XDefiant GSK Faction – What We Know So Far

XDefiant Season 1 promo image GSK

GSK is the first faction that will be added to XDefiant since its release back in May 2024. One of the best things Ubisoft did for their newest shooter is to bring different factions from across their IPs to one place. The game started with only five factions but a further four were announced in the first year roadmap. Now the first of those four factions is on the horizon so let’s check out what GSK will bring into XDefiant. 

GSK Faction in XDefiant

The newest faction GSK in XDefiant comes from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series.  The faction brings a set of abilities to the game that all revolve around police equipment. Police theme is present through Season 1 with GSK being the special police force. In addition, two out of three new guns that will be introduced to the game, are all weapon variants for police use. Moreover, with the arrival of GSK players will get a second shield in the game. Below is everything we know about GSK Ultra and Abilities based on everything that was displayed in the trailer for Season 1 in XDefiant.   


  • Ballistic Shield – The GSK shield is an Ultra Ability that once used grants the GSK agent a shield that can intercept incoming fire similar to Phantoms’ ability. Moreover, the agent with a shield can use its secondary weapon to fire at enemies. Although shooting will reduce the protection provided by the ability. Most importantly, the GSK shield can be used to flashbang enemies, which will make them an easy target. Using the shield in this way or using a secondary firearm does not end this ability. 


  • Shockwire – This Ability can be used up to three times, and once deployed it will leave a visible obstacle on the map. How these obstacles will influence the overall game mechanics is a mystery for now, but it might impact movement speed. This ability will certainly have a big use in defending objectives and overall map control.  
  • Jager ADS System – is a deployable anti-throwable system with a mounted camera. Once deployed, this gadget will track and destroy any throwable in its area of effect. Functioning like a Shockwire this will be another ability that will find great use in objective holding.

This is all that we gathered so far, we’ll be sure to update this article as more info appears.


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