How Capcom Avoided an Early Collapse This Console Generation

The current console generation hasn't been kind to Capcom. But a handful of recent gambles and a runaway financial success put the publisher in the strongest position it's enjoyed in a decade.

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Hardiman1124d ago

Good read and again just reiterates that quality games is where it's at! Not fads, gimmicks or propaganda just quality games!

TheCommentator1123d ago

I wish Konami would have realized this. While I was never a big fan of Capcom or Konami games personally, Konami was a great publisher that should never have ended up in the position they are now and their fans deserved better.

Hardiman1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Absolutely 100%! At one point in time Konami were up there with some of these best but at this point they are a shell of their former selves and that's being generous!

I loved the Castlevania series, Contra, Super C and Super Contra back in the day! Metal Gear Solid for the PSX blew me away and to this day the battle with Psycho Mantis is near and dear to me! MGS 1-4 were awesome same with the original Silent Hill trilogy. I even enjoyed the Room.

I also loved Capcom games for the NES like the Disney titles, Ghost and Goblins, the Mega Man series, Little Nemo and later the RE series, the Onimishu series and The Dino Crisis! I'm just glad Capcom is putting fourth an effort and keep to this model. A Dino Crisis reboot would be very welcome! Especially with today's tech they could craft something very special using the RE7 engine.

TheCommentator1123d ago

@ Hardiman

Thanks for taking me down memory lane! Castlevania on NES/Super, Mega Man, and stuff like Duck Tales were all a lot of fun. When the companies stopped making side-scrollers is about when I lost interest, but RE was the one notable exception.

I guess I shouldn't have said never a big fan... I just haven't been for many years. Western devs took over for me around the N64 days and I never looked back!

PhoenixUp1124d ago

No matter how Capcom is doing now, I can’t forgive how mishandled Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite was

Hardiman1123d ago

They should've waited until Marvel got the Fox characters back because the roster was pretty slim. Also the character models were horrible! I wished they would come up with an art style similar to the original games.

Movefasta19931123d ago

I still can't get over lost planet 3.

PhoenixUp1123d ago

They should’ve spent time period developing the game into the best it could be.

Capcom regained the Marvel license in 2008 and spent 3 years developing MvC3. Capcom later regained the Marvel license in 2016 and spent 1 year developing MvC:I. The quality disparity is blatant to see as well as the budget allotted to each game.

There was no guarantee when development started that Fox would be bought by Disney and that shouldn’t have ever been a factor. Fighting series depend on their roster and cutting a bunch of longtime fan favorites is a bad idea. Capcom should’ve known this from the initial Street Fighter III and how rival Soul Calibur V was received.

And the new art direction is atrocious. Take any render or character portrait from the previous games and you always recognize it as being from Marvel vs Capcom. Doing so for this game makes audiences think it almost resembles how Marvel characters look in those mobile games.

This latest game felt almost ashamed of its legacy and fans reacted appropriately. I never thought I’d see the day where a Marvel vs Capcom game didn’t show its face at EVO and Marvel and Capcom only have themselves to blame for tarnishing this franchise’s great legacy cuz they wanted to MCU-ify it at the expense of its own storied identity.

Sirk7x1120d ago

I honestly think it was slapped together merely for the purpose of companies holding on to licensing.

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MasterCornholio1123d ago

RE7 was a pretty good move in my opinion. It's not a traditional RE game but it's much better than those dude bro RE ones. I'm really looking forward to RE2 remake.