PS4/Xbox One - Deep Down Vs Ryse: Son of Rome Comparison

PlayStation Gang brings you the first of the many comparisons we’ll be doing between exclusive games available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Ezz20131597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

both look great and both xbox one and ps4 owners will enjoy deep down and ryse
but seeing those pics and the latest video of both
i will go with deep down
the gfx is just amazing

gaffyh1597d ago

Very biased comparison to be honest. The Deep Down screens are from the original trailer, and what they showed in the new trailer didn't look as good as that. It looked good, but we couldn't see much due to low quality video and dark environment. Ryse is actually in-engine/game, so we need to at least wait until we get some real direct feed screens from Deep Down before comparing.

I know some people don't like Ryse, but this is taking it a little too far imo.

NewMonday1597d ago

it is the gameplay that will separate these 2 games.

Anon19741597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

It's be nice if there was a HD feed of the gameplay we saw of Deep Down recently. IGN has the trailer that went out for the Japanese press. It's very...Japanese.

Capcom certainly has my attention.

As for Ryse, there's so much of this game that bothered me, from the spotless armor to the terrible transitions between animations, overall clunkiness of character movement and apparent reliance on quick time events. It's particularly worrisome that Crytek is scrambling to try and revamp their core gameplay experience so soon before release. Remember, at it's core this started as a 360, Kinect game but it didn't work, so they switched it up.

Crytek sure knows how to make things pretty but again it seems they're having difficulty delivering the gameplay experience and people are noticing. It really doesn't bode well for this title.

As NowGamer pointed out after their hands on "Strip away the crazy visuals and you’re left with a game that’s no better in real terms to this generation’s Beowulf tie-in."

CryofSilence1597d ago

Thanks for the chuckle, Heavy.

ohiostatesman1597d ago

Crytek are the masters of graphics performance with their cryengine. There has never been a capcom game known for its graphics. Ryse is the winner here. And can only be found on Xbox One.

ABizzel11597d ago


You are one of the biggest Xbox haters on here, but I have to admit that gif was too funny. LOL :D

xKugo1597d ago

Even though I'm a PlayStation fanboy, I have to be fair here. Ryse has actual in-game footage available across the internet and the comparison they just did is: CGI target render vs in-game AND CGI target render. Just being honest, we can't negatively or positively judge the footage that we saw of Deep Down based only on the extremely low quality video that was presented(seriously that video on YouTube looked like 240p; 36op max). So in MY opinion, I give the edge to Ryse but ONLY because the video footage available for the game is both high-quality and in-game footage. That being said, I was impressed by movement animation, particle effects and the slight FXAA utilized already in the alpha build of the game. We should all hold off(even though I know most won't) on comparisons until closer to a final build of Deep Down is shown.

kneon1597d ago

Crytek are the masters of good looking yet boring games.

mewhy321597d ago

Oh man this is easy. Deep Down. The detail provided by the power of the superior PS4 hardware is undeniable.

ShinMaster1597d ago

Isn't Deep Down an online game?

It's still looks pretty great though.

wsoutlaw871597d ago

both look great but kz still looks best too me. Im really excited for deep down though.

MWong1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Deep Down vs Ryse

Even the game play footage from today versus the Ryse game play footage of Deep Down. I have to give it to DD. The game looks amazing. It doesn't look clunky and it doesn't look like it's a QTE beast.

Eonjay1597d ago

This isn't a fair fight. DD looks way better and much smoother. The gameplay also, at this point, looks way more complex than the endless series of QTE excutions of Ryse. Given the limited power of the Xbox I think we should still give props to Crytek for what they have been able to do. They gave it their all.

Pixel_Enemy1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

I like how during Ryse gameplay, a QTE moment happens when you are surrounded by 4 enemies, you are attacking one of them and the other 3 just stand there waiting for you to finish your attack so they can get back to fighting you. That is some damn realistic AI right there...

Seems like the kind of thing they would make fun of in Mega64.

joefrost001596d ago

We do realize that we are trying to compare an LAUNCH GAME
This is sad

TeaRunner1596d ago

this comparison is too desperate. God, they couldn't even wait for some real gameplay to come out. Are we comparing screenshots and trailers now?!
Guess it's no wonder when this shit article from gets approved on a site like n4g.
This is weak.

inveni01596d ago

I agree that we need to get some decent video from TGS before making our final impressions on Deep Down comparable to anything else.

mcstorm1596d ago

No I know the sony fan boys have been going on and on and on and on at how much more powerful the PS4 is over the One but come on this is in game vs a Video. Lets go back and look at what Sony showed off Motor Storm looking like and then what the game looked like when it came out. Or lets look at the COD videos compared t the game play.

Yes DeepDown on the CGI vide looks better than Ryse but its not game play.

I cant wait for the PS4 or Xbox One but come on people stop being blind and feeling you have to say the PS4 games look better all the time when it is not from game play.

scott1821596d ago

How are people not understanding that what was shown in tokyo was IN GAME FOOTAGE!

warczar1596d ago

I've never seen a CG trailer with a HUD in it. I thought that was a dead giveaway that the Deep Down footage was actually in game. If that was the in game engine for Deep Down I don't think we can consider crytek to be the masters of grafix anymore.

Enemy1596d ago

Lol Deep Down looks one full generation ahead of Ryse, and gameplay wise, it's generations ahead.

blakstarz1596d ago

Not sure where people are suggesting the footage of Deep Down was CGI based, you can tell it was in-game...look to the lower right of the screen and you see a choice of me that is a small scale HUD...and for it to look like that was incredible, poor res screen or not, that shit looks like a straight movie!

Both look good to me....

The_Con-Sept1596d ago

The ambience of deep down is much more interesting than another trojan war. Something tells me that ryse is going to be the lair of this generation. Remember lair had QTEs as well.

HiddenMission1596d ago


From everything I've read and seen the initial footage of Deep Down is what the game actually looks like which eats Ryse alive kicking and screaming.

N4GDgAPc1596d ago

You know that Deep Down first video wasn't CG right? It was all rendering in-game engine. Now with the hud was it thrown in for a in-game cinematic or was it actual gameplay? I dought it though but I expect it was running on a high end PC.

darthv721596d ago

looking at the title pics you can tell from the look on the guys face (on the right) that 'deep down' he wants to play Ryse.

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darthv721597d ago

both have their pros and cons. And both will be in my collection soon enough.

TheFamous11596d ago

Why? Ryse will be mediocre at best.. seriously a 6 or 7/10

Albie3601597d ago

You cannot compare Deep Down with crap!

drsfinest721597d ago

Oh shut up. Have some respect for the developers. Yesh ok u hate xboxone

dale_denton1597d ago

@drsfinest72 ... it's xbone.. not xboxone!

RedSoakedSponge1596d ago


Im buying an PS4 AND an Xbox One at launch and i still thinks Ryse looks like utter shit.

Developers get respect when respect is deserved. Ryse is not a title that deserves respect.

snipab8t1596d ago

Oh you've played the game? You must have considering you somehow know that it is complete crap. Or if not, please share your knowledge with us mere mortals who can't tell the future.

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Mystogan1597d ago

Why not compare it with the latest trailer of deep down, no one noticed how that looked much worse than the first trailer?

bessy671597d ago

Yeah, why are we comparing actual footage of Ryse with the target render for Deep Down?

HeyImBen111597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

The gameplay was offscrean, on a 480p livestream. Pls be quiet and wait for a offical gameplay video instead of basing this on a crappy streamvideo.

zebramocha1597d ago

@bes that's not a target render,here's the tgs version and compare xheavy pc version.

ShinMaster1597d ago

Deep Down is a non-linear online game.

And that was a 480p livestream. And it still looked pretty great :)

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )


Yeahh....that's what I've been saying.

humbleopinion1596d ago


Because then people will have to face the realization that the console version of Deep Down looks way below the original PC demonstration from a couple of months ago...

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CryofSilence1597d ago

I forgot how good Deep Down looks. It has my vote. This comparison is actually fairly accurate. The Ryse/Killzone comparisons were ridiculous.

AngelicIceDiamond1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

@Infected how bout you actually look at the elements instead of just choosing the game that's on your favorite console.


Since Ryse is much further down the line in terms of development. Deep Down looks beautiful for a early build and is only getting better. Both looks super amazing and are true next gen games. I honestly can't say which looks better. Its s tie for me.

Honestly I am SUPER stoked that both these game look so damn beautiful. Its clear Sony and MS built fantastic machines for next gen.

And to think these are only launch and post launch games just think what games will look like 3 to 4 years down the line.

cell9891597d ago

Honestly to me Ryse does not look or feel next gen, it looks like a heavily polished 360 game, but a 360 game nonetheless, it holds your hand too much and relies heavily on qtes to look impressive

Anon19741597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

@ cell989. It's not surprising it feels like a 360 game to you, because that's what it is. We're looking at Codename Kingdoms, a Kinect, 360 game Crytek was showing off two years ago. Except something didn't work out somewhere and now years later it's an Xbox One game with limited Kinect and QTE events that are even now being hastily re-tuned.

So many who've played Ryse are coming back saying it's just not fun and yet people choose to simply ignore and turn into mindless cheerleaders. There's going to be a lot of disappointed fans when this game launches.

As for Deep Down, who knows if it's any better. Until there's been some hands on opportunities to try it, I think we're a ways away from knowing if this game is more than just a pretty face. I just think fans are setting up Ryse to be another Haze.

insomnium21597d ago


True. DD does look a lot like Demon's Souls even but we really have no idea as of now. Ryse has had many hands on and it will most likely end up being a 70-75 MC game with lots of people complaining about the amount of QTEs it has.

FamilyGuy1597d ago

What was the point of this comparison? LMMFAO

insomnium21597d ago

You said "my" twice. Why is that LOOL!!

FamilyGuy1596d ago


f* ing

ZHZ901597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Deep Down all the way! :)

trywizardo1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

don't even need to compare
RYSE looks and the gameplay is better (i didn't play deep down but i sow a gameplay video and its like current gen)

torreth11597d ago

I dont know what video you were looking at, or which current gen system you have but I aint heard of it. Still, I do prefer Ryse until I get a better video with some color and depth to it but I was extremely impressed with Deep Down.

trywizardo1597d ago

have you seen the gameplay of deep down i mean it was one of my most anticipated games for next gen until i sow it , and it looks like crap -_-
i hope that they will fix that cause i love RPG's and swords games if they do ill consider it ^_^

insomnium21597d ago

Lots of sowing going on in here it seems.

I'm confused. You talk about last gen GAMEPLAY. WTF is that? Is QTE somehow a new way of playing and TEH nextgen way of playing games now?

donman11597d ago

Knew this was going to happen... and Ryse just got owned.

TheXgamerLive1597d ago

Well lets see one The Xbox One Exclusive RYSE-SON OF ROME has shown tons of real gameplay and looks Fantastic, the other a trailer.

TheXgamerLive1596d ago

Haha well sony fans continue to lie through teeth i see:)

FamilyGuy1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

It's PLAYABLE at TGS. We'll be seeing direct feed of Deep Downs game play very soon, not just a "trailer".

There was a point during its showcase where a guy was controlling it anyway. The stream was terrible quality wise but DD still beats Ryse easily. It has the unfair advantage of being in closed quarters though compared to Ryse. Comparing these two doesn't even make sense beyond having two armor clad protagonist carrying swords and I guess the third person view.

Either way I'll be looking for new footage of DD to surface soon. It's ben on my radar since feb.

charted1597d ago


Hard to say 'hands down'. Both games had different backgrounds. Ryse had darker background therfore we could not see the light reflection on the face like Deep Down.

come_bom1597d ago

Not interested in Deep Down, simply because it's a online game. The only online games i play are FPS's like Battlefield, COD or something like Titanfall.

So if i had to choose it would be Ryse without a second thought.

Sky Lazarus1596d ago

Because qte offline is more fun right?

SDS Gamerfiend1597d ago

RYSE looks better! Real game play. now infamous son 2 vs. RYSE diff story!

CommonSense1597d ago

lol! no, you're just a fanboy.

this is a cgi vs in-game comparison. and if you weren't a blind fanboy, you'd recognize that. and even with that comparison, it's still really close.

just more proof that all you need to do to get a "well said" and +bubbles is have a bias towards sony. the n4g community is a joke.

starchild1596d ago

Your last sentence is spot on.

DJMarty1597d ago

Deep Down by a country mile. better all round.

Ryse pretty but where's the game the controls are clunky/terrible, lacking. Camera sucks(IGN words not mine).

Shadonic1596d ago

Why are we comparing CG trailers with actual gameplay now?

BallsEye1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

WTF?? CGI vs Gameplay? You gotta be kidding me...killzone 2 all over again.

this is real screenshot

and this

now please stop the stupid comparison... you guys are embarrasing.