Deep Down Hasn't Been Completely Given Up on by CAPCOM, Says Ono

Yoshinori Ono revealed that Deep Down hasn't been completely given up on by CAPCOM. The game could still be made at some point.

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Chris_Wray627d ago

It's not the most positive-sounding things though. "Not completely given up on" makes it sound like it could end up in development hell.

Segata627d ago

Dude. That ship has sailed. They abandoned the engine. The game is canceled. They renewed the trademark so no one else takes the IP Just in case they want to come back. Nintendo every couple of years renews Eternal Darkness TM but do nothing with it. As DD has been dead a few years. It created a lot of turmoil within Capcom. They left the project and worked on the RE Engine and DMC5 and RE2 instead.

ilikestuff627d ago

This game looked so good, wasn’t it supposed to be a launch game? Maybe a launch game for the next gen.

drunkenspy007627d ago

End up in development hell? It went into then never came out of... I hear what you're saying, but it's just far too little too late.

CorndogBurglar627d ago

"End up in development hell"? Its BEEN in development hell. They first announced this game back when they announced the PS4.

silenthillstrangler626d ago

Could?! It already has, it was announced at the launch of ps4!

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ccgr627d ago

Hope it gets finished someday...

Hardiman627d ago

It'd be cool if this releases for the PS5. Announced during the beginning of the PS4 cycle only to release on PS5. Who knows but what I really want from Capcom is a Dino Crisis remake, Nemesis remake, Code Veronica remake and last but definitely not least Dragons Dogma 2! Imagine a sequel built for next gen consoles! It'd be incredible!

KaiPow627d ago

We got so many Dead Rising games.. Just imagine if Capcom put that same amount of energy into the Dino Crisis series!

Segata627d ago

With the same team behind the RE2 Remake.

Hardiman627d ago

Very good point! I only liked the original Dead Rising myself but yeah it'd be great if they'd focus their collected efforts towards the series many want.

Shiken627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

It has certainly been forgotten though...I was (and will be again if it comes out) so hyped for this game back in the day. I literally forgot this existed till I saw this article however.

Alexious627d ago

That's true, but all it would really take is a re-reveal at the PlayStation 5 Meeting in a few months with next-gen graphics and the hype train is back on track. Voilà!

rainslacker627d ago

It just kind of dropped off the radar without any explanation, only to be brought up once in a while when people say, "whatever happened to Deep Down?"

DaDrunkenJester627d ago

This game went through some dev hell, which is unfortunate since it looked really cool. The re-reveal didn't look to hot with a focus on more of an online MMO style, but I remember that first reveal with the dragon fire and all the ash and stuff flying around... We could probably hit that visual fidelity next gen. Hopefully Capcom is still working towards it.

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The story is too old to be commented.