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The Best Looking PlayStation 4 Game Revealed

TQ author writes: Next generation gaming consoles are just around the corner and Sony has given us a little preview of what’s expected. During the recent PlayStation 4 reveal meeting in New York City, Sony brandished off a number of next-gen games that exposed the power of the new gaming system and the new technical advancements in its games. One game shown at the PS4 meeting definitely left us with that “WOW” effect and reassured us that next-gen gaming was right in front of our eyes. (Deep Down, PS4)

PLASTICA-MAN  +   767d ago | Well said
"Do you agree that Deep Down was the best looking PS4 game revealed? "

Of course I agree!

This Panta Rhei engine looks more like a second gen engine and not a launch one.

I see great details, like when the torch the archer orc was holding made a great refraction in front of the icy stalactite.

And for those doubting it was not ingame:



I can add to that the part when they were talking (that most of you think it is CGI); look closely at the bald templar's ear, there are flickering pixelated shadows behind it, plus at the presentation screen before they showed the trailer, when talking about the engine, they showed the bald man's head model (so it was modeled to be ingame and to show the game engine and not CGI, moreover it doesn't have many polygons).


Finally, the only officially announced platform for this game is the PS4 now, so it may have taken advantage of its hardware (power of the exclusive games):


I am very happy to see japanese developers coming back in force for the next-gen after they totally missed the last-gen (at least in terms of graphics, many of them handed their franchises to western studios).

Now we are spoiled by Fox Engine, Luminous Engine and Panta Rheir Engine and more to come. Next-gen and especially PS4 could never be so much fun.
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whoyouwit04  +   767d ago
"Finally, the only officially announced platform for this game is the PS4 now, so it may have taken advantage of its hardware (power of the exclusive games):"

Dude you are dreaming if you think this will be exsclusive to PS4, And this was probably running the same way as Watch Dog, on a PC similar to the PS4. where did you see them say that for fact it was running on PS4?
PLASTICA-MAN  +   767d ago
At above: Did you read my second comment?

The only game not running on PS4 was Watch Dogs (and it was the least impressive one btw with huge screen tearing, Ubisoft didn't even start developping on PS4 and surely they don't know about the 8 GO GDDR5, even Sony first party devs didn't know about it).

Even Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo was running on PS4 and Knack developper moved it using the trackpad.

And why you don't think it will be exclusive to PS4? Capcom released many exclusive games on the PS2. If the PS4 releases so early, the same PS2 could happen again and Sony needs that along with some 3rd party exclusives.

Don't let your hopes be so low. Everyone expected the PS4 to have only 2 go of RAM or games looking less than Battlefield 3 or Witcher 2. Deep Down wipes even Witcher 3 which pretends to be next-gen. If you don't expect such graphical leap for next-gen and especially PS4, then there is no need to evolve for you.
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Kingdom Come  +   766d ago

This is Capcom we're talking about here, notorious for on-disc DLC. Do you REALLY think they're going to pass up the opportunity for higher profits by making this title exclusive? And, if it is an exclusive, then why was the title discussed outside of the exclusives section of the presentation...?
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joab777  +   766d ago
I was so hoping it was dragons dogma or its spiritual successor. It probably wouldnt be exclusive if it was dragons dogma, but it looks killer. What surprised me most was the activision nod with destiny to ps4 with exclusive content. That and jonathon blow may signify a change. So why wouldnt capcom supports sony's rise back to the top. Its hard to tell now but maybe MS isnt bettingon games this time. We will have to wait and see but I think sonys initial showing was very powerful and not so much because of hardware but because of software and the possiblilities that these choices may lead to.
xursz  +   766d ago
I saw him using a PS controller... Why is it hard for some people to admit that? And "it was running on pc with similar specs" makes no sense.. If it was running PS4 software and operating system (which it was) then it was not a pc.

How many ways does one need to explain this? At the very least you can say it was run on a PS4 dev kit which is entirely possible.
Kevin ButIer  +   766d ago
Lol this is getting weird... It seems that pc gained a lot of momentum for gamming in the last years, everything is so affordable now. I've seen a lot of trolling from pc users with the ps4 release.

On topic... I loved this trailer... but I still have my doubts on how the final product will look like. I mean... its Capcom.
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whoyouwit04  +   766d ago
See folk even Kevin Butler Have his doubts about this game lol.
aceitman  +   767d ago
and also a good point if it looks this good now at a possible pre alpha stage imagine it when its at its final stage with the icing on the cake . heck killzone 3 showed a big difference from pre alpha to beta code finish . http://community.killzone.c...
Yodagamer  +   766d ago
Seeing as killzone shadow fall launches with the ps4 i don't think we will see a huge improvement in the next year, but honestly it looks pretty darn good as it is.
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BigStef71  +   766d ago
It's like a Manta-Ray, but with PANTS!
saulx6  +   766d ago

I was also doing my own research because I myself found hard to believe the game was running in real time.

The game looks miles apart from all the other ps4 games showed. It seems many websites have over looked this gem.

I am glad you provided us with this info. THANK YOU
PLASTICA-MAN  +   766d ago
You are welcome anytime! ;)

Anyone wants next-gen and PS4 to wow us. We waited so long to play in such quality.
For fun:
Ingame (bad quality screen saps) vs overhyped pre-rendered movie. Welcome to next-gen. Movies makers, watch out. :p

Related image(s)
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miyamoto  +   766d ago
a true seasoned gamer can tell that Deep Down was in game engine. You can tell by the animation

What happened to the MT Framework by Capcom?
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Timesplitter14  +   766d ago
I don't believe this was real-time, though. Seems to me like they pulled a Killzone 2.

At no point do they say it was in-game footage. They simply said it was "using the engine", which is a very vague statement that could mean anything. Yes, they put a HUD there, but I think they just added that to give the impression that it was gameplay.

The way the player moved and looked around felt too fluid and scripted to be actual gameplay
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Hellsvacancy  +   766d ago
BlmThug  +   766d ago
It looked so good, I honestly did think it was CGI but damn those visuals stunned me :O
tapaz  +   766d ago
@ whoyouwit04, I thought Infamous Second Son looked almost as good as, if not better than the Deep Down demo, and it was an in-engine cutscene as per confirmation by SP themselves. Needless to say, it looked better than the Watch_Dogs demo (which ran on a PC equipped with PS4 specs) by miles. So are you gonna tell me that the Infamous cinematic was also running on PC? This can pretty much be said about the U4 demo as well. Just like PLASTICA-MAN said, don't lower your hopes so much. Welcome to next-gen.
Dee_91  +   766d ago
Great explanation
but what makes you think that model wasnt high poly?
That was rendered in mudbox I think, and the wireframe isnt an actual representation of the polygons, its an "isoline display".
DaThreats  +   767d ago
Is it confirmed that trailer is real-time graphics on the PS4?
PLASTICA-MAN  +   767d ago
Watch the presentation starting at 01:27:00

At 1:30:40, they said the engine was developed and suited for the PS4, so it pretty much confirms it:


Edit: At 1:31:35

"I would to like to show you a new IP running on PS4 using the Panta Rhei Engine".

Edit 2: @ whoyouwit04, did you read this comment?
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whoyouwit04  +   767d ago
That doesn't confirm any thing, I want believe that was running on PS4 unless I see someone playing it watch dog was running on a pc and it looks no where near as good as this, there is no way this was running on PS4. I'm not saying that games aren't going to look like that but there is no way in hell they have a game looking that good already.
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I want to believe but I have to see gameplay sorry.

A capcom game blows away a 1st party game? idk..
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Kennytaur  +   766d ago
Dude, sit down. He says "representing a new game running on the Playstation 4". So it's not real time on the ps4, but either a pre rendered in-engine trailer, or running on a PC.
HammadTheBeast  +   766d ago
Killzone ShadowFall was all in-game footage.
princejb134  +   766d ago
This is cgi
Our current consoles can show cgi like this

They should show gameplay to actually wow us
Chupa-Chupa  +   767d ago
During the gameplay demo, you can actually see the hud bottom left. It's running on the PS4.
Kingdom Come  +   766d ago
Wait, so you think that just because a HUD is featured within a trailer, it's gameplay, that's just a trick of the trade, just look at the Zelda WiiU Tech Demo? That wasn't a gameplay trailer for "Deep Down", that was a concept trailer, look at the camera movements, they look way to fluid to be in-game. That was not gameplay...

If you genuinely believe that to have been gameplay footage, you're delusional, and should expect to be disappointed on the games release...
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ThatXboxGuy  +   766d ago
" they look way to fluid to be in-game. That was not gameplay..."

Welcome to next gen.
Qrphe  +   766d ago
I'd be with you but to be fair the face models aren't very good plus there are some imperfections on the video itself that would not have happened in CG.

Read the first post for as reference (even if I do not agree with some of the details by him/her).

Shadow Fall looked more impressive to me anyway.
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gta2800  +   766d ago
Might not be direct gameplay but I think they will get close to that trailer. Killzone Shadow Fall footage is turning me into a believer.
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hulk_bash1987  +   766d ago
@Kingdom Come

We don't know how long these games or engines have been in development. And we have no idea exactly what the PS4 is capable of so to just flat out deny that this could possibly be in game is very close-minded.
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ThatXboxGuy  +   766d ago
I'm delusional? This game has the exact same combat camera style as Dragons dogma.Only difference is better animations and obviously, better graphics.

How is it so hard to believe this is what the game could look like? I know some parts of this are probably smoke and mirrors but i can easily see gameplay too.
Moncole  +   766d ago
You do know you can add a hud to any video with video editing software? I can take a movie and add the HL2 hud to it.
squarecircle  +   766d ago
I didn't think people were actually going to fall for that... Seriously?
WeAreLegion  +   766d ago
Possibly. If that head tech demo from David Cage was anything to go by, however, there could be a pretty big competition.
BushLitter  +   766d ago
The thing is that clip showed no real gameplay.
Kamikaze135  +   766d ago
Yep. Looked nice, but I see no reason to get excited over it just yet.
ABizzel1  +   766d ago
There was a tiny section where the group is walking through the cave. It looks like gameplay.

Other than that no
landog  +   766d ago
its a target render running on pc

100% sure

also....deep down


dragons dogma 2??????
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ABizzel1  +   766d ago
That's what I thought. Dragon's Dogma 2 with a mix of Dark Souls.
Silly gameAr  +   766d ago
Deep Down did look pretty awesome. The lighting and character movements were looking so sweet, but it was just CGI. I just hope that's the target for what the in game product will end up looking like. I want to see some gameplay.
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osamaq  +   766d ago
how come that you so damn sure it was CGI?!
capcom told you ?!!
mav805  +   766d ago
I disagree, I do think that the footage was clearly rendered in game, and that it was of gameplay. Aside from the HUD, they also walk through the tunnel and the character is looking up and to the sides as if the camera were being moved. Also during the fight, there are attack animations that don't quite connect with the dragon, but the dragon reacts as the animation plays out. Check out 1:18 http://www.youtube.com/watc...

As far as this footage being compared to Killzone etc. by some people, this has a much smaller area, with fewer character models, so it stands to reason the detail could be better.

The animations are great, but nothing I haven't seen in Uncharted or The Last of US, just more finely tuned. Actually, one of the things I loved about Dragon's Dogma, was the large range and the quality of the animations.

Lastly, the camera angles feel very authentic as being an in game camera angle. With the exception of a few angles that were shown for cinematic purposes, I think most of it is actual gameplay.

To me, there's nothing that says this is pre-rendered CGI.
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osamaq  +   765d ago
you are absolutely right, but some people are just ignorant,

the copcom guy did not give a 5 mins demonstration just to show us a prerenderd video
BLow  +   766d ago
Can't wait until we actually see the console so people will stfu. This is getting out of hand. The PS4 is a PC and it was running on a PC spec from PC with only 4 gigs of RAM. STFU and do your research. Even Sony's first party was surprised. RAM is the most important thing to developers and if you think differently then ask one. Man, some of you have no clue what your taking about. You do realize the Titan that just came out has 6gb of Gddr5. Nuff said and this is on a close system where developers code code to the metal..I'm out..tired of talking to clueless people with no common sense.

You guys can sit on here and argue about stupid crap that don't matter.
xPhearR3dx  +   766d ago
Do you realize the GTX Titan has 6GB of DEDICATED GDDR5? The PS4 has 8GB of UNIFIED GDDR5. The 6GB in the Titan is exclusive to the GPU, the 8GB in the PS4 is for the entire system.

"tired of talking to clueless people with no common sense."

Kind of ironic coming from you.
BLow  +   766d ago
Like I said, common sense. That card will never get used to its full potential because their are a million other options out there. No developer out there is going to make a game just for this card and code to the metal for it. That's the point I'm trying to make. Common sense. I'm done with you and the rest. I'm not going to sit here and argue with close minded people. Have fun arguing with someone else because you will never hear from me again.
grailly  +   766d ago
I agreed with you just because you disagreed with blow.

Are you sure the PS4 only has the 8gigs? I thought the GPU had it's own memory and then there's the 8gigs on top of it.
peowpeow  +   766d ago
Imagine microsoft and others doing away with APIs such as DirectX and having a similar approach with low level hardware access.. It could be hugely beneficial and help push with Sony making some great advances.

And maybe I'll see major improvements in my PC ports and such :D
r21  +   766d ago
Deep Down did look good but didnt leave me impressed. Probably cause Im not into fantasy games. KZ Shadowfall would have to be the best looking PS4 revealed game for me. I'd put inFamous: Second Son but alas no gameplay.
akaakaaka  +   766d ago
it does look good but is the gameplay what stands out.. it was fresh, new, original!!let's hope for DS to be this cool and so for next Santa Monica Game!
solar  +   766d ago
now this has me stoked for ps4. this could be fucking sweet!
The_Infected  +   766d ago
I just hope the trailer was real gameplay! When we see someone playing the game with the controller in their hand we will know the truth just like KZ4 was on Jimmy Fallon!
NaiNaiNai  +   766d ago
How quickly people forget about the bullshot videos for Motorstorm and Killzone.

Ironically not a single game ever looked that good on the system since release.

Now you all are expecting them to actually look this good. Its funny, and must be nice being so blind.
WeskerChildReborned  +   766d ago
I was thinking Deep Down could be Dragon's Dogma 2....well that would be cool if DD2 looks like that..
airshiraz  +   766d ago
ps4 is good but i will stick to pc because i tweak the graphics of almost 90 percent of games and i think this continues in every games of next gen games too i tweak dirt 2 dirt 3 crysis 2 mafia 2 sktrim alan wake farcry 3 witcher 2 and....they r not good looking games without tweaking so i stick to pc
nintendoland  +   766d ago
Even if it is real time it doesn't look fun
LOL_WUT  +   766d ago
Let me guess because it wasn't on your preferred system of choice, right?

The footage I saw looks intense, I wouldn't expect anything less from a real next-gen console. Have fun playing Nintendo Land ;)
fsfsxii  +   766d ago
At least its on a real next gen console
arronax-1  +   766d ago
I have doubts whether or not its actual gameplay.
Braid  +   766d ago
Deep Down was gorgeous, but I'm not sure if in-game graphics will be on par with the visuals displayed in that cinematic demo. If it's pure game engine and not a touched up, post processed video, that'll be the leap we've actually been expecting from the next-gen consoles. Time will tell I guess.

Infamous was great as well. I think they chose a street ambush scene just to remind us next-gen consoles can do what we've all been promised with the Samatrian tech demo, which looked pretty close to the visuals in the Second Son trailer. Particle effects, depth of field, dynamic shadows were all great thanks to the DirectX 11 architecture.

Killzone Shadow Fall I believe had the most subtle visuals among the other games, but that's not saying it's not a next-gen game: it has an unmatched view distance and I really couldn't believe how in the world devs sat down and drew a whole galaxy of scenery with detailed buildings, billboards, a traffic network and all the other small stuff that you might not even notice while you play. That's just INSANE and a step forward to CGI quality games.

Watch Dogs, I'm not sure if it's played on PS4 so I really can't tell if the PS4 version will be better or worse than what we saw in the presentation. It's a multiplatform game after all, not a platform-optimized game like Killzone or Infamous. I'm also not sure if it was a step down from the reveal trailer in terms of visuals, the difference of TOD might be confusing me though, as the reveal trailer was set at night with all the eye candy lens flare and real time reflections. I'll still give it the benefit of the doubt and assume that visuals were intact.
DeletedAcc  +   766d ago
Ps4 is a true next gen system
D3athc3ll  +   766d ago
Mark my words!!!

Ps4 at its final stages won't look this good!. This is all cgi like the fake Killzone 2 Trailer back at E3 2005.

Capcom made a Resident Evil 5 fake trailer as well can you guys remember. The real game never came close.

Btw Killzone 4 looks good, but GG will never be so far behind in visuals compared to this game.

All cgi - now we all want games to look like this, but it wont for at least another 10 years or even more.

Even Crysis 3 looks about as good as Killzone 4 we've seen. So pc won't be that far behind either!

I'd suck a womans nipple (going to do it anyways) if this game looks half as good on release!!
sephy  +   766d ago
dont hate and apreciate... :P
DeletedAcc  +   766d ago
I hope DARK SOULS 2 and THE LAST GUARDIAN will look like that!
jivah  +   766d ago
TLG wont simply cause of the art style..itll probably go into the physics or particle effects or possibly the depth of field..either way it will look gorgeous
Bobertt  +   766d ago
There is always something shown at the reveal that never comes to life. I think this is the game that is never gonna be made.
Tundra  +   766d ago
It looked like an FMV and I'm pretty sure it was. Marketing takes a bigger role in this stuff than one might imagine. The HUD stuck in the corner isn't a foreign tactic in deceptive marketing.

I will say KZ4, judging from the demo on jimmy's show, was definitely real.
Tzuno  +   766d ago
For now I'd call it smoke and mirrors. Wait for the PS4 to be in your home then judge.
SpinalRemains138  +   766d ago
That trailer was seriously sweet.

The physics of the dragon breathing fire looked so amazing.

Things like this are going to be the factor in whether or not it's a day 1 console. Now it is certainly leaning that way.
squarecircle  +   766d ago
I can't believe people are debating whether or not it was actual gameplay...
Let's take the obvious CGI graphics out of the equation, what kind of perspective is the gameplay?
I've never seen a third person game before where the camera detaches to all kinds of random cinematic angles, it's almost like it's set up for video purposes, hmm...
MRMagoo123  +   766d ago
Killzone shadowfall was running real time and looked better, so who cares if it was ingame or not when we have proof of a game being played for real on the ps4 looking even better.
D3athc3ll  +   765d ago

True fan. Actually knows he is wrong but still believes. Imagine a world full of your imagination. Could be fun.

Killzone 4 looks far from the pre-rendered trailer back at E3 2005. Crysis 3 aint far behind Killzone 4.

Still looks good, but not the jump everyone was looking for and its a GG game. They are known for pushing boundaries in graphics!! Still gona get the ps4 though!
Hergula  +   765d ago
I feel that it is very difficult to say what game has the best graphics by just watching a video, I need to get the game, play it, experience it. Then I can actually see the depth, quality of graphics.

Good article.

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