PS4.

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I understand that the wii-u is not performing well. But all these doomed articles are jumping the gun. Lets give the wii-u some time and wait till its game library grows. I wont be buying a wii-u since PS4 is around the corner. But Im pretty sure wii-u will begin picking up eventually.

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That is one sexy bitch.

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