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It may also be a hint of where the story might be headed.....

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YEA XBOX! AMERICA>WORLD....... oh wait.....

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j-blaze seems to be confusing Naughty Dog with turn 10.

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boring troll is boring....... *yawn*

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It's ok. "A science" will explain why you didnt care.

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wow this game looks so corny. looks like an iphone game. should be great with the casuals.

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I really do want this to be good. But something is telling me its not. I really hope that I am wrong. I would LOVE to play an Alien game as tense and scary as the movies. Fingers crossed.

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All Sony HD collections are cheaper. God Of War Collection contains 2 HD games. 40 bucks. Ico collection. 2 HD games. 40 bucks. Nintendo is ripping everyone off. Sorry Nintendo fans.

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I really liked the new game. It was a properly done reboot in my opinion. I say go for it and make sure its on the Vita.

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like who? :)

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"The Final Fantasy franchise’s future hinges on Lightning Returns"

If this is the case, R.I.P. Final Fantasy. square enix should of bet on Final Fantasy XIII Versus. But being that it would have been a PS3 exclusive and square enix's love for microsoft's c*ck and the way they live off their legacy, we will now miss what could have been a great game. F**K u square, F**k u microsoft.

Also in b4 microsoft fans disagree and cry delicious tears....

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Action fans as in casuals? WTF! This is really starting to piss me off. So many great games are being dumb down for the casuals. How is this helping gaming????

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Time to jump into Dust 514. Gotta do my part in the fight!

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Substitute "Angel Dust" with "The Last of Us" and "smoking" to "playing"

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Well, a Sony rep did make a statement in where he said something to the effect of "It will be scary what gamers will be able to play in 10 years." Virtual reality and immersion are going to be part of whatever Sony is dreaming up. Although I do doubt it will be PS4 related. Maybe the console after?

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I'm gonna play GOW first. I waited to long for that. The wait is killing me. The multiplayer was so ADDICTIVE!!! I really didnt think they would pull it off, but SSM has made me a believer ala Naughty Dog. The Last of Us demo will be rocked as well, but I kind of want to wait so that when I do get the game, it is all fresh to me. Oh who am I kidding, Im gonna rock the heck out that demo.

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Well it is true that you dont need a gym membership to be in shape. But to say kinect will save you a fortune is horribly misleading. You dont need kinect to stay in shape either.

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Wow. I'm impressed. If Wii U continues bringing out games like this, then I will get one.

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I say good riddance to the xbox channel.

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