GT: Pop Block breaks down graphics of Deep Down trailer

Scenic, or smoke and mirrors? Check out some of the post-processing "flaws" of the impressive Deep Down Playstation 4 demo! (2:43)

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MasterCornholio1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

So much for Link claiming that it was all CGI.


I cant wait to see more of this game.

FamilyGuy1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

It still looks like the dragon is a video playing in the background to me. Like the guy is fighting a projection/theater screen video of a dragon rather than it being in the same room as him.

I believe it's in-engine gameplay, it just looks like two separate events that are choreographed to be harmonious.

It's kinda tripping me out that no one else is saying this. The dragon is like on a screen, the guys swipes at the screen, then the dragon pretends it got hit. You never see him run past the dragon or into it's environment, it's like it's a 2D image in a 3D world.

It looks phenomenal, graphics wise, but also like a cheap trick.

This is only a tech demo anyway, I want to see this engine on a real PS4 game. It'd be cool if they have something up and running at E3.

Evil-snuggles1913d ago

this is a working title of a new, medieval-themed Capcom IP not a tech demo this is a game in developmental im hope that is title has complex game mechanics like dark souls not arcade hack and slash gameplay like dragon dogma

osamaq1914d ago

exactly,,, people throw there BS and claim that was CG.
ignorant morons....

1913d ago
garos821913d ago

if this is real ill be one extremely happy ps4 owner in november! who am i kidding , ill be a happy ps4 owner in november anyway!

Rainstorm811913d ago

Sony doesn't usually show CGI trailer after the K2 target render fiasco, majority of this gen they even posted "actual in game footage" notices on trailers when most devs used CG trailers.

I didn't believe it when I first saw it but after watching it again, the only way this could be impressive is if it were real time footage.......and I must say I'm impressed

The fire effect is the best I've seen in gaming yet....

HarryMasonHerpderp1913d ago

And I used to think this looked amazing
I feel old haha.

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