PS4's Deep Down: Debut Gameplay Vs Revealed Gameplay Comparison - Not Quite As Good?

PS4 Exclusive Deep Down blew everyone's socks off with its Debut Gameplay, but with the recent reveal of more Gameplay we feel the new gameplay doesn't quite match. Heres the comparison.

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iamnsuperman3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Didn't we know the original, as you put it gameplay, video was a CGI video. I didn't think it was gameplay as it was never announced as such. It was just a typical CGI trailer (I dislike how it is such a common practice. AC series does it all the time)

codelyoko3900d ago

Nah man it was Gameplay, they have the in game HUD and all. + i believe it was mentioned somewhere.

GameNameFame3900d ago

So i dont know where this article is coming from.

Literally non hardcore gaming media blew up.

It even made top list on reddit which never really cares about graphics.

Forbes going nuts. and news making gifs.

black0o3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

it's more like comparing real-time cute scene to a gameply (not cgi)
take a look at ND games all cute scene are in game-engine not CGI the deep down debut was a cute scene running in game engine and the fire effect is almost the same BTW

bottom line whom ever write this has no clue maybe next time u can compare between agni's philosophy demo and Final fantasy XV

GameNameFame3900d ago

^^ Agree 100 percent.

Running in game cut scene real time. Is not same as CGI.

If you want real deceit, look at X1 BF4 at E3. Or Ryse at E3. Every real game play seen was never good as the E3 gameplay.

IcicleTrepan3900d ago

So in regular gameplay are we going to have shields that melt from fire?

Eonjay3900d ago

Well, being as though the recent gameplay has the smoothest physics and best graphics of any console game (ever) I don't think anyone will be complaining.

UltimateMaster3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Latest Gameplay had amazing graphics.

Lol, if you want to laugh, just look at the article, because it IS the same game play footage, it's just the screen shot's resolution is not quite on par, but that's it.
Here, look: http://n4g.com/news/1372084...

Nah, if you REALLY want this kind of Article, compare the original Ryse E3 demo VS latest gameplay footage.

The E3 one looked very much next-gen high end graphics, but the new one just looks current gen, like a glorified Wii U game in comparison.


Latest Trailer:
Note at the bottom of the screen: "Not actual gameplay" on the first intro.

colonel1793900d ago

It was target gameplay, not actual gameplay. Just because it has the HUD doesn't mean it's actual gameplay.

BitbyDeath3900d ago

Game has 4 player splitscreen and is doing 1080P+60FPS all while looking simply amazing.

What more could you possibly want?

CommonSense3900d ago

Reddit doesn't care about graphics? what? I'm on Reddit...i care about graphics.

FlunkinMonkey3900d ago

So you 'believe it was mentioned somewhere' that it was gameplay after doing a 'gameplay comparison' with no sources about that in your article? That's some serious journalism there, great in-depth research (NOT).

It's a target render with a serious amount of time left in production, this game will look astonishing on release.

loulou3900d ago

grfx look great, gameplay not so much.

i wanna see alot more.

FamilyGuy3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Black0o and GameNameFsme have it right

The original debut trailer was all "IN-ENGINE", running on "Real PS4 hardware" http://www.youtube.com/watc...
The models used were definitely higher in polygons but none of it was CGI. It was a situation similar to the cut-scenes in Uncharted.

The actual in-game footage still look amazing, the link they posted still doesn't do it justice.
Watch the 720p 60fps gamersyde videos to see how good it really looks. http://n4g.com/news/1357589... They aren't very exciting like the dragon gameplay demo but they do a great job showing off how amazing the lighting and dungeon really look, how smooth the character animations are and how accurate the hit detection is.

Bimkoblerutso3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Edit: I can't even joke about that. The game still looks incredible.

ShinMaster3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Why compare with a cinematic announcement trailer and then ask Sony "what's up" when it's Capcom who is developing the game?

And the author completely cherry picked those last pics. We've all seen better screens and from the latest gameplay footage.

Dee_913899d ago

wait,so the gameplay doesn't look as good as the trailer because the camera isn't cinematic or because the graphics got a downgrade?
If its the former,I don't see the issue with that..If its the latter I will have to disagree..

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Ezz20133900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

the GFX from the latest build looked very very Next gen to me

also this article didn't show side by side
any downgrade at all....no real proof at all
i really couldn't tell what different between the debut trailer and this gameplay video

EDIT: @codelyoko
ok where is the proof that it doesn't as good?!
there is no side by side here to back him up
i'm not saying there isn't downgrade nor i'm saying there is
just need solid facts not just an opinion

codelyoko3900d ago

No one is saying it doesnt look Next Gen :P what it says is that it doesnt look as good as the debut game play,

Yo Mama3900d ago

Wow!!!!!!! Those GIFS look amazing. If Deep Down wasn't on my radar already, it sure is now.

speed3893900d ago

it looks amazing, i dont know how anyone can argue it... its easily one of the best looking new games coming out

Beastforlifenoob3900d ago

The game's graphics have quickly devaluated and I now serioisly belive battlefield4/killzone SF/Driveclub/Watch_dogs/Ass4 smash it into bits.

Twignberries3900d ago

@iamnsuperman actually it was stated by the developer, and on the trailer if I'm not mistaken, that it was all in-engine. The later gameplay vids that were revealed have the exact same graphics anyway, the only difference being that the original "cg" trailer as you called it, had more cinematic animations and camera work

trancefreak3900d ago

This website has more sponsor shipped ads than actual article depth, story, quality.

It's come to this blogisphered world we live in; were people can write, publish, toss some screen grabs of high res production shots vs half arsed pixelated, crappy off screen grabs from some gaming convention. This is to conjure some story stating teh graphics are worse than that were promised.

Lets wait and see until the dam games start rolling out. Until then, they are not finalized unless stated otherwise.

Well that's how I feel about it.

andrewsqual3900d ago

And the actual gameplay is 60fps too.

ape0073899d ago

that's why it's downgraded, if ps4 and X1 were 100$ more expensive, it would make gfx like PC, like the first two watch dogs gameplay vids and BF4 PC Gameplay

damn straight