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and PS2 is still selling! PSP is still selling as well. Good job to Sony for covering all their bases. Seem like they are doing great. Everyone else is selling good as well. 3ds is doing good finally. xbox still doing great in America. but this is all vgchartz so meh

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or did he???? LOL. I kid I kid.

Anyway, its a pro ms site guys lets not get all upset now. we know this site will give mw3 the higher grade. why? the mediazzz made xbox seem like a 360 shooter while battlefield is a PS3/PC shooter. YAY!!! Pick side bitches cause these guys did! YAY videogamezzz mediazzz!

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Ryo just owned both of you. Please procede to the timeout corner.

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Thankfully, u dont have one.

OT: I dont have any interest at all for any 360/wii games. In my opinion, all 360 games are overated.

PS3 and PC are all gamers need.

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I have to admit I never thought ign would give a PS3 exclusive a perfect score. That means they WONT give Uncharted 3 game of the year. See Metal Gear Solid 4.

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back in 2007-2008.

If the dev hasn't learned to program by now then I know I wont support them.

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Who cares?

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Wait the title was changed? Wasn't the first title saying that it was a failure??? trolling???

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JACK! 4G Model Please!

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Cmon Sony give me a 4G model! and let me not have to be with at&t.

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Its funny how that loser zir0 commented on the actual site in true xbox fanboy fashion. great job. In case ya dont hit the link heres his comment:


XBOX 360 + GEARS = WIN!"

great job! /s

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after all the praise these guys give Uncharted, youll see them give it 8.5.

Doesn't matter though cause this game will be great.

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saw this coming a mile away. LOL

Lets not forget

"use y to rewind race"


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press Y to rewind race


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I agree. But you have to give them credit. Every AC that came out was an improvement over the previous, considering that they only had one year to develop. I mean even the cod guys technically get 2 years for each game (IW 1 year and Treyarch the next). Makes me wonder why they hell they don't upgrade. Ubisoft actually tries new stuff with each game. If they take 2 years, the product should be alot better than the previous.

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Neither can I. Dynasty Warriors 7 was great and I hope that they continues on the good path that they are going. Can't wait for Empires. Make your own officer. Have battles with multiple online players. Hopefully, duel with no lag. That will be great.

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Don't worry man its a bunch of butthurt people on here hating the fact that their beloved 360 is trailing the PS3 in the worldwide stage. Where are the NPD trolls at? LOL.

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WTF are u xbox fanboys smoking? Seriously? Look at the comments above me. Wow pass that stuff this way. I want to visit this reality of yours to try to comprehend your train of thought.

@ju Rage does look good. But like Battlefield, FFXIII, and the other multiplats, I don't think it will beat PS3 exclusives in quality. Again Killzone 2 3 had top level graphics gameplay with A LOT of stuff going on on screen. Rage looks great but it looked empty. I'll wait till its out...

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What a bunch of pricks. Spoiling the game like that. If I was Rocksteady I'll blacklist any site that publishes anything like that. This is so unprofessional. Let the players play the game and see for themselves. BRAVO video game journalism BRAVO!!!

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